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Goldsboro Denies Request for Mosque Rezoning

Posted March 5, 2007

— The Goldsboro City Council ruled Monday night that the planning board was right in saying a mosque should not be built on a site proposed by a local doctor, City Manager Joe Huffman said.

The council said the fact that the land is targeted for a multi-lane development and the need for a parking-space waiver were reasons not to approve the request to rezone the land to allow the mosque, Huffman said.

If the mosque were built, the road project would take over some of the land, the council said. In addition, the site has room for 13 parking spaces where 31 would be required without a waiver.

A Goldsboro doctor had proposed building the mosque so he and other Muslims would not have to travel out of town for prayer. He had bought the land and asked the city to re-zone it.

Neighbors had fought the proposal, saying the area is residential and they want to keep it that way.


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  • slknox Mar 7, 2007

    I have lived in goldsboro all my life, and the city council sucks, plain and simple. The lot may be little, but that's not the whole point, the city council want be benefiting from it. They are all prejudice, they are afraid because it's not the normal southern church that pops up around each corner. It's not fair!

  • Thornedwolf Mar 6, 2007

    As for the comment on the religion that had nothing to do with you, did you not realy take a look at any other posts that other people have made? You will relize there is defently alot of people here that dont take kindly to any others faiths aside from there on. Sighs cant we just get along people?

  • Thornedwolf Mar 6, 2007

    yeah there were talks but the problem came down to it as a problem with a shoping center that quite frankly was dieing out in breed already, and they wouldnt permit such a restraunt to be built in its purposed state. Due to this inconvinance and the tactics used by such Shoping Center and the difficulty with the planing Red Lobster has agreed to NEVER deal with Goldsboro agin, now this was some time ago granted the shoping center has gone under and been replaced maybe time will change but As I recall a City with a Air Force Base, a Community College and a Pvt College not more then 30 miles away still dosnt have realy much to offer the youth, nor dose it have much in the way to offer any forms of diverse religions (DO not go into denominations its all still Christianity) and also quite a dull city.

  • toastingyoureffort Mar 6, 2007


    "I didn't even know of the existance of CAIR ".

    What a surprise. Now I remember why I don't "debate" the local "talent". Come back when you are informed a little more about the world....

  • imthecadman Mar 6, 2007

    Thornedwolf --- Ummm, Red Lobster has never been in Goldsboro. There were talks of one, but never happened. As far as the Mosque, it was actually Four-Thenths of an Acre (.40) Which is like 17500 sq. Ft.. I dont have a problem with the mans religion. To eash is his own!!! At leaste he is over here paying his taxes and im sure he has Auto insurance. Im not knocking the mans heritage. Thats not what this is about. Its about him trying to put 50 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag!!!

  • Thornedwolf Mar 6, 2007

    Just plain and simple....Goldsboro sucks.

  • Thornedwolf Mar 6, 2007

    imthecadman........Try geting RedLobster to return to Goldsborro or do you forget the incident with Roses? huh? as for the Mosque I do belive people have taken there fear of other religions to far. The Lord says love they neighbor not degrade him for what he belives.

  • 777 Mar 6, 2007

    brentsykes - Well, it should be pretty easy and intuitive for you to rephase my question as "how is Islam any more fake than any other relgion", and while you're add it why don't you also answer the question of: "how is it foul and wrong?"

  • brentsykes Mar 6, 2007

    i dont have one you CLOWN

  • 777 Mar 6, 2007

    and for that matter, how is any religion any more "real" than the agriculture-based religions of the Greeks, the Normans, the Britons, the Egyptians, Native Americans, etc., etc.??