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DWI Charge Filed After Pedestrian Killed on I-40

Posted March 5, 2007
Updated March 6, 2007

— Raleigh police say a pedestrian was struck by two separate vehicles Monday night on Interstate 40.

Police said at around 10 p.m., a pedestrian tried to run across I-40 near the Hammond Road interchange and was struck by an eastbound van as he crossed the fourth lane of traffic and was killed instantly.

The van driver, Jose Alexander Amaya-Nolasco, also known as Alexander Amaya, of 3813 Watkins Ridge Court in Raleigh, has been charged with driving while intoxicated, police said.

According to witness accounts, another vehicle struck the pedestrian, but that vehicle did not stop.

The name of the pedestrian hasn't been released, pending notification of next-of-kin.

The accident prompted police to close the eastbound lanes between Hammond Road and South Saunders Street for more than two hours, backing up traffic.

Traffic was diverted onto Person Street while investigators worked to determine what had happened. Police had reopened the road by 1:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The accident occurred in the same area of I-40 where a Raleigh police officer was struck Feb. 27 while chasing a suspect on foot across the interstate.

Officer Steven John Salina, 24, spotted William Davis Henry while Salina was on patrol on the Beltline , Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said. He said Salina knew Henry was wanted for failure to appear in court on a begging charge.

Salina parked at the bottom of the ramp to Hammond Road and got out to arrest Henry when Henry ran up the ramp and across the Beltline, Sughrue said.

Salina is recovering from the injuries he sustained.


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  • keengirl Mar 8, 2007

    I don't think it's a racial slur or "political correctness" to point out the fact that, if you've been paying attention, there are quite a few hispanics that have been involved in accidents due to DUI's lately. And apparently they are mostly illegal because our local govt is trying to pass a law that when an illegal is involved in a DUI, they should be deported immediately. I have no problem with anyone who comes into the US, but they should do it the correct way. I see it like this-if you don't work for what you get, chances are you won't respect what you have. I don't know anything about the man charged with the DUI in this situation-however I did see the accident first hand-it was gruesome-I hope this makes everyone on the road aware.

  • jeneric43 Mar 6, 2007

    Big Yawn, as usual, someone uses "political correctness" as an insult for those of us who can separate addressing the issues from the racial slurs and name calling. Saying go home Pedro, he must work at Taco Bell, it must have been a mexican, illegal, etc. is IGNORANT. That is my problem, not that I can't acknowledge that there is a problem with alcoholism in general in this country, drinking and driving in the country, drinking and driving in our, yes OUR hispanic community, etc. We have tons of issues in this country. But, IGNORANCE WILL NOT HELP AND ONLY CREATES MORE ISSUES. Education, stricter laws, etc will help. I am all for legally punishing offenders but do not condone the racial slurs and do not condone the hang this one, burn that one comments. Think for a minute...What if, just what if someone said that about you, your wife, your child that these comments were about?

  • hollylama Mar 6, 2007

    I agree bikerchic...maybe there's a general miscommunication with some foreigners that don't comprehend that drinking and driving is illegal. I was travelling on I-40 once and a guy in the car next to me proceeded to show me his Corona and smiled like that was ok.

  • plmbgold Mar 6, 2007

    Why was someone once again walking on the beltline? In Pennsylvania it is illegal to walk along any highway!!!!! It should be here, too.

  • Screen name Mar 6, 2007

    I'm not defending the (drunk) driver but why are people trying to cross I40 at any time, especially night? That should be illegal too.

  • pink lady Mar 6, 2007

    at this point, it really doesn't matter what the nationality of the offender is....THESE DRUNK DRIVERS HAVE GOT TO START PAYING FOR KILLING PEOPLE!!!...instead of people protesting whether gays should be able to marry, they need to be protesting these slack@ass laws that allow these drunk drivers to continue driving on our roads....

  • naviblu Mar 6, 2007

    So do we now know for sure who the victim was? Reguardless of race or gender the individuals involved are human and need to be punished (especially the person in the second car who kept going!!) Drunk driving is a serious matter that needs to be addressed. I saw the body of the victim last night right after it happened. Now that the person who commited this crime is known, does not make it better for me to sleep at night. And to know he has multiple dui's is ridiculous. Is light only shed on the issue when a life is taken?

  • dsal68 Mar 6, 2007

    nursevb8, does it really say 'mexicans or hispanic. Folks go out and explore the world, you will see other places where spanish is spoked and it's not mexico, this guy could be from cuba, puerto rico(which belongs to the US and still have spanish names) peru, argentica,venezuela,ect...I am an Mexican-American, FROM MEXICO. So just stop assuming they are from mexico. just an FYI, the majority central america and south america, which is not mexico, for those who don't know.(and no, I not illegal, a us citizen)

  • BIG YAWN Mar 6, 2007

    Nursevb8- I'm with you on that.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.....

    Ignoring there's a problem with Hispanic drinking and driving all in the name of "touchy feely political correctness" is doing no one any good. Especially the Hispanic community!

  • jeneric43 Mar 6, 2007

    nursevb8, you can do something-CLEAN OFF YOUR OWN FRONT PORCH MY DEAR. As with me for sure, you will find you don't have time to post such hateful and degrading remarks as some of you folks do to other humans on these forums. Address a topic passionately, one thing. Using racial slurs and degrading other humans beings, wrong.