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Lawmaker Wants Tougher Laws on Illegal Immigrants Convicted of DWIs

Posted March 5, 2007

— A Charlotte congresswoman re-introduced a bill Monday that would require illegal immigrants convicted of a DWI to be automatically deported.

Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., held a news conference Monday afternoon, announcing her intentions to push for the legislation, named the Scott Gardner Act.

Gardner was a Gaston County teacher killed by an illegal immigrant who authorities said was driving drunk.

"My son, Scott, was killed by an illegal national that had been deported from this country twice before," said Gardner's mother, Emily Moose, who accompanied Myrick for her announcement. "And he had been charged with his sixth DUI,"

At least four people locally have been killed in similar accidents.

Myrick first introduced the Scott Gardner Act in 2005. It passed in the House of Representatives as an amendment to a larger immigration bill. The U.S. Senate, however, never took up the bill.

Myric successfully pushed to give some Mecklenburg County deputies the power to handle immigration cases. That program started in May.

Gardner's wife was also seriously injured in the crash. She is still in a vegetative state.


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  • fairyswearboots2 Mar 7, 2007

    And this has been going on for How LONG ??????
    Somethings gotta give and it should not have to be US

  • andyrey Mar 6, 2007

    I think that Rep. Myrick has lost sight of the problem. The problem is DWI, not ilegal imigrants. A drunk driver can kill some one just as easily if he/she is an ilegal imigras as if he/she is not. Any legislation introduced should deal with DWI, not DWI by ilegal imigrants.I think that Rep. Myrick has lost sight of the problem. The problem is DWI, not illegal immigrants. A drunk driver can kill some one just as easily if he/she is an illegal immigrant as if he/she is not. Any legislation introduced should deal with DWI, not DWI by illegal immigrants.

    I agree with patriot4liberty -at- yahoo -dot- com that treatment options should be available, but they should be mandatory. If a person convicted of DWI does not go for treatment, put him/her in jail!!!

    I agree with patriot4liberty -at- yahoo -dot- com that tratment oprions should be available, but they should be mandatory. If a person convinted of DWI does not go for tearment, put him/her in jail!!!

  • anonemoose Mar 6, 2007

    First thing that needs to be done is the ability to verify if they have a license is that if it was properly issued, and if not charge them for not being properly licensed, and fraud in getting the license.

    Second is a sentencing enhancement for being convicted of a crime while being here illegally.

    Third is automatic deportation.

    Fourth is automatically being held without bond, and mandatory prison time for returning after deportation, then deportation again.

    If they know they won't have any money to send back, and that they will go to jail, they will not come back.

  • sicntired Mar 6, 2007

    To WesleyanGrad = ya want to know what would happen if an illegals family member was killed by a drunk driver - I can tell you - they would sue and they would WIN!! I see it too much in my profession - illegals getting everything handed to them. Did you know that at a bank won't say the name but- they have set it up so the illegals do not have to have a SS# in order to get an account there? What would happen if a legal american tried that??!!
    I do feel that everyone should be punished for drinking and driving - they can't get the help if they don't want it - and it usually takes killing someone or order for them to realize that they have a problem - even then it is few and far between

  • cmendez Mar 6, 2007

    All drunk driver's should be punished. Whether they are white, hispanic, asian, etc. We are all created equal. There is to much prejudice going on. No one race is better than the other. I'm white, and I am not racist.

  • 68_polara Mar 6, 2007

    It's a fact drunk driving is being commuted disproportionately by mexicans. Some can try to deny this all they want but they are still wrong. I mean people are still trying to deny the holocaust ever occurred. They are only lying to them selves as far is I'm concerned. Anyway, this is a cultural problem that needs to be addressed by their community. But, this is no reason to hate this people. They are for the most part hard working individuals like the rest of us. It's a problem but their is no reason to hate or be racist about it. It's certainly a problem but these people who are doing it aren't setting out to hurt people. Sending them all back to Mexico isn't a solution, that's a morally corrupt approach to the problem. Those who work and live with people who drink and drive need to help these people understand that if they hurt others they will need to live with it the rest of their lives if they themselves survive. New laws and more severe laws don't make a difference, if they did,

  • cmendez Mar 6, 2007

    What about the drunk drivers that are American's who kill people? We don't do anything to them. I agree 100% with patriot4liberty.

  • beachboater Mar 6, 2007

    I could write a book on this. Thank you Ms Myrick for your efforts to get this much needed law passed.

    Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to get a republican bill passed in a democrat controlled house and senate, even if it is a good bill.

  • highergame4me Mar 6, 2007

    I am with that lawmaker. I am all for EVERYONE paying their own way!!!!!

  • patriot4liberty Mar 6, 2007

    ALL drunk drivers need TREATMENT OPTIONS, not just being punished. Since when did a drunk respond to punishment? Um, never. Only through treatment will they stop driving drunk. Our laws are already tight as heck.

    Myrick is simply another Klanswoman trying to push through her racist politics. She sure doesn't care any about the American-born drunk drivers who kill Latino and Hispanic kids, like the one that killed Joshua Beckles in Winston Salem last year.