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Man Charged With Death-by-Vehicle in Johnston Crash

Posted March 5, 2007
Updated March 7, 2007

— A Johnston County man sought in connection with a fatal accident Sunday night was apprehended at his home Monday evening and ordered held on $2 million bond, authorities said, and they said they believed he had used an alias.

Luciano Tellez, 31, of Angier was charged with driving with a suspended license at the time of the wreck, which killed the driver and passenger in a tractor-trailer, state troopers said. He also was charged with two counts of misdemeanor death by vehicle, felony hit-and-run and running a stop sign, the highway patrol reported.

Troopers said they thought that Tellez Diaz, the name they had been given for the driver of the car, was an alias that he used. Tellez also was wanted on warrants for probation violation, troopers said

The two victims were burned beyond recognition in the fiery crash, and authorities hadn't identified them by Monday night.

A Ford Contour ran a stop sign at N.C. Highway 210 and Plainview Church Road and broadsided a tractor-trailer cab at about 7 p.m. Sunday, authorities said. The truck then veered off the road, overturned and caught fire.

Some nearby residents said they thought the truck driver swerved in an effort to avoid direct impact.

"In this case, it seems that he sacrificed his own life to try to save somebody in that car that he didn't even know," said Shaw Fish, who lives near the crash scene.

One person in the Ford Contour fled the scene on foot. A woman and the man who owned the car remained at the scene and told authorities what happened.

The two people, who claimed they were passengers, suffered minor injuries but weren't taken to a hospital, authorities said.

Troopers apprehended Tellez near his home and took him to a Johnston County magistrate's office.

He was convicted of drunken driving in 2005 and has a suspended license, authorities said.

Authorities said they believe alcohol played a role in the wreck.

Ronnie Fish called 911 after heaing the crash outside his house. He said other collisions have occurred at the intersection, but they weren't nearly as bad as the one Sunday night.

"A neighbor heard it, and he came out here with his fire extinguisher and he did what he could. But it wasn't much help for the people in the truck," Fish said.

A state Department of Transportation crew replaced the intersection's stop sign Monday morning. The old one was covered with black spray paint, but troopers said they did not believe that contributed to the accident.

"One of the passengers made the comment that they started slowing down for the stop sign and the guy was, like, 'I think I can make it,' and he pulled out in front of the tractor-trailer," Trooper Derrock Mobley said.


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  • steel1 Mar 9, 2007

    luvmylife- i got one question for you. who the hell do you think did those jobs before for even less money? not the mexicans. white,black and yellow!

  • steel1 Mar 9, 2007

    kma 1005-what part of all this do you not understand? i know your skull must be 2inches thick but come on. we don't care where your from, how many 3rd world countries you visited or how poor these people are. GET IT!? IT'S NOT OUR DAMN PROBLEM! IT'S A P-R-I-V-E-L-A-G-E TO BE HERE, NOT A RIGHT! you sound dumber every time you post.

  • james004 Mar 7, 2007

    Perhaps the most important thing to remember here is these illegals may be bringing in disease to the USA. They often don't get shots when they are children for such deadly things such as Cholera or TB, etc. Many of those Central American countries have health systems which are worse than some of those in Africa.

    Not to mention that they don't know how to drive, and most of them have fake Drivers Licenses, or used fake papers to get valid driver licenses.

    What's happening here in NC is the same thing that happened in Texas and California decades ago. But the good thing that now, there are Hispanic mayors, business owners, and congressman from those states. It just takes a few generations for them to become "Americanized".

  • oldreb Mar 6, 2007

    "For all of you that say they are here taking our jobs I ask this - how many of you "Americans" would landscape a yard, pump a septic tank or build a house for 7.00 an hour. What - none of you???? Enough said."

    You got that right!
    The reason I want work those jobs is because I can't afford to work for $7 an hour because I'm not shacked up with 20 other people sharing the bills.
    People don't see that side of it.
    These people shack up 20 to a house and share the bills so they can afford to work low wages.
    They are driving down the wages and standard of living for the rest of us.

  • james004 Mar 6, 2007

    To "Not for me"

    You're wrong buddy. Plenty of legal Americans would pump septic, landscape a yard, for build a house for 7.00 an hour. Plenty of legal citizens are out of jobs b/c of the illegals that are here.

    Plus, many illegals are paid "under the table" so they don't pay any taxes, making our legal citizens have to pay more. God knows what kinds of criminals these immigrants are, they're already killing US citizens by their drunk driving...what's next, raping our daughters??

    We need to create a special immigration police force and build a super high fence along the border, so they can't get back in. Life in Mexico isn't that bad, it's their problem let them deal with it. We can't help that Mexico and the others aren't advanced enough to deal with their own problems. Why should America have to deal with their problems for them? And now especially since these immigrants are committing so many crimes against US citizens. Damn Liberals....lol

  • Ripcord Mar 6, 2007

    Not4Me... I did all of those jobs and more for a lot less. I worked for less than 7 dollars an hour when I first joined the military and I was routinely risking my life in that job.

  • nursevb8 Mar 6, 2007

    OK, on the wral TV this morning, they were checking to see if he was an illegal. If he is here illegally, how the hell did he get a drivers license? Don't they even ask for papers? And now he has another DUI and vehicular homicide. What is it going to take to put people in their places. jasttn, you are exactly right, they work for the same pay and do a hell of alot less, ask any construction worker.

  • The Neutralizer Mar 6, 2007

    PUBLIC SERVANT your comment is totally off the wall, you stated "Since you are all about our tax dollars paying for this guy to live here, maybe he should be sentenced to live with you." Okay so the bastard comes to live with me, then he does it again God forbid and kills your mama, would that make you happy? I guess the other option would be to send Massaoui the alleged 20th hijaker back to his country so he come back with a different name and hijack your butt again. You see if we deport him, he comes back, if we forgive him he comes back, if comes to live with me he comes back, then I with your permission would like to see him pay for what he did, here in a US prision in solitary. After all, wasn't the crim commited in the good old USA. Next time you come after me, I chanllenge you to THINK FIRST!!

  • sicntired Mar 6, 2007

    Mistake? Are you kidding me?!?! This is not even close to a mistake!! This man didn't have a vaild drivers license because of previous DUI's. He got drunk AGAIN- got behind the wheel of a car AGAIN- and ran a stop sign that ended up killing two INNOCENT people, and then ran away from the scene!! You tell me where the mistake came from??!?! I don't care whether he was here legally or not - The fact that this man got behind the wheel of a car, drunk again - finally caught up to him, to where he won't be doing it again for a while - lets hope!!!!! It is just really really sad, that two people had to pay with their lives, and the families of those two people have to pay for it for the rest of their lives because of some drunk jerk who has no regard for himelf let alone anyone else!!!! It is 2007!! When will people learn that drinking and driving don't mix!!!!!

  • Tarheel born Mar 6, 2007

    spiritwarriorwoman, I'm not assuming anything. This Diaz scumbag is apparently using another name. A common practice among illegal aliens. I know and have friends of Hispanic heritage and they are all legal. I have no problem with them. In fact I don't have a problem with anyone who obeys the laws of the U.S., N.C. and their local government. But, if you break the law then you should be punished. If you kill someone, you should be punished severly. So far, they have only charged Diaz with MISDEAMENOR DEATH BY MOTOR VEHICLE. He should be charged at a minimun with TWO COUNTS OF SECOND DEGREE MURDER. He willfully and intentionally got behind the wheel of a car and operated it in a careless and reckless manner while under the influence of an impairing substance to wit: alcohol. After conviction and serving his sentence he should be deported.