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Motorcycle Runs Into Pickup Truck on I-40

Posted March 5, 2007

— Some motorists faced a slow commute Monday after an accident on eastbound Interstate 40 in Durham County.

According to Durham police, a motorcycle ran into the back of a pickup truck shortly before 8:30 a.m. There were no injuries in the accident.

Three of the four eastbound lanes were shut down for nearly 60 minutes, so crews could clear the damage from the accident.

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  • Viet Nam Era Vet Mar 5, 2007

    Give the idiot a Darwin Award and thank him for his efforts to cleanse the gene pool....and, they are best known as donor cycles
    by the medical community...

  • Tarheeljunior Mar 5, 2007

    Motocycles make me nervous, and for due reason. I had one peel out of parking lot and overturn his bike directly in front on me. I came within feet of running over him because he got a little overexcited with the accelerator. Mungo, you are right, there are some safe and cautious motorcylcists out there. For some, a motorcycle is an efficient and entertaining mode of transportations. For others, it is all about thrill-seeking and that is when motocyclists create dangerous situations. The same could be said about thrill-seekers that drive sports cars as well though.

  • Here kitty kitty Mar 5, 2007

    My boyfriend and I are middle-aged Harley riders, and we get so disgusted with the way the young twits ride those noisy crotch-rockets. They give the rest of us a really bad rap!

    To those of you who use caution when around us on bikes, a very big THANK YOU. We appreciate it very much.

  • Mungo Mar 5, 2007

    Wow - is that really how you perceive us Animallover?

    All of us zip through traffic? Are you certain it's "ALL" of us? There couldn't be one motorcyclist in all of the Triangle area that drives responsibly?

    And JocoBoy? Russian Roulette eh? It wouldn't have to be that way if you cagers paid attention to your driving. Try putting down that hamburger, cellphone, newspaper, cordless shaver and leave the kids alone in the backseat and drive.

    I can't count how many times someone has pulled out in front of me or changed lanes on top of me. Look before you do so and for God's sake, those little reflective thingies on the side of your car? They are mirrors! Use them for something besides picking spinach out of your teeth.

    All be it, in this case the motorcyclist wasn't paying attention.

  • hollylama Mar 5, 2007

    I agree smooth!

  • headlong Mar 5, 2007

    martini...I am like you. For some reason I fear they will fall in front of me and I would run them over...lots of distance between me and a motorcycle. I see people riding their butts or visa versa and it scares the heck out of me.

  • jocoboy Mar 5, 2007

    Another Russian Roulette victim....Get on a bike..spin the cylinder...and pull the trigger...Just a matter of time!

  • nursevb8 Mar 5, 2007

    He was probably riding his butt you can bet on that. I agree bernard--why does it take an hour to clean up after a motorcycle accident.

  • jeneric43 Mar 5, 2007

    E-Diva, give it time. When there's a will.....

  • unipride Mar 5, 2007

    I just like how this story doesn't even tell us which milemarker the accident occured. I would think that is useful information.