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Mass Grave Suspected at Bentonville Civil War Battlefield

Posted March 2, 2007

— In March 1865, 80,000 soldiers clashed on a Johnston County battlefield. More than 4,000 were killed, wounded or listed as missing.

But you won't find their graves on the battlefield.

Now, it appears there are soldiers buried on the battlefield, and there is evidence of a mass grave.

The area is the Bentonville Battlefield.

“We think about 360 Confederate soldiers are buried in this area,” said Donny Taylor, Bentonville Battlefield manager.

“Probably it will turn out to be two large mass graves that are basically joined together,” Taylor said.

The people at Bentonville Battlefield have long suspected there were Confederate soldiers buried somewhere on this land. A monument, dedicated in 1895, honors those soldiers who fell and lie “here.” But where “here” is has never been clear.

Archaeologists recently used a ground-penetrating radar system to try to solve the mystery. Anomalies they found show a break in the ground 6 feet below the surface.

“This gives us an idea where it is,” Taylor said. “We had an area. Now we've got a spot.”

Archaeologists plan further tests that should pin down whether there is a mass grave and its precise location.

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  • Bob3425 Mar 5, 2007

    How I read this article is was not about slavery or north and south it about marking the resting place of those who die there both north and south. I wouldn't want to see the remain removed but a fitting mark for the resting place is well deserved no matter which side of the fight they were with.

  • .45 Mar 5, 2007

    In reference to the article (remember the article?) I am somewhat familiar with the search for these graves. The last I heard, the plan was simply to find them and mark the location appropriately. There will be no excavation or removal of the remains.
    The article certainly doesn't say any different.

  • .45 Mar 5, 2007


    There are folks who stalk the boards trying to incite an argument. They do this by making inflammatory statements. They are called TROLLS. The best thing to do is ignore them! If you ignore them they get angry and go away. When you respond they get exactly what they want, a childish thrill.

  • mvnull Mar 5, 2007

    "Never disturb a Soldier's resting place. He has already given his ultiment sacrifice. He needs rest now." Out or curiosity, do you feel the same way about the remains of US soldiers in Vietnam?

  • Lizard Paw Mar 4, 2007

    The reason the north invaded the south is because 75% of the federal budget in 1860 came from five southern states. It was really about the money. You can't really believe the yankees actually cared about the blacks. They're still segregated communities in the North right now.

  • SOCLOSE Mar 4, 2007

    i would also like to say that in my opinion, no war is rightly justified. people killing people. what will be their answers to God on Judgement Day. "The Government made me do it".

  • SOCLOSE Mar 4, 2007

    ok NC FOREST, you got me. wrong name. my bad. but, apparently, you still knew what i was talking about. was too upset at the time to get the words right. still doesn't change the way i feel.

  • MzFang Mar 4, 2007

    Some of the comments regarding this article are a prime example of why racism and "labeling" are still alive and thriving today...ie: IGNORANCE/INTOLERANCE

    And it's also very sad. Have we learned nothing since this war took place???

    The fact of the matter is that everyone of these soldiers were AMERICAN'S and regardless of where they died (Gettysburg, Bentonville Battlefield, etc.) or which "side" they fought for, they DESERVE and have more than earned our respect. As for each and every one of you who still feel it is necessary to chose a "side" you are denigrating the memory of and the very meaning of why these soldiers died in the first place.

    Please consider the totality and end results of your comments before you recklessly spew your own ignorance and incite others unnecessarily.

  • r-n-r Mar 4, 2007

    If the yankees could have seen what they brought about, they would have gone home.

  • TC1807 Mar 4, 2007

    What gets me, is when someone tries to leave a long smart comment, and their grammar is awful...RIP to the Soldiers