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Hit-And-Run Driver Sought By Raleigh Police

Posted March 2, 2007

— Raleigh police are on the lookout for a hit-and-run driver after an overnight accident.

The accident happened at around 3:30 a.m. Friday on New Bern Avenue near the I-440 interchange.

Police said the car hit two people. One woman was taken to the hospital.

Authorities are looking for a dark-colored Honda or Nissan with damage to the front passenger's side.

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  • Scarecrow Cow Mar 2, 2007

    I'm so glad nobody was killed. It could have turned out so much worse.
    And bless you jeneric43 for realizing that all people deserve respect regardless of what they do, because we've all sinned and none of us has the right to cast the first stone.
    But I'd still like to see the hit-and-runner broght to justice, especially if it does turn out he was drunk or high. Drunk driving is one thing that really gets my blood boiling!

  • jeneric43 Mar 2, 2007

    spiritwarrior, yes maam, prayer for the victim, the perpertrator(sp?) and the posters on this board who get so much sickening enjoyment out of labeling verbally abusing and demeaning other human beings, most of which they have never layed eyes on.

  • jeneric43 Mar 2, 2007

    garnerearn, you ever heard of the old saying "one who makes assumptions, often makes a _ss out of themselves?" Additionally, what in the heck does it matter what their ethnicity is. You like others here, are using this article to sling horrible slurs and utterly dispicable things at fellow human beings.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Mar 2, 2007

    Just because there are whore and crackhouses in that area doesn't mean anything to this story. And seeing folks here blaming a business establishment is ludicrous. Do you even think before you post??? The fault is on the person who hit and ran, not on their victims. And what the victims need now more than stupid guesses and surmissions is compassion and prayer, for they were doing no wrong and are now hurt. God bless. Rev. RB

  • peackpr957 Mar 2, 2007

    say-no-crackhead - another question is how you would know about the prostitutes around the area of the accident. I don't remember ever reading in the paper about prostitution arrests in that area. There have been articles about arrests in an area closer to downtown off of New Bern. Makes one wonder how you know so much about either of the subjects.

  • ANNIE Mar 2, 2007

    This article is about a hit and run driver. All are completely off the article. You all have a great weekend and hope they fine this jerk.

  • mramorak Mar 2, 2007

    WOW!Government schools should be ashamed.

  • jeneric43 Mar 2, 2007

    Screen name, I am not a religious fruit boot, and the continued name calling is continuing to make mine and other respectful others' points on here. Do you even know anything about me? This is not about religion, please get that through your head. It is about having respect for each other as HUMAN BEINGS. Regardless of religion(lack thereof), race, sex, etc. Do you honestly not understand that? Or is you and some other folks on here's real issue religion? If that is the case, then choose an article directly related to religion. DO NOT POUNCE ON EVERY POST YOU SEE THAT HAS GOD OR ANYTHING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY RELATED TO RELIGION AND USE IT AS YOUR PERSONAL PUNCHING BAG. If you want to direct a comment to me, read what I said and respond to what I said only, not what concerns the obvious chip your and other posters' shoulders about God and religion.

  • Screen name Mar 2, 2007

    You religious fruit boots need to get one thing straight. Everything is not about religion, only your stuff. Amirite?

  • jeneric43 Mar 2, 2007

    Beach bum, I never said there is no hell, and everyone will go to heaven regardless of what they do. You might want to re-read my post sir. I simply addressed the fact that saynocrackhead shames himself by speaking of other HUMANS BEINGS they way he does. Please do not generalize your comments and direct an erroneous post at me. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TALK ABOUT OR TREAT OTHERS IN THIS MANNER, SAYNOCRACKHEAD, OR AN ACTUAL CRACKEAD THEIRSELF. GOT MY POINT NOW?