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Unlocked Cars Give Nighttime Thieves Easy Pickings

Posted March 1, 2007

— We’ve all been there. You’re tired, distracted, your arms are full, maybe you’re even on the phone—and you simply walk into your house without locking your car.

Raleigh police say thieves look for these opportunities to steal anything you may have left behind.

Since Jan. 23, thieves have gone through about 50 cars in North Raleigh neighborhoods between Six Forks and Falls of Neuse roads. Each time, they go door-to-door, rummaging through unlocked cars in the middle of the night.

They take anything they find—money, cell phones, cameras, clothing, jewelry.

Two weeks ago, thieves stole a camera and a calculator from Don Jackson's cars on Greenside Drive while he slept in a room 20 feet from his driveway. They did the same to the cars of his neighbors, including a Wake County sheriff’s deputy who lives next door.

They went one step further there and set the interior of the deputy’s car on fire. Jackson woke up to see all the doors on both of his vehicles wide open.

“Everything was ransacked. The glove compartment was wide open. They just went through everything,” Jackson said.

Raleigh Police say the thefts, which occurred on Jan. 23 and 25 and Feb. 14, 15, 16 and 25, all happened close together and involved unlocked cars.

“We can't say for sure it's all being done by the same suspect or suspects, but it is in the same general area and there a lot of similarities between the cases,” said Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue.

Raleigh police say that if you see it happen or it happens to you, call 911 immediately. Your response, they believe, is their best hope for stopping the crime spree.

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  • Lizard Paw Mar 2, 2007

    Anybody that doesn't lock their car is STUPID!

  • Get a clue Mar 2, 2007

    Please come on to my property and try something. Please...it will be your last mistake.

    A lot of people that do this, do it because it's their crime of choice. It's rarely a first time offender. They get caught over and over and are set free to do it again.

  • say-no-crackhead Mar 2, 2007

    *Animal Lover* ~ If we did'nt have to be so politically correct, if officers weren't badgered for protecting themselves, if I could spank my kids when they needed it without do gooders screaming abuse, maybe we COULD forget to lock our doors once in a while. If inmates and repeat offenders weren't babied by this system, run by liberals, maybe the majority of them would be in jail and not in N.Raleigh robbing hardworking people.

  • All child molesters should die Mar 2, 2007

    It's a shame things like this happen, but they do, every day. Nobody is exempt; whether you live in the bad part of town, or the rich part of town, it doesn't matter.

    I hope this individual/individuals are caught soon.

  • Low Voltage Mar 2, 2007

    dshoaf, all you need to do now is give out your address and working hours.

    p.s. Robbers carry doggie goodies too.

  • ltbarkley Mar 2, 2007

    Animal Lover - "In this day & age, locking up EVERYTHING is the only smart thing to do. This way you cover your butt against ins. claims if something does happen."

    Do a search for "Bump Key". Locking your stuff up does nothing but give you a good feeling. To summarize what bump keying is - a thief with 5 bump keys could be in your house in under 20 seconds, with absolutely no signs of forced entry - it would be like unlocking the door for them. Locks only keep honest people honest. I never lock the doors on my car, because if someone wants something I have in the car, I would rather them take it then break my window and then take it. I have nothing of value in my car - that is the best deterrent. They can rummage around and found out I have nothing of value. Of course, if I ever caught someone doing that, I would probably be arrested for defending my property with a vengeance.

  • dianadarling Mar 2, 2007

    I live in the duke forest area of durham. I gave up trying to make sure my husband and kids have everything locked up years ago. The cars aren't locked and the house is rarely locked. I do have 2 big dogs though. Everyone is so quick to bad mouth DUrham. My car has been broken into when it has been locked 3 times, ALL IN RALEIGH!

  • spiritwarriorwoman Mar 2, 2007

    goody2shoes - Because intelligent folk are expected use to use the common sense God gave us is why. And putting temptations in the way of others who may be weak isn't Godly either. That's why. God bless. Rev. RB

  • Low Voltage Mar 2, 2007

    goody2shoes, take animal lover's advice and lock up everything you have! You're asking for trouble. Some people think its OK to take things that aren't under lock and key. I was in the service with people like that.

  • CestLaVie Mar 2, 2007

    goody2shoes: On this earth, we will ALWAYS have people who lie, cheat, steal, whatever, etc. There will always be someone there to violate your precious "rights". There will always be plenty of people who don't want to work, who see your stuff as theirs, whether you want to see it this way or not. Analyzing your rights, and moralyzing on what others should do and not do, is blind faith that everyone will respect you and your belongings and your rights. Wake up. You came into this world naked, and you'll leave that way. Everything else in between is just stuff and material goods, which is open to loss by some means or another. So don't lock anything up, but also, don't complain when it gets stolen or broken. You're being idealistic. Grow up.