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Make MySpace, Facebook Enforce Age Rules, Cooper Says

Posted March 1, 2007

— State Attorney General Roy Cooper is pushing legislation that would require social Web sites like MySpace.com and Facebook.com to enforce age restrictions.

“When we see child after child being lured off these sites into the clutches of child predators, we're just not going to stand by and let that happen,” Cooper said Thursday.

The attorney general pitched the legislation to a state Senate judiciary committee.

Cooper is also calling for tougher penalties for child predators and people who distribute child pornography.

He also wants to make it a felony to lie to an State Bureau of Investigation agent.

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  • FragmentFour Mar 5, 2007

    boit62283 raises a valid (not to mention pivital) point - just how on earth does Cooper think he's going to get this enforced? Ban entry portals within the borders of North Carolina? Parents of children have a choice - either learn and become as computer savy as their kids AND pay close attention, or run the risk of having their kids' safety slide out from under them. Cooper can grandstand all he wants, but he has no enforcement ability. Parents do.

  • KeDecker Mar 5, 2007

    don't blame the websites for bad parenting.

  • KeDecker Mar 5, 2007

    You have to do more then JUST click on a new member to get a virus on myspace. If you click on a link ON THEIR site that could be porn but not just by clicking on their account can you get porn OR a VIRUS.

    so he most likely clicked on a link on their site... and the new ones out there say NUDE PICS on them... and if you click on that it's a virus.

  • Joy4u2 Mar 4, 2007

    my grandson was here and has a myspace he clicked on a new member and it was porn and it was a virus, it crashed the computer, it took my husband and teck help 3 days to get it up and running again. he is only 15 yrs. old. he is no longer allowed on the computers.

  • St Ives Mar 4, 2007

    Parents need to keep thier young children off these sites, it is not the role of the state to enforce parental controls.

  • KeDecker Mar 2, 2007

    Actually, there is a age limit on Myspace. But all the kids do is say they are over that age and all the sudden they got them a myspace. I would like to know how someone thinks y ou can go about enforcing that rule.

  • pltgnnr Mar 2, 2007

    How does he propose to enforce such restrictions? There is no way to do it, unles like already said the parents start having a more direct role with their children's internet activities. There may be rules on myspace about a 13 yr. old age limit, but who really goes by it? All the kid has to say is 'yes, I'm over 13.'

  • KeDecker Mar 2, 2007

    Enforce age restrictions? All the kid will have to do is LIE ABOUT THEIR BIRTHDATE. It's useless. With todays day and age it's soo easy to get through the cracks of technology.

  • Punky Mar 2, 2007

    Not only that 27, but how about parents becoming more involved in their childrens lives too.

  • EricaSliver Mar 2, 2007

    Parents do need to take a more active role in their children's online activities. Teens can get into just as much trouble online as they can on the streets...sometimes with worse consequences.