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Bus Passengers Remain in Hospital After Halifax Accident

Posted March 1, 2007
Updated March 2, 2007

— Several senior citizens are recovering in the hospital after a charter bus hit a tractor-trailer in Halifax County.

A bus was bringing a group of senior citizens home to Williamston from Atlantic City, N.J. Thursday when it was struck by the flat-bed truck at around 7:15 p.m.

Authorities said the flat-bed truck was backing into a driveway off N.C. 125 north of Halifax and the bus driver was unable to see the truck. Troopers said the trailer rolled onto its side in a ditch while the bus ran into a ditch on the other side of the road.

A spokesman for Halifax Regional Hospital said 50 people were brought there, but only 21 required treatment. Six patients were transferred to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville and one to MCV Hospital in Richmond, Va., he said.

Authorities said there were no fatalities.

Troopers charged the truck driver, Joseph Scott Rozier of Halifax County, with improper backing.

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  • batr Mar 3, 2007

    my thoughts and prayers are with those who were injured in this accident but the fact is the trucker had ALL BACKUP LIGHTS ON!!!and was trying to back into his driveway when the bus driver slammed into him.does anyone care care to know how the truck driver is doing? once again ALL LIGHTS WERE ON THAT'S A FACT!!!

  • bprstr Mar 3, 2007

    My dad and stepmom were two of the most seriously hurt in this accident. They air-lifted dad to Greenville and my stepmom to Richmond,Virginia. They both could have been killed. They were both sitting behind the driver where the truck had struck the bus. This is not a discussion about how people come down hard on truck drivers. The simple fact is the truck driver had NO BACKUP LIGHTS! My dad said this through the morphine slurs. No one including the bus driver even knew the truck driver was backing up. No lights, no turn signals, nothing! He backed right into their lane right in front of the bus! My dad is seriously injured with multiple injuries and almost bled to death from a compound fracture. My step mom is also seriously injured with mutltiple broken bones: collar, shoulder, 6 ribs. The police should have made this a more serious violation. Now my parents have to face a long difficult road to recovery and can't even take care of themselves due to the extensive injuries.

  • killerkestrel Mar 3, 2007

    I've seen plently of accidents where troopers didn't ticket anyone.

  • stifler27870 Mar 2, 2007

    I'm a driver myself. what is improper backing? some how its always the trucker getting the ticket.

  • danhoggard Mar 2, 2007

    Troopers always ticket someone for an accident. Doesn't mean it's all their fault, nor does it mean that the truck driver will be found to be liable for all damages and injuries.. Insurance companies and the courts determine that, not police..

  • spiritwarriorwoman Mar 2, 2007

    knowsomeofit - "Improper Backing?" That's what the authorities said and they saw something that led them to this conclusion. Perhaps his truck wasn't properly lighted. I don't know at this point and neither do you. As for truckers, God bless them. They work long and hard hours just to bring us what we need. Think you don't need 'em. Try going without toilet paper for a few days. God bless. Rev. RB

  • JanBrooks Mar 2, 2007

    Fault of voodoo assaults from Scot beast, well vandalising, Ha, fax thief, Mordecai’s wife, can’t tell the tick tock time Beverly, and little Willie David, on senior citizen Carol and a prophet like Joseph, seen at the World Cup with a coat of many colours.

  • knowsomeofit Mar 2, 2007

    There needs to be a way to resolve this issue other than just slinging ugly comments and accusations towards a truck driver just trying to get his rig home, at 7:15 at night,(at which time
    most of us have had a shower, ate supper, played with the kids,
    sat down to watch a ballgame... ) Some may argue that he should have pulled straight in instead of backing in, well then he would have perhaps had to back out the next morning, which potentially would have been a busier time. There needs to be discussion at a higher level to find a remedy. I see this kind
    of backing very often and have on many occasions witnessed local
    police even waiting for the truck to finish backing and then just continue on their way. I pray for those injured and for the truck driver, but I place the blame on everyone who offers
    no solution, but only gripes about something they have no idea
    what it takes to perform.

  • knowsomeofit Mar 2, 2007

    another bunghole deerslayer thinking he knows everything...

    ...by the way, is there anyone intelligent enough to explain
    how that truck driver could have perhaps levitated his truck
    into position in the driveway ? Then this discussion would
    not be taking place. I am not a truck driver, nor do I desire
    to be one, but I do understand one thing. The majority of the
    people of this wonderful country seem to think that the streets
    and highways were put in place just so they can have a way to get to the beach, or mountains, or grandma's house. Well guess what, if they never left there there own driveway, the rest of the world would not feel any impact whatsoever. Let the truckdrivers of this country never leave their own driveway, and see if the same holds true. Improper Backing ? Perhaps this truck driver should, or maybe all truck drivers should be required to leave their trucks in a designated truck parking area with the proper entrance and exit. There needs to be some way

  • Mad Baumer Mar 2, 2007

    Nomad, 1:53 am was when your post occured. What a surprise that your email came at that time. Shocked you didn't suck the last 7 minutes out of the night BEFORE last call. Maybe you already had been asked to leave your local bar and had to vent. Good luck with your very important job that you are able to hold down while swilling beers at all hours of the night. Not funny, ignorant, and not what these forums are for. Wake up and do something productive today....