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Wrong-Way Drunken Driver Upgraded to Good Condition

Posted March 3, 2007

— The drunken driver who smashed into a truck after driving 20 miles the wrong way on I-95 Thursday has been upgraded to "good condition."

Bradley Graves, 37, got on I-95 in Lumberton and drove north in the southbound lanes at 90 mph in his GMC Yukon. He began grazing vehicles and eventually collided with a truck in Fayetteville, according to investigators.

The tanker truck, driven by Louis Damon, 56, swerved abruptly and overturned, spilling nearly 50 gallons of cyclomethicone, a chemical liquid used in antiperspirants. Damon was not injured in the accident, and highway crews were able to contain the liquid and clear it from the roadway.

Greg Gibson was also on the road early Thursday morning. He was driving his brand new VW Jetta when he saw Graves' headlights coming toward him.

"I said, 'That car's in my lane!'" Gibson recalled saying to his father, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

With a transfer truck to his right and a guardrail nearby, Gibson had little room to maneuver. He swerved to the right and hit the transfer truck, which knocked his car to the left-lane guardrail. Neither Gibson nor his father were hurt, but the car sustained some damage. He is amazed no one was hurt.

"I hope [Graves] is feeling very fortunate," Gibson said.

Officials with the Highway Patrol said they were alerted about Graves' driving and were planning on intercepting him before he was involved in the accident.

"We had troopers scrambling to get to the area to intercept this car before a collision occurred," said Sgt. Joel Siles. "But we were unsuccessful in apprehending him."

Investigators said Graves was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, but he is now in better condition. Graves has been charged with DWI, reckless driving and driving the wrong way on a dual-lane highway.

This wasn't Graves' first time drinking and driving. Records show he was arrested in 1989 and 1996 for driving while intoxicated.


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  • mapleleaf Mar 10, 2007

    friendoffamily: blanket statements make those that use them sound very ignorant. Every human being that has a cocktail or two or that chooses to have wine with dinner does not turn into an "incorrigable irresponsible jerk." This man is an adult and should be held responsible for his own decisions. Nobody should be giving him an out by trying to blame a bartender.

    And prohibition has been tried before. Didn't work.

  • highergame4me Mar 8, 2007

    It is what it is and that fool should not have been driving. End of Story...Stay tuned, I'm sure he'll drink and drive again!

  • Rocknhorse Mar 8, 2007

    friendoffamily-sure, I enjoy an occassional drink. There is a BIG difference between having a drink and getting drunk. When it comes to drinking and driving, I'm a teetotaller. One sip and I will not drive. Period. I believe that strongly about this. I feel that there should be NO legal limit for drinking and driving. .00001%? Book 'em!

    Responsibility of the bartender? Nah! As an "adult" he made a choice to drink. He made a choice to drive. It's time that people STOP placing the responsibility of their own actions on the shoulders of others. I am sick and tired of hearing people make excuses for themselves. You make choices and sometimes those choices are bad. But it's YOUR choice, no one else. Even if someone holds a gun to your head, it's still a choice!

  • sicntired Mar 6, 2007

    Why does the bartender have to take the blame? And where did it say that he was at a bar? Why can't anyone be responsbile for their own actions? Why are we always looking to blame someone else? Ya know, responsible people would think before they act? That is the difference between a child and an adult -he should have thought about that before he went out drinking. Get someone to drive him - oh but wait - he has gotten away with it two times before - why not try it one more time!!! Hell, I am sure that when he gets off for doing it this time - he will go out and celebrate!! Lets make sure to blame someone else for his actions. Give me a break - blame the bartender!!! Get a damn life! What would you do - if you were run off the road by a Drunk driver? Would you be looking to blame someone else besides the driver? I highly doubt it!

  • der_Marv_meister Mar 5, 2007

    Oh well, thats great that this drunk driver (alledged) has been upgraded to good condition. I am thankful that he wasn't killed nor killed anyone. I am also thankful that he is on his way to a complete recovery, just in time to get a nice pair of steel bracelets, and have a nice little field trip to see a judge just before getting an iron barred door slammed in his face for a few years for him to think about what an idiot he is!

  • friendoffamily Mar 4, 2007

    OK, you all make all these rude comments - yes this was his third time and yes he shouldn't have been driving and should be punished - what bar tender let him leave drunk and drive? where is their responsibility - and i'm sure the majority of you with your rude comments drink as well - drinking should be outlawed because once you drink you are no longer capable of being responsible - all of you with your immature comments - think of that next time you start to take a drink - you become an incorrigable irresponsible jerk as well! My prayer is God will take control of this mans life and help him to get ahold of himself and that God will help those of you with your rude comments realize how offensive your comments are to the family of this guy who can't stop him from making his mistakes!

  • Lizard Paw Mar 4, 2007

    ya'll check out this story,,,,http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/1221297/

  • diwanicki Mar 3, 2007

    arrested for this twice before, well its time he serves a nice jail sentence and he needs his dl revoked and be classified as a habitual offender

  • grenlyn1 Mar 3, 2007

    "This wasn't Graves' first time drinking and driving. Records show he was arrested in 1989 and 1996 for driving while intoxicated." *dumbfounded look on my face* So when are you going to enforce the DWI laws and put this arse in jail? When he kills someone? I for one would like to see him off the road before I meet him in a drunken stuper. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • deerslayer Mar 3, 2007

    Good condition..great, now take his carcass to jail...