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Amtrak Train Hits Car in Morrisville

Posted February 28, 2007

— An Amtrak train hit a car Wednesday night in Morrisville.

The car was disabled on the track about 7:30 p.m. when the the southbound Carolinian train traveling from New York City to Charlotte hit it at the intersection of Chapel Hill Road and Aviation Road.

No one was inside the car at the time. None of the 110 passengers on the train were injured. The train continued on its trip about an hour later.

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  • kariann012 Mar 1, 2007

    I would like to clear things up. The lady whom this car belongs to is one of my moms good friends. She was not disoriented, her tire was stuck in the railroad track and there was nothing she could do. She went to the fire station to get help when the train hit. End of story

  • Lightfoot Mar 1, 2007

    Praying that the car will be okay - Rev. LF

  • im1032 Mar 1, 2007

    Having been at the scene when the accident occurred, there would have been no time to be proactive. It was a matter of a couple of minutes from the time the person left her vehicle stuck on the tracks (she drove down onto the track by accident and would have need a tow tow truck to pull it up), she walked to the firestation and spoke with someone and by then the train was coming.

    Even with all the folks in traffic waiting and watching this, if they went down to mess with trying to get the car out they would have been struck by the train.

    The train on those tracks travels at 70mph. It slammed on its brakes when it saw the vehicle and still hit the car.

    Luckily a tradgedy was avoided and no one was hurt.

  • bammer66 Mar 1, 2007

    i think we should go back to riding horses. if thats the case then the stagecoach would have detoured around the tired horse.

  • dell Mar 1, 2007

    Isn't it odd that as busy as that intersection is at that time of the evening that no one in other cars suspected something was wrong at that particular moment and at least helped that person out. At least push the car a few feet?

  • FFMike Mar 1, 2007

    Hey Doggo, if you weren't there, how would you know? Like I said, they were on the way out to help the lady when the train came. Where do you come from making it sound like they do nothing? Do YOU know nothing of what firefighters do?

  • FFMike Mar 1, 2007

    Yes, it's right in front of the fire station. The firefighters there were on their way outside when the Amtrak came. The vehicle itself was about 50 feet down the track. There just wasn't enough time. With that said, everyone was ok, and traffic resumed fairly quick.

  • El Doggo Mar 1, 2007

    I guess fire departments are not paid to be pro-active? A car sitting on tracks without a drive (ON THEIR DOORSTEP) is not a hazard worth noticing? I guess they were busy handing out citations for empty fire extinguishers???

    Good thing noone was hurt on the train and that it didn't derail...

  • El Doggo Mar 1, 2007


  • bigheel2k Mar 1, 2007

    Where exactly does it say the driver was disoriented? It doesn't say that in this article. This article says the CAR was DISABLED, but gives no information about the driver.