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Dissatisfaction Drives Proposal for County-Wide Wake School Board Seats

Posted February 28, 2007

— One bit of political fallout from the ongoing dispute over year-round schools in Wake County and frequent reassignments is legislation that would make all nine school board members compete district-wide.

Some critics wanted to vote school board members out of office, but realized they could only vote for the one seat in the district that covered where they lived.

After hearing complaints, local Republican lawmakers filed legislation Wednesday that would make the Wake County school board at-large, like county commissioners.

“We have a county-wide school system. A lot of people say, ‘Why don't we have a county-wide school board? I can vote for one-ninth of the members and yet the other eight can have a direct effect on my child's education,’” state Sen. Richard Stevens, R-Wake County, said.

School board vice-chair Rosa Gill told WRAL that the proposal is driven by special interests who want to control the board and that running county-wide would cost candidates more time and money.

She doesn't think the current system is broken and doesn’t need fixing, she said.

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  • inquistitor Mar 8, 2007

    The school board isn't about providing our children the best education...it is about politics and personal agendas.

  • Cowboy Mar 1, 2007

    Phoebe0715- right with you!
    mindofreason- #1 "often lack substantial funds to run a county-wide race, especially in Wake"... they also lack the God-given common sense to run the school system properly in Wake. As for the "rich snobs" do your homework, it is not the rich ones that don't want MYR.

    I strongly support this idea! I also strongly support vouchers- that would change things IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • El Doggo Mar 1, 2007

    Yes I did...

  • patriot4liberty Mar 1, 2007

    For those who think it's so easy to find track out care in one-parent families or families where both parents must work, you need to think again. Summer camp is expensive, yes, but try taking three weeks off four times a year - no boss would put up with it!! And trackout care is full-time daycare, scarce (let me say that again) SCARCE, in this county, and not everyone can afford it! So what happens when the kids who are already economically disadvantaged, end up holed up at home or wandering the streets for three weeks four times a year while mom and dad work their butts off just to make ends meet?

    Yeah, I didn't think yall had thought about that.

  • El Doggo Mar 1, 2007

    You are right grumpy! We need to get the developer interest OUT of county comissioners!!!

  • grumpyk3 Mar 1, 2007

    Take a look at your county commissioners. Why are there no impact fees, because the developers own them. This is the type of special interests you need to worry about. Also electing them at large means that your larger areas will dictate who all of them are. Raleigh and Cary will largely determine who your BoE members are. Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, Knightdale, etc. could have little to no representation here. Think the BoE does not listen to you now, it could get worst. I am not saying it is a bad idea, but there are some things to seriously consider.

  • El Doggo Mar 1, 2007

    Gill is a prime example of what is wrong with the school system! According to her it is not broken???? What planet is she living on???? And according to her it is a "special interest" conspiracy! HA HA!!!

    She is right there! It is a special interest! It is the parents who care about their childrens' educations! I guess they could be regarded as a "special interest" group...

  • Steve Crisp Mar 1, 2007

    The bigger question here is why we allow the NC Legislature to tell us how to conduct purely local elections. Or for that matter, when we can incorporate a community, adjust up or down sales taxes, and a host of other local issues.

  • oceanchild71 Feb 28, 2007

    These so-called vacations that the kids in yr get when they are tracked out are a joke. A friend's 5th-grader had a 5-page report to do over the Christmas track-out as well as several other projects that were all given right before her track was let out and they were all due within a couple of days of returning to school. While in traditional calendar schools this is a common way of doing things, I thought that one of the benefits of tracking out was to spread the vacation time throughout the year? But if your kids are doing work when tracked out, when is their vacation? And yes, kids and adults need some vacation time. It makes you a better learner and a better worker.

  • Pandoras Box Feb 28, 2007

    And before you make a comment about her spending time with her father - I can do that because he left her long ago. Terminated his rights. I give him time out of the goodness of my heart and because I love my child. I am tired of people with NO kids or people that just want to ship theres off to anyone who will take them telling me how horrible I am to want my summers with them. Someone educated your butt when you went to school it's time to step up and do the same.