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Club Leader Apologizes for Rejecting Black Woman

Posted February 27, 2007

Leaders of a Fayetteville club that denied membership to a black woman now say they are sorry for their actions

Last month, the Woman's Club voted to reject Cassandra McMillion, who would have been the club’s first black member during its 100-year history.

Mary Anne Peeples, club president , sent a letter to the media that says the organization is not proud of the image that has been projected.

"We are not defending our actions,” Peeples said in the letter. “We admit that several members of our organization allowed an internal power struggle to cloud good judgment."

McMillon told a local newspaper that she's happy to receive the apology and will speak with Peeples personally in the near future. The statement said that members who resigned in protest of the club's decision would be allowed to reapply.

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  • deerslayer Mar 3, 2007

    yes mongol. For once Wral IS right. Where did you go to school? The words are There (there is), their( their something) and they're which is short for they are... You should learn basic grammar your self before you criticize others....

  • oldrebel Mar 2, 2007

    Why is this simply a black/white issue. Perhaps she just was just not the kind of person the club members wanted around them. Race isn't the only characteristic of a human being and their personality. I've got white friends that I wouldn't want to be in a club enviroment with, and I've got black friends I'd donate blood to or from. Race isn't always the deciding factor.

  • Dave Green Mar 2, 2007

    Hey folks, the black/white thing is getting kind of old.
    Are't we all Americans first (for the most part)?

  • Dog1Der Mar 2, 2007

    Phoebe needs to understand that the NAACP was initiated by whites, includes whites and has whites on its Borad of Directors. It has just as much "white" input as reruns for Seinfeld.

    Furthermore, it pains me to see white people cartwheel to rationalize exclusion and hatred, especially in 2007. I just can't imagine the parents of these folks and what has been passed down in their families. Obviously, these hate mongers and backpeddlers are not influencedby Christianity. How sad.

  • WhatEver Mar 2, 2007

    Eventually, one day there will be no black no white, just one color brown/beige. If they discrimenated because of her skin that was wrong, but if it was because of her inner self then I can see that. You do not want to create any kind of unnecessary friction if it can be prevented. More of the story is needed to form an opinion one way or the other. If we are to move away from race issues then we need to disban anything that could interfear like, the KKK and the NAACP. Until then we will always be a "slave" to our skin color.

  • me-in-raeford Mar 2, 2007

    I've been following this story from the beginning and I must say the only person who appears to be staying above the fray is Ms. McMillion! I truly believe that the rejection of her membership was due to an internal power struggle and the ladies (I use the term loosely) who lost the struggle out of spite decided that they'd justify their loss by playing the "race card" on Ms. McMillion behalf. The only problem appears to be Ms. McMillion won't play their game and the remaining ladies in the organization realize that they may just have turned away a very good member for some very unfair reasons.

    As for the other comments regarding the NAACP, personally I think they should be outlawed for the hate mongering organization they are...just like the KKK! Both make me equally sick.

  • farrell nightrider Mar 1, 2007

    Please go read your His-story books, the NAACP was started by white men and you still have them still running the board of directors.

  • gvmtcheese Mar 1, 2007

    I would also like to add on the cross burning comment. That is a Scottish tradition that was passed down. If you want to know the details of it, research it, or you can continue to spout mindless banter.

  • gvmtcheese Mar 1, 2007

    WOW my_habit_swings, how do you know that race was the issue? According to article, it said an in-house power struggle caused confusion not racism. According to an earlier post, the NAACP has openly admitted that they refuse candidates strictly on race. Who is right? Who is wrong? I will also repeat, how much longer are you going to beat the KKK drum?

  • rcwharris Mar 1, 2007

    I think that if they would let her in, she should not join because who's to say she won't encounter other racial issues....Just my opinion.....