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Raleigh Officer Hurt in Foot Chase Across Beltline

Posted February 27, 2007
Updated February 28, 2007

— A Raleigh police officer remained in serious condition Wednesday morning with injuries suffered when a car struck him as he darted across the Beltline in foot pursuit of a suspect near the near Hammond Road interchange.

Officer Steven John Salina, 24, spotted William Davis Henry while Salina was on patrol about 2:30 p.m. Tuesday on the section of the Beltline where I-40 and I-440 run together, Raleigh Police spokesman Jim Sughrue said. He said Salina knew Henry was wanted for failure to appear in court on a begging charge.

Salina parked at the bottom of the ramp to Hammond Road and got out to arrest Henry when Henry ran up the ramp and across the Beltline, Sughrue said.

Salina, who had radioed that he was chasing someone, ran after the suspect when a Dodge Calibre driven by Kendall R. Smith, 17, of Raleigh struck him. She stopped and will not face any charges, Sughrue said.

Salina was taken to WakeMed.

Henry continued to flee after the crash, but he was caught a short time later, Sughrue said. In addition to the warrant for not coming to court, Henry will be charged with resisting arrest and with felonious possession of a financial transaction card, which police said they found in his possession when they arrested him.

Authorities temporarily shut down the westbound lanes of I-40 near Hammond Road. They reopened the road just before rush hour.

A wreck in the same location killed a Raleigh police officer nearly five years ago. Officer Charles Paul died in September 2002 when he lost control of his motorcycle after catching a draft from a tractor-trailer. He was chasing a speeding car at the time.


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  • steel1 Mar 9, 2007

    james004, i don't know where i got your name from in the last post. i apologize. the man i was referring to about being spit on is the officer. again i must of had one too many that night.we still have room for the other two waste of human flesh, missroe and ihmo.

  • james004 Mar 8, 2007

    To Steel1,

    Who's spreading poison? What man are you saying we're "spitting on"? The bum who's the cause of all of this? Sure, he does deserve to be "spit" on, he's the reason the poor police officer got hurt. Are you forgetting his very long criminal history? This guy should be locked up in prison or a mental hospital for life, sooner or later people like him will commit a crime and innocent people will suffer.

    Everyone I personally know who's been a victim of some sort of crime in their life, the perpetrator was a low class, lowly educated, waste of human space. Giving these people sympathy only lets them run over you, and they know it. There's just no hope for some people, you have to come to that concensus sooner or later.

  • Police Officer Mar 4, 2007

    Hello again folks
    Steven is improving by leaps and bounds, to God be the glory.
    He met the young lady today who hit him. She came to see him in the hospital and bring him flowers. She and her mom were very friendly, and Steven was able to talk about the accident w/ such humor, he made her laugh.
    Continue to pray, he'll miss somewhere around 4 months of work; he just can't wait to get back and will continue to enforce the law, even if it is to the chagrin of the liberals!
    God bless you folks for praying and for your support
    PS: his nick name on the street is "Robo-cop." (That's a joke for all you unsuppportive folks)

  • steel1 Mar 1, 2007

    First off, glad to hear salina is doing better. godspeed. Second, i can't believe missroe,ihmo,and james 004 are still on here spreading their poison. People like yourselves have been pushed and picked on your entire lives, you have no heart, and you have no spines. You choose to HIDE behind a computer screen and spit on this man because it makes you feel good about yourselves. My only question is how do you look in the mirror and brush your teeth in the morning, knowing what cowards you are? All 3 of you would make great speedbumps right there near the hammond exit. For safety of course.

  • Pandoras Box Feb 28, 2007

    Don't bring the troops into this. I have no idea if you know of anyone over there but we have a loved one over there and he fights for a country he loves and beleives in all so you have the right to your stupid opinion. This is about an officer doing HIS JOB and not about our troops. I do not agree with the war but I will never bad mouth what our troops are doing. They need our support and nothing else.

  • roe Feb 28, 2007

    As for 5511 if I post bond for Mr. Henry it will be with the money you gave me to do so. Sounds to me you have major issues that only a state hospital can assist you with. You have taken an issue like this and made it a political issue which sounds like you are campaigning for your party which we all know is in trouble. You have stumbled onto the wrong site for that you may need to channel that energy towards Ole Dick so both of you can see how your party can bring our TROOPS HOME! Once you have done that then come back and talk politics to us.

  • roe Feb 28, 2007

    Thanks coxkl! I appreciate your comment.

  • ceolmharanam Feb 28, 2007

    For those of you who said "Oh it's only begging"... it's only begging THIS time. What if someone like Scott Peterson or Jeffrey Dahmer had somehow been released from prison, and they tried to run from on officer - would you think the officer should just let them go because the traffic was busy? Granted, this man's DOC record isn't as bad as people like Dahmer's. However, he WAS in for serious crimes, HELLO, ABUSE OF A CHILD? MURDER? The story states that the officer "knew of" Henry. With the number of people in Raleigh - even just the area this officer patrols - and the number of officers that patrol the area, the fact that he was known on sight shows he's had many run-ins with the law before. This officer, bless him, may very well have known Henry was bad news. And stop posting about politics. Not only does this have nothing to do with politics, all the statements y'all are making are SO cookie-cutter! Hello stereotyping...

  • Pandoras Box Feb 28, 2007

    This has nothing to do with poltics - or did I miss something.

  • james004 Feb 28, 2007


    So Republicans don't lie? I've never heard a more ignorant statement.

    Anyone who's smart nowadays knows to stay away from both parties. Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld have certainly killed the Republican gains that were made after the Clinton fiasco 10 years ago. But with Bush, any leader who bases his decisions on his own personal faith is dangerous, especially since he's a right wing neo-Christian "holier than thou type". He acts like the the USA is a 100% Christian nation, and the fact is it's getting less like that everyday....and I say bring it on. Diversity brings success and strength.

    The Dems problem is that they're too lax socially, not forcing welfare people to find work when they're abusing the system, etc etc.