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Accuser in Duke Lacrosse Case Speaks With New Prosecutors

Posted February 26, 2007

— The new prosecutors in the Duke lacrosse case appear to be making progress in their assessment of the evidence.

Special prosecutors Jim Coman and Mary Winstead took over last month after Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong removed himself from the case. Sources told WRAL the accuser in the case has been interviewed by the new prosecutors in the case.

Nifong didn't question the accuser until nearly nine months after she accused three former lacrosse players of assaulting her.

A representative for state Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office told WRAL that Coman and Winstead are in the process of talking with people and reviewing evidence connected to the case.

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  • harris6j Mar 20, 2007

    The accuser's lies stops here... She is sure not helping herself by telling more lies. I do not even want to know what she said to the special prosecutors because everyone she talks to, she makes up another story. And it has nothing to do with trauma and memory does not get better with over time.

  • Bronze Feb 27, 2007

    SIXSIX... I am not sure how kidnapping applies to this case but anytime you do not let someone move freely Kidnapping may be charged. Makeing someone go into another room where they do not want to go, for example is kidnapping.

  • painexpress Feb 27, 2007

    Maybe Nifong waited nine months to talk to the accuser so he could interveiw her new baby too.

  • the_punisher2 Feb 27, 2007

    thats what i am talking about six, its about time someone tells the truth instead of turning this thing into some racial issue. Everyone is so quick to say they are guilty without knowing all of the facts. Hell by what has been given to the public i dont see how they could be guilty, her damn story changes every time she talks to a different person. This is her job and something went wrong and now she wants to act like she is a nun and get money out of it. Thats all this is for, $MONEY$, remember she is a exotic dancer aka.. striper aka prostetute

  • goheels Feb 27, 2007

    It doesn't matter who is handling the "case" now, as a liar is a liar is a liar! When her own friend did not believe her and she changes her story like most of us change clothes, it is amazing that any charges are still pending. Sixsix, I assume they are using the "kidnapping" charge as part of her story that she was restrained in the bathroom during the so-called assault! The kidnapping statute only requires restraint, or movement as a condition of that charge, and since her story is that she could not leave the bathroom of her own free will...that may be what they are looking at. In my thinking, if any part is a lie, then it most likely is all a lie! The reason her story has changed is because she can't make it fit the "evidence, or lack of evidence" in this event. Yes, the boys lacked good judgement by hiring them in the first place, but I firmly do not believe she was ever assaulted. I do believe they probably participated in a lot of name calling, but thats about it!!

  • Guilty by Association Feb 27, 2007


    The "escort" designation has been neatly swept under the proverbial rug, so as not to be a hinderance to the efforts of those who pull the strings within mainstream media, to further their leftist, racist, gender-and-hate-based, socio-political agenda.

    And yes, you are correct in your assessment regarding the "profession" of the accuser in this instance.

  • White Eagle Feb 27, 2007

    I wonder what story she'll give this time of what supposedly happened.

  • Lulli Feb 27, 2007

    I cannot understand, for the life of me, why it took Nifong nine months to question the accuser. How can you spend that length of time building a case and being all over the news media without having interviewed the accuser? If Nifong had been working in the private sector, he would have been fired for misconduct for not performing his job! Nifong must be a UNC graduate since he "has it in" for Duke. This seems to be a personal attack on Duke University! To be sure, Nifong had some inkling of the character of the accuser's character and her profession! How can you charge these young men without having done a preliminary investigation? It seems the cart was put before the horse in this situation! I guess Nifong needed all the publicity he could get for re-election . . . and at these young men's expense! This is a slap in the face for all North Carolinians and our "Justice System". These young men have been marked for life and I am sure it is traumatizing for these families.

  • sixsix210nc Feb 26, 2007

    Nifong deserves to be fired for this fiasco. Also, In case nobody was keeping track, how did this victim go from stripper to dancer and back, and where did the reference to being an escort go? How exactly do they plan on prosecuting these young men for kidnapping? In the stories about the incident, the reports said she showed up after the party started (presumably on her own) and lef with a friend who drove her to the nearest phone? How is this kidnapping? I get myself to work and back every day, that does not make my boss a kidnapper. And btw dancers are strippers. and escorts are hookers.