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Family of Boy Mauled by Dog Faces Foreclosure

Posted February 26, 2007

— Lawrence Martin, 8, hasn't a care in the world when he's with his trucks. He especially loves 18-wheelers, like the one that his daddy drives. He likes to line up a convoy across his mother’s sofa.

When he’s playing with his trucks, Lawrence forgets about the pink scar below his nose and about the money problems associated with it.

"He worries,” said Lawrence’s mother, Jamie Martin. “He asked us this morning, 'Mom, are we going to lose the house? Mom, am I going to have a birthday party?'”

With his trucks, Lawrence forgets about that horrible day when he was mauled by a dog at his babysitter's house. His babysitter said the dog was a stray that bounded into the house while she was outside.

Lawrence got 200 stitches, and he's still dealing with post-traumatic stress and anxiety. The Martins settled a $40,000 suit against the homeowners, but the money is going to him when he turns 18.

Terry and Jamie Martin said they still have $12,000 in medical bills to pay. Jamie gave up her job last year to stay home with Lawrence. Terry works full-time as a trucker, but has no health insurance. They are selling their possessions to gather money.

"Slowly losing everything I've had, one by one, piece by piece,” Terry Martin said.

Medical expenses have overwhelmed the family, and they face foreclosure on their house on March 13.

"It's like, do you pay the mortgage or do you pay the light bill?” Jamie Martin said.

Terry Martin says he was denied $2,500 from the settlement to pay his mortgage bills.

"I just feel like if I can even get back on my feet, I can get us back to where we used to be,” he said.

Donations can be sent to the Martin family at 141 Greencrest Drive, Linden, NC 28356.

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  • mema_27858 Mar 3, 2007

    me-in-raeford I know this family personally and they have "used" the Dept of Soc Services until they are probably ashamed to ask for help and they also have a bad reputation with the dept too. It just makes me mad that they are getting all this help when they could help themselves first. I feel for the little boy because they are teaching him "a way of life" I wish that WRAL would investigate more closely. Also if the daddy would give up his beer he could pay some of these bills they have!!!

  • chelios Feb 27, 2007

    WRAL needs check to see how the martins are living in six months so people are able to see where their money has truly gone to.

  • chelios Feb 27, 2007

    You Said it!!! They have abused the system! It disgust me that they are taking money from needy families who ARE greatful and doing the best they can to make ends meet. This family has recieved help in the past and is no longer able to recieve help from those who have helped previously because they know what the Martin's really do with the money. It is a shame!

  • mema_27858 Feb 27, 2007

    I know this family personally, I think that it is sad that they have the gal to ask the public for help!!! I think that with a settlement the doctor bills would have been paid up!! I also wonder if the public is paying for Terry's beer for the next year???? I think that it is sad that they are using the good hearted people of NC when the money's given could be used for someone who really needs it!! I really feel for the little boy, I think his parents are teaching him a bad lesson in life by what they are doing. I also thinl WRAL should check into the whole story before more unknowing goodwilled people spend their hard earned money on people that do not deserve it. This story has upset me to no end!!! Carol

  • north carolina Feb 27, 2007

    I just wanted everyone to know that I know this family and there is a reason why this money is set up in a trust fund for Lawrence.(Its so the family can not get there hands on it!!!) They have milked the welfare office and he even threw his on mother out of her house so he could live there then he lost that house. I'm a firm believer on what goes around comes around. My advise is take caution and don't believe every sob story you hear!!!

  • paddie Feb 27, 2007

    Well, I just saw the latest on the story. Looks like it worked! Mortage not only paid up to date but for the next year. Groceries bought etc. People are fools.

  • paddie Feb 27, 2007

    Maybe wral needs to look into this a little closer than just simply throwing a story out there to tug on the heartstrings of viewers. If indeed paying off the medical bills was part of the settlement it would seem to me that the parents may be guilty of trying to swindle the public.

  • chelios Feb 27, 2007

    I agree with you. I am familiar with this famly's story and situation. I am also awhere that the family has recieved some finacial assistance and feel that they are exploiting their son for others to help them with their mismanagement with money.

    Me-in-reaford, I was informed that the medical bills were taken care of as part of the settlement.

  • paddie Feb 27, 2007

    kaecee, I agree with you. It's pretty pathetic that they are willing to sacrifice their home and medical bills so that their young son can get plastic surgery for a very small scar in about 10 years time when he comes of age and collects this settlement. I feel bad for the child but have no sympathy for the parents.

  • kaecee Feb 27, 2007

    I am not trying to be mean when I say this, but please hear me out. Is this a way for them to ask the public for assistance? How would WRAL get ahold of this story to report on them losing their home? I am not being insensitive, but I realize that hand outs do not come easily and these people basically are sitting on $40,000.00 for their son. Again, I believe this family is asking for a public handout and using sympathy to get what they want.