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Chatham Man Charged in Mother's Slaying

Posted February 26, 2007

— A Siler City man has been charged in the weekend stabbing death of his mother, authorities said Monday.

Bobby Lee Person, 28, of 220 Fletcher Siler Road, is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond in the Chatham County Jail, authorities said.

Colene Person, 53, was found dead in her home by her husband Sunday morning, authorities said. She died from apparent stab wounds.

Bobby Lee Person took his mother’s vehicle to Asheboro, where he surrendered to the Asheboro Police Department Sunday afternoon. Chatham County Sheriff's Office detectives questioned him about the stabbing, which he said occurred during an argument, and charged him.

During a brief court appearance Monday, Person was assigned a court-appointed attorney. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 19.

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  • Fire_Desire Feb 28, 2007

    Good Evening to all.
    As I was sitting here reading all of the comments about this story, my heart sanked. Yes this is a very sad situtation, but We all know that God had the final say in this woman's life. Her son may have stabbed her but God took her. From this incident here we should all just sit back and examine our lives, the way we treat people, the way we go about our everyday life. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.. so I just ask that we as a society pull together, love one another, live happy, and joyous lives. Each and everyone of us will have to answer to God for something, and yes the Bible says "Thou shalt not kill, it also states that we are not to be judgemental, God will make the final judge on all of our lives. To the family I say, you may weep now for your loved one has gone home to glory, but you have also lost another loved one, he needs each and every one of you. You may not want to let others know what you are doing; but follow your heart...GOD WILL PROVIDE

  • fudder Feb 27, 2007

    for those family and friends...colene's funeral will be on thursday.anyone needing further info can email me.

  • smitty24 Feb 27, 2007

    wow! i have never taken the time to read the comments that people put on this site. i lost an aunt and may loose a cousin if the judge and jury push for the death penalty but i in no way wish hell on anybody. for the record, whether the "sin" be murder or lying or simply condeming others if you don't ask for forgiveness you are going to hell. forgiveness is what we all need to extend not condemning words. i realize that when you think of a child harming their mother that hits close to the heart because momma is the one who is there for you when all the others throw you away. if the family can forgive, surely spectators can take a lesson and do the same thing.

  • jr-3 Feb 27, 2007

    I am a family member, double cousin of Bobby we can be negative as a family but our shirts say a family that prays together stays together have we lost sight of that.The comments are unreal, I remeber Bobby sitting at my parents hanging out with TP I remember Colene always appearing to be happy I bring that to attention to say we ALL are on the outside looking in. Unless you are a drug addict yourself or have been its hard to say what and how he was feeling at the time. This is a lost for the family of Colene (Pete, Johnny, Robert jr and sr the Martin and Person family) but also a lost for Bobby. Who are we to say what should and shouldnt happen to him true thy shall not kill thy shall not judge and thats what Im seeing alot of. PLEASE pray for our family and lets stop getting together only during the lost of whats suppose to be our love ones.

  • Ms. Jodi Feb 27, 2007

    I just want it to be known that the last comment was not true! Bobby was on drugs! Not that that excuses what he did! There is no excuse. But that last comment made the individual talked like she knew he family so well she obviously didn't know the Person family as well as she thought! My heart breaks for them.

  • KJCB Feb 27, 2007

    I know the family of the Person's. This is a very tragic thing to happen. Mrs.Colene was one of the most warm hearted,do anything for anyone type of person.She especially didn't deserve this.She loved her family no matter what.I send out PRAYERS to everyone in the family.Especially her other 2 sons,especially her beloveded Grandchildren whom she loved with her heart and soul,and her husband.To those who want to write Bobby wasn't on DRUGS you don't need to comment cause you must not know him.Bobby deserves anything he gets.He sould suffer and go to Hell.What kind of person kills or even injurys their mother?I know people want to blame Drugs,but thats your mother he should've realized that."I hope he burns in hell for this sin!"PLEASE EVERYONE PRAY FOR THE FAMILY THEY'VE TRULY BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH! "REST IN PEACE COLENE" WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

  • NCMom Feb 27, 2007

    So sad, there is NO excuse for this. A family struggling to survive today and so many heartaches. My sympathy to Colene's family and friends. Her remaining children, her husband and her grandchildren. Knowing this young man a long time ago, and his brother, no one can replace this mother, wife, sister and friend. Our prayers go with you, nothing can replace or change what happened, but hopefully learn from this tragedy. This lady is a cousin to my granddaughter and it's so sad for a family to lose someone in this matter. Remember her with love and reach out in kindness to each other not violence.

  • woody Feb 26, 2007


  • fudder Feb 26, 2007

    all i see here back and forth arguing is ignorance.except for the few who have left their thoughts and prayers.what you fail to see is how and what drugs can do to a family.i am a close person to this family as is my daughter a cousin to bobby.this was once a young man with hopes and dreams.drugs CAN and WILL do this to someone.i have seen it first hand.the small town of siler city does not leave much for the kids that live there and work there much opportunity to get out of there.the family has been through a lot in the last few years,more than anyone can imagine.please pray for coleens husband her remaining two sons and a host of grandchildren.she was a hard working woman and loved her boys dearly,even when they have failed her.she will be forever missed. thank you.

  • crash Feb 26, 2007

    It's sad a women is dead, no longer to be with those that she loved. Now for the rest of his life he has to live with the fact he took the life of the women who bore him. No one deserves to die like this.