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Raleigh Officer Injured in Collision Near RBC Center

Posted February 25, 2007

— A Raleigh police officer is injured and another driver may face charges after an early-morning accident.

Officer Dana Farrell was returning to duty after an off-duty assignment at the RBC Center when her car was hit by a vehicle driven by Matthew Stephen Hux on at Edwards Mill Road and Duraleigh Road.
Police said Hux ran a red light and entered the intersection, colliding with Farrell. Investigators found that Hux was intoxicated while he was driving. He was charged with a red light violation and provisional DUI/DWI.

Both Farrell and Hux suffered facial cuts and were taken to Rex Hospital for treatment.

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  • ntfarrell001 Feb 28, 2007

    FOR THE RECORD, this officer was my wife. She works hard at keeping all the pepole in the city safe. The City of raleigh alows offices to work events at many arenas in the city. The reason they drive the police cars is because they represent the city. If for any reason someone was required to be sent to jail then only the police cars are equiped with safty glass etc. can you imagine carring someone in your peronal car never mind one that could be a small city car that wouldnot have the safty glass between them. In most cases offices work alone so driving someone to the station to be booked in anything that is not equiped to do so is asking for troubble. AS for the number of cars do your home work. In ANY such acccident there are numberous cars. Cars from the cheif of the watch for the night to the first on the sceen. Not forgetting the specilaists to examine the sceen to see whos at fault and the relevent speeds.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 26, 2007

    Drunk driving receives such a minor slap on the wrist. This is not a laughing matter. A person chose to drink, drive and injured someone. That is what is important here. That's all. If NC would treat drunk drivers the way they deserve to be treated, perhaps more people would choose to act responsibly. I wish this officer a speedy recovery and I wish this drunk driver a speedy trip to jail and then rehab!

  • NCSUSally Feb 26, 2007

    I wonder if the officer driving the car was a Democrat or Republican. That could solve the whole issue of fault right there!

  • mom2threecld Feb 26, 2007

    we all want those cops at events for safety, so why argue about that? our officers don't earn enough pay for their jobs. she was hit by a drunk driver, that would be the issue. hope the officer is ok. my own daughter was hit by a drunk driver.the rules are simple: if you drink don't drive and if you drive don't drink.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 26, 2007

    Lots of nonsense arguments over this topic. The important parts of this story in my opinion are that 1. An idiot drove drunk, 2. someone got hurt b/c of said idiot. 3. Fortunately the injuries were minor. I'm glad that the officer wasn't hurt worse. I hope the drunk sees time for the infraction. We need more harsh punishments for driving under the influence!

  • anonemoose Feb 26, 2007

    Even if there was six RPD cars on the scene, so what. Anytime a patrol car is in a wreck on a roadway, there will be at least one supervisor, and is there is injury, probably two. If the officers had just cleared their assignment at RBC, then not all of them were going to patrol assignments, some may have been going home. I doubt it took more than one or two patrol officers out of service for answering calls.

  • mitchellsoutdoors Feb 26, 2007

    For all of you educated folks who posted here...bravo! For the rest of you, get educated or find another topic you like...perhaps fly fishing! Police Officers drive their vehicles to off-duty work, but that is not the point. Six police cars at the scene...again, not the point! Nobody seriously injured or killed...now that is the point! Idiots! If you were injured in an accident and members of your FAMILY were close by...would they stop or simply drive one? Police are requested to work such events by those who host them. The request goes directly to the Police Dept. The Command Staff assigns the officers to work the detail if the officer wants the extra pay. In my jurisdiction there are certain events that you can not even obtain permits for unless you have 1 officer per 100 people! So yes, we drive the company car...get over it! One more point regarding the 6 units on the scene. I would bet good money that most of those were SHP...not Raleigh.

  • Bronze Feb 25, 2007

    The reason officers are allowed to drive their patrol cars to off duty work is because they are acting as a police officer. If someone started a fight or assaulted someone at the RBC center the officer could arrest and transport with out taking units off the street. In addition, if something happens in the town like an active shooter in the mall or someone walking down the street shooting at citizens, the officers could immediatly respond............... that's why they drive their cars.

  • flowers Feb 25, 2007

    punkinpiez71---- Well they can drive their cars to off duty things when their depart. is part of it. So she was not double dipping she was doing her job! Never jump to conlusion...

  • slappyh99 Feb 25, 2007

    Hey Snoopy, nice comments. Thanks