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Federal Agents Arrest 43 Illegal Aliens

Posted February 23, 2007

— Federal immigration officials said Friday they had arrested 43 illegal aliens, including 35 with criminal records, during a two-day sweep in Wake, Johnston and Harnett counties.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said that 13 of the people arrested Wednesday and Thursday had been charged previously with driving under the influence, four had convictions for taking indecent liberties with children and one person had convictions for kidnapping, robbery and driving under the influence.

ICE spokesman Richard Rocha said the two-day effort was part of Operation Safe Streets, which began in April 2006 in Charlotte. The Fugitive Operations Team from ICE's Raleigh office carried out the sweep, the first in the Triangle, the agency said.

"Operation Secure Streets is an ongoing ICE initiative primarily designed to safeguard the public by identifying, arresting, and placing into removal proceedings individuals who pose a threat to the community and who have no legal right to remain in the country," ICE said in its statement.

The people arrested are from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, and Honduras, ICE said.

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  • Americana Feb 26, 2007

    Mnnnnnnn,, Native is right, the real issue here is that we have enough problems with our own criminals. These persons were arrested because they committed crimes other than being here ilegally. However, it's time our government deals with the whole issue of illegal inmigration.

  • NATIVE Feb 24, 2007

    I've read the comments posted so far on this issue and would like to shed some light on the truth. 43 CRIMINAL illegal aliens were arrested. 35 of those actually had serious crimes and most had multiple crimes (not driving on suspended licenses). The crimes ranged from Robbery, Hit & Run w/Injuries, Assault on Female, Indecent Liberties on Child, etc...The eight remaining were, I believe, Federal fugitives who have been ordered deported by a Federal Judge and have absconded. Oh, I forgot to add, being in the United States without proper documentation is a Federal Crime (8USC1325). I would not want to have not one of them as a neighbor. I live in this community and have family here. There are enough US born criminals here already. Based on the actual statistics that the story failed to reveal, I applaud ICE for finally recognizing that a criminal illegal alien problem exists and allowing their Fugitive team to actually start protecting those legally within our country.

  • Americana Feb 24, 2007

    I didn't detect a hate filled tone actually what you say is true. Everyone here pay taxes. Everytime you go to the store and purchase something you are paying taxes. The social security system had a surplus of funds because the people that were using phony or stolen ss could not claim anything at the end of the year. Actually the legal residents benefited from this because ss was on the verge of bankrupcy if I remember correctly. The thing that i find offensive is that there are people out there making "mucho dinero" because our system decides to look the other way sometimes. It's hypocritical.
    I'm against illegal inmigration and everything else that is illegal . I feel badly for all those that come here looking for a better future. It's easy to condemn but some of us don't have an idea of the poverty in third world countries,but we have an obligation to our own, besides, there are thousands in other countries throughout the world waiting their turn to come here legally.

  • ncsufamily24 Feb 24, 2007

    Did you imply my post had a hate-filled tone to it? If so, I want an apology from you. My post was accurate.

    And as I stated before...if anyone is in the United States illegally....it's a crime. Anyone who does this is a criminal.
    It's the law, regardless of what YOU think.

  • Americana Feb 24, 2007

    As long as employers , the system and companies benefit from illegal inmigration this will continue. I know of car insurance companies here in NC that are providing insurance to illegals with foreign liscenses. I also know of factories or mills that hire them by the hundreds. No one questions the vlidity of their social security cards which are most times stolen identities. Then there is the w7 government tax form which they fill out allowing them the right to purchase properties here. Get the picture?? Someone is making lots of dinero here.
    It scares me to think who is filtering through our borders. When I say borders I mean all borders. It's not just the Rio Grande or the desert. We have thousands of miles of beaches and the Canadian border as well. I'm glad at least that there is an effort to get rid of the crime element. We have enough of that with our own.

  • acpardo Feb 24, 2007

    For the record, undocumented people DO pay taxes. They pay fed, state, Social Security and Medicare tax just like citizens, even though they'll never see any thing from SS or Medicare. Very few undocumented immigrants file for returns, so effectively they're paying more tax than the average citizen. Only the folks whose employers pay them cash under the table don't pay.

  • acpardo Feb 24, 2007

    Trying to give a measured response to the hate-filled tone of comments posted thus far. The article says that 43 people were arrested, 35 with records. Then it highlights the 13 that had serious convictions, but what of the other 22 "criminals"? I'm willing to bet that they probably got caught driving w/o a license or a similar offense (which, now that they can't even secure drivers licenses, is a pretty common problem). This article casts all undocumented immigrants as dangerous, wreckless people, which is simply not true. Keep in mind that similar biases were held at different times in American society regarding black, Irish, Italian and other immigrant communities. Those same immigrants ended up being the backbone of our country. These people are not here to pull one over on us. The majority are here because there are no jobs where they live and they need to support their aging parents and children. Wake up.

  • Mr Ripper Feb 24, 2007

    Interesting. Being in the US illegally IS a crime. Funny thing though, BOA wants to give them credit cards, some New Yorker wants them to have the right to vote. The NC Revenue Service will hound you for just a few dollars of unpaid taxes yet we have over 400,000 illegals living here in NC whom don't pay a dime. They do however utilize the services that we tax payers provide. Schools, hospitals, social services, roads, ect. If I went to the 7/11 and pocketed a snickers bar, I would go to jail. Sneak into the US and we reward you with jobs and healthcare. Funny thing.

  • georgewilson11 Feb 24, 2007

    Why the Censership of comments on this topic ?

  • Lizbeth H. Feb 24, 2007

    Well, it's about time.