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Accused Teen Captor to Be Tracked by GPS

Posted February 23, 2007

— A teen charged with holding a student and a teacher hostage at a Chapel Hill school last spring will be tracked by satellite as part of an agreement to be released on bond.

William Barrett Foster agreed Friday to wear an electronic bracelet linked to a Global Positioning System satellite and to remain in the Raleigh apartment complex where his parents live if he could be released from Dorothea Dix Hospital on a $40,000 bond.

"This is just another level of safety," said Capt. Charles Blackwood of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "The unique thing about the system is we monitor you wherever you are."

Foster has been undergoing psychiatric treatment at Dix for several months. He is due back in court next month.

Last month, he pleaded not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity to charges stemming from the April 24 incident at East Chapel Hill High School.

A teen entered a classroom after school and threatened to kill civics teacher Lisa Kukla and a student, Chelsea Slegal. The teen was armed with a shotgun, an air pistol and a hunting knife, police said.

Kukla was eventually able to talk the teen into firing the weapon out the window. The teen ran from the school and was later arrested.

Both Kukla and Slegal agreed to the terms of Foster's bond.

The GPS monitoring system is a pilot program in Orange County. When it is launched next month, it usually will keep an eye on domestic violence offenders, but District Attorney Jim Woodall said he felt Foster's case was unique.

"It's our goal to pick people we're sure will comply," Blackwood said.

Foster's parents are paying $200 a month for the device, and Woodall said that he believes the teen will abide by the rules with his parents' support. If Foster does leave the apartment complex or tries to get rid of the ankle bracelet, authorities will be notified immediately.

"There will be an immediate response and he will be put in custody and brought before a judge," Woodall said. "When I say immediately, I mean within minutes."

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  • dragonmum Feb 23, 2007

    Wow - another feeding frenzy of people who have forgotten their high school civics lessons - kid hasn't been tried or convicted; he has a right to make a plea - doesn't mean that a jury will agree. He's been shut up at Dix for months, and he gets a chance to be out on bond - that's BAIL people! - but he's basically on house arrest. Just because he's confessed doesn't deny him due process. And he didn't kill anyone - probably thanks to your friend, z16.... Jeeze people, lots of anger all around - why add to it?

  • z16 Feb 23, 2007

    My friend Chelsea is the one who actually did a lot of the talking and convinced this guy to not shoot them that day. I just wanted everyone to know that. She is a very brave person.

  • RAL-NATIVE Feb 23, 2007

    Here's my opinion. Make the kid's parents wear ankle bracelets as well. Maybe that will remind them that they should have a stronger impact on their kid's life. It might remind them to talk and listen to their son each day so maybe the warning signs can be caught at home. Make this kid be under adult supervision at all times. The adult with this kid should also wear an ankle bracelet.

  • jeneric43 Feb 23, 2007

    We understand this is not his punishment ccgrl!! But, since he admitted to what he is being accused of, he should be held in custody until hearing. I for one did read, so please do not insult my intelligence b/c you do not agree with my comment.

  • the pied piper Feb 23, 2007

    This is NOT justice! This is a slap on the wrist. I bet the victims are not too happy about it. I know I wouldn't be.

  • ccgrl Feb 23, 2007

    if ya'll would actually READ the story, you would understand that this is not the end...this is not his punishment. He's just being released on BOND. Most accused are released on bond while awaiting trial.

  • turtlepit77 Feb 23, 2007

    I think this was one of those instances where money was involved. This kid has not been taught a lesson. I'm sure he came from a family with money. If it was a poor kid, he'd be in prison charged as an adult. Just my opinion!

  • mrlaidback11 Feb 23, 2007

    We have a funny justice system.

  • StrickDaddy Feb 23, 2007

    Hang em' by Sundown??? How about a public firing squad. Post the video on youtube. In my book, there's no not guilty by reason of insanity. Every criminal needs to be held accountable for their actions regardless of state of mind. You let some idiot hold someone I love hostage, or shoot theem, or kill them, or rape them. State of mind makes no matter, they need to be punished to the extreme limits of the law. This is ridiculously stupid.

  • RedStatesManWatts Feb 23, 2007

    Any criminal at any age is automatically insane. This lame excuse used by liberal defense attorneys must be eliminated.
    "Hang'em by sundown" is exactly what needs to be done. I just love how people who have never been affected by crime always is so compassionate towards the guilty criminal. Pathetic!