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New York City Attorney Will Represent Quets

Posted February 22, 2007

— A high-profile New York City attorney is now representing a birth mother accused of fleeing to Canada with the twins she put up for adoption.

Kathleen Mullin tells WRAL that she has been retained to represent Allison Quets, who was indicted Wednesday on two counts of international parental kidnapping.

Authorities say Quets, 49, of Jacksonville, Fla., took the children during a scheduled visitation days before Christmas and fled to Canada. Prosecutors have said that Quets planned for months to take the children.

Quets' previous attorneys, Bruce Mason and Dennis Sullivan, both of Wilmington, have maintained that Quets changed her mind about the adoption after a difficult pregnancy and that she has been fighting to get her children back since they were born.

Mullin, who also serves as a legal analyst for network news shows such as CNN, Court TV and Fox News, told WRAL that her goal is to get Quets acquitted and help her retain custody of her children.

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  • cop on the beat Feb 23, 2007

    Heres the lawyers backround:::

    Because of her extensive trial and litigation experience, and her successes in high profile and difficult cases, criminal defense attorney Kathleen Mullin frequently appears as an expert legal analyst on various media outlets nationwide, such as CNN, Court TV and Fox News. She can be seen often providing commentary and analysis on national programs such as Court TV's Courtside with Banfield and Ford and Catherine Crier Live, as well as Fox News Live, Studio B with Shepard Smith, The Big Story with John Gibson, and she even goes toe to toe with Bill O'Reilly on The O'Reilly Factor. Kathleen can also been seen on CNN Headline News with Nancy Grace and CNN International News.

    Ms. Mullin has handled thousands of criminal cases. With fifteen years of experience as a public defender and trial attorney in Brooklyn and Manhattan, she investigates, defends, and knows how to win. With the assistance of a private investigator, Attorney Mullin thoroughly scru

  • cop on the beat Feb 23, 2007

    Well guys say what you want, but as you should all know by now, its not what she did but what they can prove she did. We all know she broke the law (as many have already stated) but the burden of proof and intent lie with the DA's office. Not a job I would want in this case....As for her attorney, this high powered NYC lawyer (Mullin) has worked on huge cases in the past (google her). She was just on Nancy Grace last night..Very well known in legal circles....If anyone can pull it off Mullin can, that is if Quets sticks with her.

  • myself Feb 23, 2007

    If she spent all her life savings on appealing the adoptions-as previous articles have stated-where is she getting the money for this expensive lawyer? Is the lawyer doing it pro-bono? I agree with others, whether she deserves the kids or not, she broke the law and a crime is a crime.

  • MarvinsWife12 Feb 23, 2007

    lawstudent, are you sexist? I ask because you assumed I'm a man and I'm not. Further whether or not the adoption was handled properly in the Florida courts does not excuse Quets from kidnapping them and not only crossing state lines, but crossing international borders. THAT is why she is in jail now and THAT is why she shouldn't have the kids that SHE gave up. I stand corrected on the appeal, so why didn't she wait for the appeal? I don't think she wanted to wait until March for her appeal, and now with the kidnapping charge she likely will be convicted on do you really think a judge is going to take the kids from the Needhams and give them to her? She blew her chance to have those kids more than once. It sucks that she is in the boat she is in and we can all feel sorry for her, but she built the boat.

  • redant Feb 23, 2007

    Rumors, lies and innuendos...........the courts will sort it out. And Quets will have her deep-pocketed lawyer there who will try to keep her out of jail.

  • Thomas Jefferson Feb 23, 2007

    Seems like this case is going to be a landmark case and will likely go to the Supreme Court. Interesting how many local people jump on the bandwagon. From a top level view it may appear that adoption law needs to be reformed.

  • Mom on Call Feb 22, 2007

    Tax man...very interesting info in this page. Still wating on law student to point me into the direction for the Needhams nomadic lifestyle....

  • Tax Man Feb 22, 2007

    Lawstudent & Mom on Call - here is the website for the adoption attorney - thought it might interest you. Also note that they are rated AV (the highest rating) by Martindale-Hubbell. Take a look: http://www.adoption-usa.com/Pages/Home/Home.htm

  • Mom on Call Feb 22, 2007

    taxman...this is certainly the place to get an education for sure.

  • Tax Man Feb 22, 2007

    Lawstudent - I am very interested in this project you are considering and look forward to your updates. My biggest gripe here is, having handled adoptions, I have seen the procedures and I believe there are safeguards in place. With Quets' financial ability I do not understand why she did not hire competent legal counsel to represent her interests. In the adoptions I have worked on all parties had their own attorneys and the children were required to have a guardian ad litem that could not be their parent(s) or the adoptive parent(s). I am not familiar with Florida adoption law, but of course I am getting an education here. Keep me posted!