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Man Shot in Police Standoff Dies

Posted February 21, 2007
Updated February 22, 2007

— A man who was shot during a standoff with Raleigh police Wednesday night died early Thursday, police said.

John Lee Mitchell, 51, shot himself inside a north Raleigh office, ending a four-hour standoff during which police closed part of Spring Forest Road and tried to negotiate for him to come out.

Police Maj. Ken Mathias said a gunshot was heard inside the ASAP Office Supply offices at 5621 Departure Drive about 9:30 p.m.

"After about 2½ hours, we stopped having any conversation, we heard a single gunshot, and the victim was transported to Wake Medical Center," Mathias said.

Police cars escorted the ambulance to the hospital.

The case has been ruled a suicide, and no further investigation of the incident is planned, police said.

Mitchell was associated with the business, police said, declining to elaborate.

Officers responded to a call at about 5:40 p.m. after a caller to 911 said a man had barricaded himself inside an office building.

Police said the police Selective Enforcement Unit entered the building after the shot was heard and determined no one else was there. Wake County EMS medics rushed Mitchell to WakeMed, police said.

Spring Forest Road at Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh was blocked to traffic until about 9:30 p.m.

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  • Lightfoot Feb 23, 2007

    .45, spoken like a true person that doesn't have a clue about Christianity or the bible. Yes, ignore the person that tells the truth, states the facts, and provides BIBLICAL reference. Don't want the house of cards falling down. I can even point to passages that say you should study so you can talk about it, but I'm sure you don't want to hear that! Please take a moment to read and see who first brings up praying and God in all these threads? See who first brings religion into every other thread. If people are going to invoke spooks and goblins and superstition, then it's fair game for comment. But I'm honest, up front, logical, and will engage everyone in civil, intelligent debate and discussion. Something that seems to be terribly lacking in all the "Christians" out here.

    Anti-religion? Perhaps, given all the pedophiles and such in religion. But out here, I'd say it's more accurate to label me anti-hypocrite, anti-superstitious, and anti-fraud.

  • .45 Feb 23, 2007

    I think all of this is pretty pointless. It has nothing to do with the story you are posting under. If we are going to go on rants about religion shouldn't it at least be in a story about something religion related.
    "Lightfoot" is best ignored. Nobody here is going to be able to help this person work out their complex anti-religion issues in a forum such as this.

  • SkySkySKY Feb 22, 2007

    This situation is a very sad one. This man was obviously in pain. Instead of people such as psychobabble and cupkrazy focusing on what I said, maybe they should focus and comment on the actual story. I think we should all keep in mind when commenting on other peoples comments, we know when the comment was posted and when the story was updated. I hope he is healed from whatever pain he was feeling to cause him to end his life. And I also hope that the 2 people who had nothing else better to say in their response to the issue and include me in it, find a more peaceful ground in their life's as well.

  • DOG Feb 22, 2007

    You people need to get of this religious kick and comment about the incident. I don't believe this is what WRAL intended it for. If your heart and prays go out to the victim's family and friends, phone them up and tell them. Don't write it for me to read. By the way, I DO BELIEVE IN GOD.

  • trqslve Feb 22, 2007

    I think some of you should stop thinking about yourself here and think about the family, friends, etc of this man. John Mitchell meant a lot to all of us, as friends and family. His family is very distraut. As you should know, we do read the comments you all leave here. I find some of these comments VERY disrespectful. No matter your beliefs or opinions, this is a life lost. Put yourself in his family and friend's postions before you make an unjustified comment. I'm sure if this was your husband or father that died, you would not be making some of these comments.
    To the rest of you, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it. We are all going through a very rough time right now and we are so thankful for all the support.

  • Lightfoot Feb 22, 2007

    spiritwarriorwoman, either you lack the faith of a mustard seed or you're a doubting Thomas. :)

    Never thought "Christians" would get so upset over what the bible really says. Just goes to prove how secular and out of touch today's churches are with God.

  • Lightfoot Feb 22, 2007

    ProudArmyWife, I can just feel that typical Christian love from you. You said Jesus was the last raised from the dead. I corrected you and gave you SCRIPTURE FROM THE BIBLE as substantiation. The bible is a great book to read, not just thump. If you don't care what the bible really says, I guess there's no civil discussion possible.

    Oh, Poseidon says he can barely hear you, so pray a little louder.

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 22, 2007

    Unbelievable some of the posts here. Praying for the man's loved ones, that's all we need to know and do. God bless. Rev. RB

  • ProudArmyWife Feb 22, 2007

    You still talking to me Lightfoot? Why don't you go spend time praying that you will one day be "raised from the dead & reincarnated". My prayers are with you...farewell!

  • Lightfoot Feb 22, 2007


    In case you are REALLY interested in the bible, it was Eutychus, Acts 20:7-12.