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Franklinton Ready for Bush Arrival

Posted February 21, 2007

— President George Bush is scheduled to visit the Novozymes plant in Franklin County Thursday to promote his energy policy. On Wednesday, the town of Franklinton prepared to roll out the red carpet for their special guest.

Officials said the town of 2,300 has prepared for an influx of people expected to arrive with Bush. Franklinton Mayor Jenny Edwards said special pre-spring cleaning was done to get ready. The town’s police chief, Ray Gillium, has been working with state and federal agencies to keep the visit safe.

“No stone is unturned,” said town manager Sharon Garner. “Just making sure that everybody's ready for his visit.”

Thursday’s event is Franklinton’s first presidential appearance. Bush is expected to tour Novoenzymes, which develops enzymes used to produce alternative fuels. The plant is a mile from downtown, and it’s possible that Bush won’t see the town. However, Edwards said that wouldn’t be an unexpected outcome.

“His schedule has been kept quite private,” Edwards said.

WRAL will have complete coverage of the President's visit to North Carolina on Thursday, starting with his arrival around 11 a.m. WRAL-TV will have live coverage on WRAL News at noon, and a recap of the events beginning at 5 p.m. WRAL.com will also have updates throughout the day and will feature a photo gallery of Bush's visit.

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  • ofg Feb 22, 2007

    i've seen a number of presidents in my life and never have i heard so much terrible things said about this president no, i don't approve of all he has done but respect him as my president.that is what is wrong now,everyone thinks they can do a better job. try running a nation with some of these leaders.the next president will be talked about the same way remember no one is perfect,we should pray for him and that things will get better for all. doodle bug

  • ofg Feb 22, 2007

    doodle bug

  • Mrfeelgood Feb 22, 2007


    W, Still the President!

  • cjo32 Feb 22, 2007

    Democrats cannot be trusted with national security issues.They vote for the war then undermine the troops for political reasons.They hate our military.

  • rainmaker Feb 22, 2007

    You people that think Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 have truly been brainwashed. Afghanistan was the right call and we need to be there. Unfortunately because of Bush's personal agenda in Iraq we can't put the resources in Afghanistan where they need to be, and because of that the Taliban and Al Qaeda are gaining strength and support there. As Colin Powell said about Iraq before he got out of Bush's failed policy antics, "We broke it now we have to fix it". The former regime in Iraq viewed Al Qaeda as a threat and did not allow them to operate in their Country. They are there now because Bush has opened the door for them and any other group to operate and kill our troops. We have to ask ourselves how many innocent people have been killed in Iraq the past 4 years and how many were killed the previous 4 years before the invasion, not to mention our honorable service men and women. Iraq WILL be ruled by the Iranian backed Shiite groups when their civil war is over. And that wi

  • MzFang Feb 22, 2007

    I think TJ's applauding....

    "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive."
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Thomas Jefferson Feb 22, 2007

    Seriously, Do you really think that the only groups opposing us in Iraq are Islamic Extremists? That's just not true. TJ probably is rolling over in his grave, but not because of me, I assure you.

  • mikeNC Feb 22, 2007

    We would be better off, had we done to Iraq what we did to Japan.

  • Lit Feb 22, 2007

    The only way to end the War in Iraq is to 1) Cut off funding and supplies to the terrorists, 2) Get the Iraqis to stop harboring terrorists in their homes, 3) Get the Iraqis to start taking a more active role in discouraging terrorism. The President's plan to send more troops to Iraq dosen't solve any those matters, which why come 2009 our guys will still be over there. It makes no sense.

  • mikeNC Feb 22, 2007

    SherlOck, we have air superiority, so why not use it to bomb some of these places. It's not hard to have superiority in the air when your enemy, in this case the iraqi insergency, doesn't have an air force.