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Shots Fired As Suspect, Officer Struggle for Gun

Posted February 21, 2007

— A suspect scuffled with a Goldsboro police officer during an arrest late Tuesday, leading to the suspect firing two shots from the officer's handgun, police said Wednesday.

Officer Chris Crawford had arrested Robert Edward Dukes, 30, of 1300 E. Ash St. in Goldsboro, on outstanding warrants for assault inflicting serious injury, kidnapping, common law robbery and assault by strangulation, police said. Crawford was processing Dukes at a magistrate's office shortly before midnight when Dukes assaulted him and they struggled over Crawford's gun, police said.

It was unclear whether Dukes was handcuffed at the time.

A group of citizens was in the lobby of the magistrate's office during the incident, but the judge rushed them outside and warned them of the struggle for the gun inside.

During the scuffle, Dukes fired two shots before Crawford and a Wayne County Sheriff’s Office detention officer were able to subdue him, police said. Nobody was wounded in the shooting, police said.

"The shots were fired from Officer Crawford's weapon. Whether it was outside of his holster or not, I can't say," said Sgt.Chad Calloway of the Goldsboro Police Department.

One bullet ricocheted off the door another went through a cork board. Both bullets ended up in a bathroom wall.

In her written statement to authorities, the magistrate said that she tried to help Crawford during the altercation but that he told her to stay back. "Get away. He's got a knife," she said Crawford yelled to her.

Both Dukes and Crawford were taken to Wayne Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries. Crawford has been released, but Dukes remained hospitalized Wednesday evening.

"There was a cut to the suspect by way of ... a knife that the officer carried on his person," Calloway said.

The State Bureau of Investigations is reviewing the incident, and charges are pending, police said.

Crawford remained on regular duty Wednesday, police said.

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  • Greyt22 Feb 22, 2007

    I knew this guy when he lived in Raleigh. I was surprised to see him still alive. Another case of drugs taking over someone's life. What a waste. He was headed in the right direction, and then drugs changed that. What a big waste.

  • kma1005 Feb 21, 2007

    yea dukes is definitely an altar boy, 2 assault on female charges and 1 assault on a child plus several more. Even though no one seems to notice I give mad props to my FELLOW detention officer for helping that police officer subdue Dukes, we detention officers get neglected when it comes to praise for doing stuff so I wanted to say good job brother keep up the hard work.

  • redwarrior Feb 21, 2007

    Yep, an outstanding citizen. Is this the same Robert Dukes who also served time in NC DOC for assault on a child charges? Hurts kids, attempts to kill cops... yea, he's an alter boy.

  • bubbles Feb 21, 2007

    There you go, you don't know everything. Making judgement. I hope people judge you totally opposite of who you really are. Ever thing that not all bad people are truly "bad"? They may just need some help. That's what is wrong with our society, so much negativity.

  • DOG Feb 21, 2007

    I hope the Little Bad Ass gets some actime time for this one.

  • bubbles Feb 21, 2007

    easier for everyone, you need to think about all the families that are involved. This man has parents that love and care for him very much. How would you feel if it was your child being talked about to this degree by complete strangers?

  • bubbles Feb 21, 2007

    First of all, you don't know the whole story. The assault charges were more like a disbute that got out of hand and the man was not trying to hurt anyone. I wish people would not be so quick to judge until they have everything. This is an isolated incident with this indivdual and he DOES not deserve to be critisized by people who have no idea who he is or what the whole situation is. There are deeper issues here, but the news is not at liberty to tell all. It is really no one's business excpet for the people involved. Both the GPD and Mr. Duke's are the victims here. You people are being judgemental based on what is being said. Were you there? Do you know what took place from seeing it first hand? Are you Mr Dukes' and do you know what was in his head at those very moments? No one is perfect that is put on this earth. We all make mistakes, there isn't enough time to punish or to publicize all of our "crimes" though small or big. I just wish that people would make life

  • redwarrior Feb 21, 2007

    Before any more of you criticize this officer more, ask yourself, would you have had the balls to make an arrest? To go toe to toe with someone trying kill you? To put on a uniform day after to day for what is mostly an unappreciated job? (evidenced by stupid comments) While I see some possible issues here myself, remember, you do not have the whole story. If reading an article makes you an expert, you rank up there with the Supreme Court Justices.

  • dhamma Feb 21, 2007

    Well, Now he is in a whole lot more trouble.

  • My2centsworth Feb 21, 2007

    Ya'll need to realize not all magistrates offices and jails are the same.

    In Wake County, you are in the jail by the time you see the magistrate. They also require the suspect be handcuffed behind the back at all times up until the jail personnel take custody from the officer. The officer is not permitted to wear a firearm into the jail. There is no sense in trying to get away because you are in a secure area.

    Things are different in Harnett County where you go to the Magistrate first. You are standing in a room totally accessable to the public with nothing between you and the magistrate but a 4 foot high desk, no glass, no window, nothing. The officer always has thier gun on their side and usually the suspect is taken out of cuffs when you walk in the door as long as they have been coopertive. This is up to the officer and how they feel the suspect will behave.