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Pittsboro Manager Charged With Resisting Arrest

Posted February 20, 2007
Updated February 21, 2007

— The Pittsboro town manager was charged Tuesday morning with resisting arrest after a confrontation during a traffic stop, authorities said.

Sam Misenheimer, 42, was pulled over by the state Highway Patrol at about 7:50 a.m. Tuesday after allegedly rolling through a stop sign on Thompson Street, authorities said.

Misenheimer was uncooperative with the trooper, and then it was learned he was driving with a revoked license, authorities said.

After his arrest, he was released on his own recognizance. His court date has been set for April 18.

Misenheimer denies the charges, saying he did not resist arrest and go through a stop sign.

Misenheimer was named Pittsboro town manager last May after having spent five months on the job in an interim role. He has also been the town manager of Thomasville and was the the executive director of operations for Concord. He said despite the legal trouble, he plans on remaining town manager.

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  • Blackbeard Feb 26, 2007

    >>>She isn't Rev RB. Do you remember the crash on Christmas day >>>that killed several members of a family caused by a speeding >>>driver losing control on Hwy 64??
    >>>Spiritwarrior woman is his one woman cheering section, and >>>she calls him a Reverend.

    Not true. Spiritwarriorwoman has a nickname, RB. She calls herself a reverend and signs every post, "God Bless, Rev. RB" -- it's her handle.

    She never referred to Billy Ray Bullock as a reverend; you assumed that and have been slandering her on the boards ever since. Go back and reread http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/1123629/?d_full_comments=1&d_last_seen_id=3612#first_comment and look at the posts. You misread her signature and assumed she was referring to Mr. Bullock (whose initials are BRB, not RB). If you don't believe me, check any other post by spiritwarriorwoman; she signs them all the same way and you have made her and yourself look foolish by spreading lies.

  • anonemoose Feb 21, 2007

    First, if he has enough points to revoke his license, what kind of example does he set? Do any of you have any idea at all how rare it is to have a license revoked due to points? The way courts give out reductions and dismissals, it would be very, very hard to get that many points, especially for somebody as connected as a TM. A better story would have been that the stalker took the TM's car, got stopped, gave the TM's name and DOB, then failed to show up for court. Then when the notification came in the mail (and thanks to changes, getting the notification isn't an excuse now), the stalker stole it so he wouldn't get it.. Hey, sounds like a totally believable story to me....

    Second, I WANNA SEE VIDEO!!!!! I already have popcorn.

    Third, I wanna meet this Trooper, 15 feet tall and 500 lbs, I didn't know they made Crown Vics that big.

    Last, but not least, Me thinks the TM needs a proofreader..:-))

  • DonT Feb 21, 2007

    The town manager probably left out the part of being belligerent, uncooperative and above the law attitude toward the trooper, and blames everything on his "stalker" Here is a clue; get a license and follow the law! I commend the trooper for doing his job and having to put up with people like this.

  • nursevb8 Feb 21, 2007

    Isn't it funny that the town managers comments do not allow for public comments. hmmmmmm Well Sam Misenheimer, welcome to the world of the common person. Now, you can empathize with others and realize that sometimes the truth has been told. And what about his license, did the DMV notify him, doubtfully. I want the ending story

  • yukonjohn3 Feb 21, 2007

    I hope they have this on film as well. If the town manager is telling the truth, the trooper should be in BAD TROUBLE!!

  • familyman Feb 21, 2007

    The response sounds more like that of a career politician!

  • Censor victim Feb 21, 2007

    If the trooper did what the town manager says he did, it is more than a mistake. Amyone that volatile doesn't need to be armed. But again, I reserve judgment and hope the officer acted properly.

  • WXYZ Feb 21, 2007

    I hope the man is lying and that the trooper was professional, calm and did not use excessive force. We all want to believe that our NC Troopers are the best, but they too are human and can make mistakes.

  • jdsmith104 Feb 21, 2007

    they should air the dash cam video, someone is not telling the truth

  • Censor victim Feb 21, 2007

    Read the Town managers response. It sounds like a case of cops gone wild. Not that it would be the first time that's happened. I hope there is dash board camera to see who what the truth is. I have no desire to see an officer in trouble if he did nothing wrong.