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Raleigh Woman Stabbed; Estranged Boyfriend Arrested

Posted February 20, 2007
Updated February 22, 2007

— A Raleigh woman was critically injured Tuesday by multiple stab wounds, and her estranged boyfriend was arrested in connection with the case.

Police said Erica Shariss Jennings, 37, was stabbed repeatedly inside her townhouse near Cove Bridge Road at about 7:30 a.m.. She then ran outside, going door-to-door looking for help.

A resident , who gave his name only as Chris, saw Jennings and a man near her apartment when he was leaving for work. Concerned for her, he put her in his car and took her to WakeMed, police said, staying in touch with 911 on the way.

Jennings was listed in critical condition Tuesday evening.

"He took the steps that he thought would get her the attention that he thought would get her medical attention in the quickest possible way," Raleigh police spokesman Jim Sughrue said. "It was obviously very important that she get to the hospital as soon as possible."

Michael Orlando Olliver, 47, of 115 Ramblewood Drive, Raleigh, was arrested in connection with the stabbing late Monday afternoon in Georgetown, S.C., and charged with attempted murder.

Olliver, the former head basketball coach at Southern Wayne High School, is being held in the Wake County Jail. He is being held on $500,000 bond.

According to court documents, Jennings on Friday applied for an emergency restraining order against Olliver, claiming he threatened her, stalked her, harassed her by phone and tried to break into her apartment.

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  • mindblaster Feb 26, 2007

    And do remember, God uses us all. Just because some of us don’t use religion as a platform, don’t think we don’t know God. You’d be surprised. But of course, that would be a judgement call wouldn’t it?

  • mindblaster Feb 26, 2007

    cont...And yes, I speak freely. I never wished harm on M&M, I just stated the reality…do the crime, do the time. Your 1st four words say a lot about how much in denial you are…”If he did it”. Let’s be real. He tried to kill someone. That is a crime. He is now a criminal. He’s been on probation in Texas for similar occurrences. He should not be allowed to do this again. Most Real…domestic violence and death from such are major problems which need focus and resolution. Thirdly Bizzy, I didn’t mean to offend you with the “churchgoers” description. You may be one, you may not. In any case, this is my definition of churchgoer”: Someone who attends church, goes through the motions, quotes scripture like they get paid to do it, points out everyone else’s sinful heart but is no more spiritually mature after being a member for several years than they were when they first joined. Some people are praisers and worshippers, the rest are churchgoers. Which one are you Bizzy,

  • mindblaster Feb 26, 2007

    Wow! You’re gonna need a ladder to get down from that soapbox. Who’s condemning who here? Firstly Bizzy, I was addressing Essence T’s comments which commanded “all [us] people” to get a life and stop “making judgement”. I stated that…and yes, I called him Mike the Murderer-we’ll just use M&M for short…M&M made a most serious judgement in deciding that someone’s life should be taken because they didn’t live happily ever after. But, no one seems to want to acknowledge his banging of the gavel while playing the decider of death. And Essence said she respects him 100%. Go head Essence, you sure are a rare jewel and I find your sparkling perfection blinding. Secondly Bizzy, this was never about me being a better person (by the way, that’s a judging statement), I’m just real. I spoke on what happened, how similar incidents happen and why they continue to happen. And yes, I speak freely. I never wished harm on M&M, I just stated the reality…do the crime, do the

  • Bizzy Feb 26, 2007

    If he did it, realize that he is being punished for it and that his judgement isn't in your hands but Gods. Just because you make some type of negative statment doesn't make your life better or YOU a better person. It really makes YOU look like fool when it all boils down to the point. I am not just a church goer, but I have church inside of me and with that I have learned to forgive no matter what or how hard it is. When I do that and everybody else do that with the Love that Chrsit showed, I promise that things will be better for all of us. I love all you who made comments and I ask God to forgive all of those that are judging because you may not know what you are really doing. Be blessed all and mindblaster I forgive you for your comment about being just a church goer. To correct you I am not just a church goer, but apart off the church and its inside of me.LOL BE BLESSED I LUV PEOPLE

  • mindblaster Feb 26, 2007

    cont...Wake up and realize that the friend you respect so much has truly f’d up. And when HE PUT HIMSELF in the news, the season opened and opinions are hard hitting ammunition.

  • mindblaster Feb 26, 2007

    Get a life????? We all have lives and wouldn’t even be on here if your friend Mike the Murderer hadn’t tried to TAKE the LIFE of someone who obviously realized his violent tendencies and didn’t want him to be involved in their life. Judgement??? How about judging someone to the point that you decide they shouldn’t live? This isn’t about judgement, it’s about calling a spade a spade. You can forgive a spade without forgetting that it “cuts”. Just like stonecold said, too much of this stuff goes on. If ya do the crime, you gotta do the time. Who are you people??? Probably some church goers who sang beside him in the choir or the parent of an ex ball player from Southern Wayne who’s still in shock about their friend’s hidden side. That’s pretty understandable. This man didn’t leave the fries out of your order. That would be a mistake. No….he tried to kill someone. You can’t bring a dead body back up to the register and ask for another soul. Wake up and realiz

  • Essence_T Feb 23, 2007

    i only have to say one thing to all you people..... you all need to get a life in leave Mike Olliver Sr. alone... you all dont know him so there for you cannot make judgment. i personally know Mike and his sons and they are good people. you would know that if you all knew him. i am not saying that i agree of what he did, but i respect him 100% and that will never change. and you all should be ashame of yourselve wishing harm on somebody,your no better than him.

  • GodsChild Feb 22, 2007

    It's at times like this where I am glad I know the Lord Jesus. It is really sickening to sit here and read all of these comments about how the accused should be treated. As Bizzy said, GOD FORGIVES ALL OF US when we ask him to. He makes the ultimate decision about what happens to people. None of us have any room to judge this man or any other person who makes a bad decision. Instead of criticizing, we should be praying and askign God what we can do to prevent things like this from happening. Erica, Michael, the familes and all those close to the situation are in my prayers. God can use any situation for good! BE BLESSED!!

  • stonecoldtruth Feb 22, 2007

    Bizzy, you speak truth, however; you certainly can forgive someone without forgetting who they are. And again, he is a P.U.N.K. From what I can tell, this area has a problem with forgetting who these guys are. Check out how many lives have been lost because the system, in all its flawed valor, has failed to take these time bombs off the street when they first exhibit violent proclivities. It's almost like the system "forgives" them and then forgets that they showed you who they were already..."We forgive you-here's an opportunity to go back and finish what you started". What???? Actually, it's easy for someone to stand on a religious soapbox when they're not the ones dealing with the anger and hurt. I bet plenty of families of both victims and perpetrators could give you a different spin and still stand in truth. So yes, forgiveness is relevent, but don't forget common sense. People are who they are, not who they oughta be.

  • Bizzy Feb 22, 2007

    I look at every bodies comments and realize people are not willing to show mercy any more. Christ shows it to us and we should also show it. I'm praying for him, her and both families. Micheal remember that God will forgive you as long as you ask him and no matter what he loves you. To the families and her forgive him,because Christ forgave us and pray. Love Peace and Joy