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BMW Dealer's Call Turns Up 'Forgotten' Gun

Posted February 19, 2007

— Durham police got a call Monday after a BMW dealer asked a customer to return a loaner car because someone reported they had left something under the front seat. It turned out to be a handgun.

The man had been given the car a few days earlier after he brought his own car in for service at Performance BMW. When the dealer called, the current driver naturally looked under the seat.

Police were investigating. There was no word on whether any charges would be filed.

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  • raysson Feb 20, 2007

    It paids to check a rented car throughly before you drive it off the dealership lot. Cause if you don't you could be in some serious trouble if a state trooper pulls you over the road and you're driving around a rental car that may have some drugs or other thing inside the car that you may not be aware of and know anything about.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Feb 20, 2007

    Why is this such a big story? Maybe this gun was registered and permitted. People always ASSume the worst.

  • pappybigtuna Feb 20, 2007

    Common Sence Law and NC Law are two different creatures. Then there is local, county, city, municipalities all addressing the tranporting of firearms. Concealment is considered the glovebox and under the seat. A loaded firearm on the passengers seat, yet another law. A loaded firearm within reach of the driver another law. Doesn't matter what county you reside in, a web site to visit is Wake Co. Sheriff Department and refer to the "transport of firearms". The Law will prevail over Common Sence.

  • Chplhill Feb 20, 2007

    Anytime you are in a car not your own, check it best you can. I bought a used Jaguar about 3 years ago that had been a theft recovery car. At the suggestion of cop friend of mine, I took it to the Chapel Hill Police and had them use the drug dog on it. Found a little "compartment" underneath the dash I did not anticipate, and was glad I had done it.

  • nursevb8 Feb 20, 2007

    What do you want, it's Durham, need a gun in some parts. As for BMW, who was supposed to clean the car? They need to be fired and the man who owns the gun needs to be fined.

  • Lightfoot Feb 20, 2007

    I don’t understand the non-story comments, especially in light of them taking the time to enter a comment. 

    But as others have pointed out, this is interesting from all kinds of angles. If the current driver had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he more than likely would have been arrested and hauled downtown while they sorted matters out. Then there’s the safety issue if kids had been in the vehicle.

    Oh, and the gun’s owner doesn’t necessarily need a CCW permit. He might have the gun in the open while traveling, and only places it under the seat when leaving the car. While the car was in his possession, they couldn’t prove any broken laws. But once he returned the car, it’s then a case of an unsecured firearm. Any NC laws related to that?

  • intelligentcitizen Feb 20, 2007


  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 20, 2007

    TH - "what a non story...geez" Then why'd you read it, and even worse, comment on it. Don't you have better things to do? This "non story" as you term it, may be important to folks who drive loaners or rental cars - to inspect them ourselves for firearms, drugs, etc., before taking off in them.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • momskatbird Feb 20, 2007

    The car dealer is suppose to inspect the car and clean it before releasing it to someone else.

  • kaecee Feb 20, 2007

    Could you imagine how surprised the driver of the BMW would have been if he had been stopped and the car was searched. How shocked the driver would have been if the police found this gun under the seat and the driver truthly had no idea it was there. Or the gun could have slid from under the seat into the back of the car. Kids could have found the gun or again a traffic stop could have been devastating for driver.