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Fayetteville Mom Arrested After Pointing Gun at Children

Posted February 19, 2007

— A Fayetteville mother faces felony charges in connection with allegations she pointed a gun at her children.

Police said Deyon Branch, 29, became angry Thursday morning when her three children, ages 12, 10 and 9 did not clean their room.

Branch pointed the gun at the heads of the 9- and 12-year-olds, authorities said.

She is charged with assault and felony child abuse.

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  • raysson Feb 20, 2007

    A single mom pulls out a gun on her own kids just because they didn't clean up their room. That wasn't just stupid for what she did,but incredibly pathetic. There was NO EXCUSE what so ever to what she did and it was unacceptable to begin with. Anyone that does that to their own kids as a way of punishment is not only out of control but out of control. Yes,the punishment to what she did to those kids will be the punishment that she will get for an unspeakable act. What was the common sense? Or did the mother have any?

  • nursevb8 Feb 20, 2007

    No where does it say she is a single mother, or that she is poor or lives in the hood. The picture shows she is black so does everyone assume she is single and poor and knows where she lives. She is just stupid and doesn't deserve to have children. She snapped, it happens, take those kids to safety.

  • jannisheart Feb 20, 2007

    It is the adults responsibility to raise the child ghetto or not. If you choose to have a baby then you have chosen to raise your child. However you decide to raise your child(ren) is your choice but in the end there will be consequences if you do it right/wrong. I live in what you call the "ghetto". I live in a low income area and yet it is not my children's fault if they are children and make poor choices. It takes practice practice practice for them to get it right. Maybe her avenue was to use force. Force that will cause mind altering affects for the rest of their lives. It's shameful and harmful to society to say it's okay or let's excuse the mother, blame the children. I wonder what would have happened if they would have done something more offensive to her like forgetting to flush the toilet. Is that grounds enough to kill them? Should she have pulled the trigger at that point? Where does it stop?

  • Love my boys Feb 20, 2007

    I lost my sympathy when this woman pulled a gun and held it to her children's heads. On public assistance or not, she had no right to do that. Plenty of people are on public assistance, living in public housing with children that do NOT threaten their children with guns.

  • gvmtcheese Feb 20, 2007

    LOL, Thanks kim, you have more than proven my point!

  • gvmtcheese Feb 20, 2007

    See, thats exactly what I am talking about. No one has a clue as to what goes on in those kinds of living situations, all you see is justice for the children. It is this same type of baby worshiping that has caused the downfall of this society. It is amazing to me that in one full breath you can blame the parent for using a different form of discipline (street discipline), then in the same breath when the kids run all over the parent and commit crimes, you want to A either blame the child or blame the parent. Let these parents do what they can and stop judging situations that you have no clue about. Go bow down to a baby or something. Geez, make up your minds already is it the kid or the parent?

  • jannisheart Feb 20, 2007

    gvmtcheese there is NO excuse, NONE for what she did to her children. I AM a single mom raising teenagers 17, 15, and an 11 year old. I've asked them 9999 times to clean their rooms and eventually they either do it or sleep in it as it is. However, no matter what the situation educated, poor, welfare, whatever that's an EXCUSE. I had my children young, I work two jobs, I get little to no child support, high school education, and STILL my children are safe, loving, and knows right from wrong. Don't blame the children. Yes, education plays a BIG part and environment. The mother doesn't look like she's lived a good life but there is no reason she could not have tried to pull herself out of it.

  • mslisac363 Feb 20, 2007

    When are people going to stop using the word "POOR" for being stupid? Money doesn't make you smart and if you think so, you've missed a lot of news about the rich.

  • 2 Feb 20, 2007

    wait... I am just "supposed" to feel sorry for this lady because she is poor and makes obviously terrible decisions. No, she needs to do something to change her life before she will ever get ANY sympothy from me or any other logical person.

  • Its Just What I Do Feb 20, 2007

    back to you again gvmtcheese- "no money, no education, only a gun and 3 children"- no money for food but money apparently for a gun? where are your priorities? don't talk to us about sympathy! you get none of that either. now- i understand the screen name. mind you, it did not take that long to figure it out.