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Michelle Young Remembered on Birthday

Posted February 18, 2007

— Friends and family gathered this weekend to celebrate what would have been Michelle Young's 30th birthday.

Young’s mother, Linda Fisher, led the service from a church in Sayville, New York, where Young originally came from.

Young was pregnant and found beaten to death in her home in November. Her toddler was in the house, and was not hurt.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case.

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  • headlong Feb 19, 2007

    I believe it has been said in News and by Police that the little girl is with her father at his sister and her husband's home.

    Sadly why not divorce and this happens is for insurance money they gain. Money the root of all evil. I agree divorce is much better way out.

  • 2MuchPork4Just1Fork Feb 19, 2007

    How sad. I look at the murder of Michelle Young and to me it looks a lot like the murders of Laci Peterson and that poor woman in Wendell, Nneka Wilson, both of whom were murdered by their husbands. (In the case of Nneka Wilson, her husband hasn't been found guilty, yet.) I don't understand why murder, and not DIVORCE, is the way some people choose to remedy an unhappy marriage. What about Ann Miller? She murdered Eric Miller when she could have easily and peacefully divorced him instead. This makes no sense to me.

  • sapphire5660 Feb 19, 2007

    Such a tragic ending to several young lives - and the fall-out from it is astronomical. All this.....young man.....for a cheap, tawdry relationship with a blonde bimbo??? That's pretty messed up. The devil really did a number on this guy! But he does that to a lot of people, especially those not focused on Above!

  • SweetPea1983 Feb 19, 2007

    May God Bless you and your family sweetheart! I hope that one day your little girl will know what a wonderful mother she had!

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 19, 2007

    Praying for the wee one. God only knows what she endured while in the presence of the carnage that had been her beloved mother.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • packandcanesfan Feb 19, 2007

    What a tragedy that someone so young, beautiful and vibrant is gone on her 30th birthday. What a sad day for those that love her.

  • mayor Feb 19, 2007

    I,too, would like to know where Michelle Young's daughter is and also, what about the "friend in Florida" who was having a "relationship" with her husband?

  • tiggerjaw Feb 19, 2007

    Happy Birthday Michelle!!!

  • Fence Straddler Feb 19, 2007

    Happy Birthday Michelle Young.
    May you "Rest-In-Peace".

  • mollytocute Feb 19, 2007

    bless the little girl most of all, her mom is gone but never
    forgotten. bless those who loved her.
    hope they will fine the one that did this to her