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More Sex Charges Filed Against Ex-Assistant Principal

Posted February 16, 2007

— A former Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School assistant principal faces 46 sex-related charges involving minors, and police said Friday that an ongoing investigation could lead to more charges.

Larry Ray Jewell, 57, 104 Queensbury Drive in Dunn, was charged Thursday with 24 counts of sex offense in a parental role. He was arrested at the school, shortly after he resigned as one of four assistant principals at Southeast Raleigh High.

During a three-minute court appearance in Harnett County Friday morning, police also filed against him five counts of first-degree sexual offense, 15 counts of taking indecent liberties with a child and two counts of disseminating obscenity.

The charges involve a boy between the ages of 10 and 20, and incidents as far back as 10 years, said Sgt. David Whittenton of the Dunn Police Department. Police are talking to two other boys who also might have been victimized, and more charges are possible, he said.

Police began investigating the case three weeks ago. The initial charges involved a boy for whom Jewell was "a substitute parent," Whittenton said, declining to elaborate.

The offenses allegedly occurred in Jewell's Dunn home and at the home of one of the boys and didn't involve any Southeast Raleigh High students, authorities said.

"It's just hard to imagine somebody would do something like this -- I mean constantly -- over a 10-year period," Whittenton said.

Jewell, who is being held at the Harnett County Detention Center on a $3.25 million bond, had worked for the Wake County school system since 1999 and had been at Southeast Raleigh High for the past two years. He previously worked at Carroll Middle School, officials said.

Before working in Wake County schools, Jewell spent 21 years at North Carolina State University as a professor in the Department of Agriculture.

In 1983, Jewell was charged with solicitation of a crime against nature, but he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

The Wake County school system did a background check before hiring Jewell and found nothing, spokesman Michael Evans said.

"It didn't show up, or information was falsified either in the application or in the interview process," Evans said.

The district relies on employees to report any run-ins with the law, he said, adding that nobody in Wake County has come forward with complaints against Jewell.

"If it's anything beyond a normal traffic ticket, the failure to disclose is cause for immediate termination," he said.

Timothy Rice, the pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Dunn, which Jewell attended, said Jewell has never been involved in any ministry or leadership role. "Our hearts go out to the families affected," Rice said in a statement.

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  • patriot4liberty Feb 20, 2007

    Hey, "adults," please keep this clean, for the kids. The children who are reading this are in shock and upset.

    Students: please talk to your parents, please let them know how you feel, whether it's angry, scared, sad, confused or just generally upset. Please let the court system deal with the case; it's probably true that he was the coolest of the administrators; it's probably true that he gave no indication of any wrongdoing while he was at school.

    That doesn't mean he was incapable of having another side at home or under other circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes grownups have very serious illnesses, of the heart, mind, & soul, that lead them to do things that hurt kids.

    Pedophilia is an illness. It is usually passed down through a family history of abuse - the perpetrator usually has been a victim at sometime in his or her life, too. This is of course no excuse, but it is part of the explanation.

    Again, I urge you to speak with your counselors or your parents abou

  • softcurls Feb 18, 2007

    *Hugs* {{{{{{{{{UNCWGRAD}}}}}}} My prayers are with you guys!!!!

  • softcurls Feb 18, 2007

    This news piece may make some people think that Dr. Jewell step-sons were victims of the crimes that he is being charged with. Thankfully, this is not the case. Probably because it was reported that the crimes may have occurred in 3 different places, may be the reason for this misunderstanding.

    I hope that people that have heard about these horrible charges don't place blame on his wife and step-sons. They, too have been his victims. Lets pray that they can have the strength they will need to go through this legal process. Lets also keep in our prayers the victim that came forward and applaud his courage.

    To the media -- there is no reason to further victimize the family by showing their faces on TV. They didn't start this mess -- Dr. Jewell did. Please don't make things harder for them. No need to stake out their home - Dr. Jewell is in jail. Go there instead!

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Feb 18, 2007

    One more way that WCPSS has let parents and students down. We need more frequent background checks of people who come in contact with students during their day in WCPSS schools.

  • Scarecrow Cow Feb 18, 2007

    It's so easy to advocate locking someone up and throwing away the key when they're a stranger, but it's much more complicated when it was someone you knew personally end genuinely cared about. I will be truly sad if he is sentenced to life in prison, although I don't deny that he would deserve it if these accusations are correct.

    I am praying for him. May God have mercy.

  • cmpater Feb 18, 2007

    whats up with this, this is the second time from srhs, last year and now this...... I don't know what to say

  • mom2threecld Feb 17, 2007

    even prisoners have "low life" and child molesters would be it. he'll get what he gave in there. he's a sicko. sex with animals and children. castrate him

  • Sherlockholmes Feb 17, 2007

    I Dont Follow. Are You Accusing Me Of Attempting To Insult You?
    Quite The Contrary, All I Am Saying Is What I Said.
    Aside From Human Emotions There Are The Facts. See, We Dont Necessarily Have All The Facts. But When It Goes To Judge And Jury They Have The Obligation To Determine If This Man Is Guilty, Not The General Public. The Jury Will Be Required To Remove Human Emotion And Evaluate The Case To Determine If Any "LAWS" Have Been "Violated Relative" To The "FACTS" That They Are Presented With. As I Said In My Earlier Post : Unfortuatly For This Man Being "COOL" Will Not Be An Adequate Defense. To You All He's "COOL LARRY" To The People Of This Forum He's "Alleged Child Molester 46". None Of The Information Presented Here Will Ever Be Used In Any Court, It Is Just Conversation Based On This Story Reported By WRAL.
    You Don't Need To Be A Smart @$$ To Get Your Point Across.

  • smart Feb 17, 2007

    What is really sad is that few of you seem to think about the children who are reading this forum because they are scared/confused/concerned about a man they trusted. You are merely venting... and causing more fear...

    There is no justice here. You all want a man hung, and you don't even know if he committed the crimes. I hope none of you serve on the jury- you've already convicted him.

    Rush2112, I commend you for standing up for yourself among the adults who act like children.

  • RUSH2112b Feb 17, 2007

    Great job sherlock, you have succeeded in doing to me what you say I am wrong about doing to others. I beleive that the people here posting thing such as "sicksicksicksicksick" or "what a disgusting perv he should be hung immediately I hope he dies a horrible death". And I did in fact present my opinion. I beleive that the people here have no right to write him off as a sicko who should be killed. I beleive that the court system will handle this issue properly.

    Yes, I beleive we all have the right to converse about this issue freely, but to make stupid statements like the ones I pointed out is merely spam and ignorance.

    In addition, I am not so much defending him, as much as defending his right to an investigation without generalizations being made based on a news article that is not very insightfull.