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Woman Found Slain Near Falls Lake

Posted February 16, 2007

— A Granville County woman was found shot to death late Thursday near Falls Lake, authorities said.

Mark Upchurch found his wife, Estelle, in a truck parked near a Falls Lake dock near the intersection of Old Weaver Trail and Beaver Dam Road, Wake County authorities said. She had been shot twice in the abdomen, and a gun was in the truck, authorities said.

Authorities are investigating the shooting as a suspicious death, although they haven't ruled out suicide.

But Estelle Upchurch's daughter and friend said they don't believe she killed herself.

"I don't think it was a suicide because I don't see anybody shooting themselves twice in the stomach with a .38," neighbor Jay Perdue said.

"I don't know what happened. I just know this is not like my mother to do something like this," Diane Ray said. "This is not something she would do."

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  • pipes Mar 12, 2007

    LET ME TELL EVERYONE......Estelle was a loving person. She gave from the heart. She will be very dearly missed, especially by her husband. Even though, she loved everyone and gave it her all, she battled with depression. No one will ever know how much I loved her. They can only guess with their stupid comments. I knew her and I loved her. I don't know why this had to happen, but she knows she was my life, and now I must go on. So condem me, if you will. But, have a clear heart and conscience when you do this. -Her husband.

  • jasmine1568 Feb 26, 2007

    where they are moving also what about the comment he made to April's husband about knowing how to make a person suffer and get away with it. Not only has Mark been up for indecent exposer to a minor but he has also been in and out of jail for rape and murder before this so maybe he does know how to get out of it hes gotten out of everything all his life. And if April was at Estelle's for Valentine then thats pretty crappy of Mark and April to do this to Estelle. And I believe if Estelle was going to kill herself she would of killed Mark and April first then herself. This is my opionion only That Mark and April did this together. Or they wouldnt be in such a hurry to sell everything and get the hell out of Dodge as the saying goes

  • jasmine1568 Feb 26, 2007

    I believe libt is either Mark or April(granddaughter) and if Estelle did take a bunch of pills on Tuesday before she died. None of the stories I have heard concerning Estelles death makes sense and the place that she was found at sure as hell wouldnt of been a place she would of choosen to end her life. Plus if she had tooken pills the previous tuesday she would of been admitted to a phyic ward for at least 90 days not treated and turned out they would of kept her for evaluation and have her talk to a doctor. Now lets say it is true and she had tooken the pills the Tuesday before Estelle had enough pills that she could of took any number of them and ended it all. Plus she would of made arrangements for her dog Boy cause she sure as hell didnt want Mark to have him, and her daughter Diane who was buying a trailer from her so that Mark couldnt take it away from her. Also why is Mark selling everything and wanting to move out of the state with April and doesnt want his family or no one to

  • libt Feb 20, 2007

    if the husband is guilty, let's hope they can prove this. and the family can go on.

  • KnowAll2007 Feb 20, 2007

    hidenbtrfly, honestly what do YOU think the problem was? If you had been in Estelle's shoes what would you think? Having to deal with this kind of situation would't be a problem? What is wrong with you? You would have to BE Estelle's Granddaughter or " Husband " to say what you said. That's crazy!! And for your 411 if Estelle would have wanted to really kill herself the other week she would have. Now, I can possibly see Estelle pulling that trigger the 1 st time, but I absolutly can not believe she shot herself that second time and that by some chance not only her husband but her Granddaughter, his girlfriend found her. That's just not happening, but that is my opinion!!!!! Wake County will find out what happened and they will handle everything however they see fit.

  • KnowAll2007 Feb 19, 2007

    Wow this guy mark must have always liked little girls... just went to nc dept. of corrections and looked him up in publc records... says he was convicted of indicient liberties with a child in 1987... wouldnt that make him not only sick but a sex offender that everyone should be aware of????

  • KnowAll2007 Feb 19, 2007

    Continued from my previous comment..
    Then your wife goes missing the very next day and is found shot to death that night and you and your girlfiend find her on your way home..... hmmm. a little shady sounding to me. an d on top of it all has his girlfriend staying with him in his home because "he doesnt want to be alone." No way did she do this to herself... even if she was to have done it.. the events leading up to this tradgedy Mark may as well have pulled the trigger.
    People i truly hope that justice is served and this sick pervert is finally put where he belongs.. Not just for this murder that also the one that he was previously accused of as well!

  • KnowAll2007 Feb 19, 2007

    Hidenbutrfly.. are you out of your freakin mind!! what do you mean could we all not see this coming?? why dont you put yourself in Estelles shoes.. How the hell would you feel if YOUR OWN HUSBAND AND YOUR OWN GRANDDAUGHTER were to tell you that they were in love?? So i have to beleive that maybe you making that kinda comment either you have no idea about the situation that your commenting on or maybe your actually a little bit more involved with her husband mark than your letting us know..... Now own to my opinion about this whole situation.. Estelle was a dear friend of my family, she was not in that good of health so hearing that she was shot twice in the stomach with a 38 caliber pistol just doesnt make any sense. a person in good health can barely cock the gun and for a woman in not that great of health to do it twice....??? I beleive mark is 100% behind this whole thing... i mean who has their girlfriend spending Valentines night with you and your wife in your home.

  • libt Feb 19, 2007

    i dont think that marks affair with his step granddaughter is the problem. everyone new this.
    pain can make you blind.she had just got out of hospital. for over dose of pills.did you all not see it coming.

  • Reverend Feb 19, 2007

    I don't believe that Estelle commited suicide. First there is no way a person could shoot their self in the stomach with a .38 caliper pistol with the kick that the gun would have. She would not be able to pick back up the pistol and shoot herself again. Secondly the pistol would not end up in her lap. I believe deep down in my heart that her husband Mark is the one that murdered her. He's been accusted of murder before. They were scheduled to go file for divorce. I believe Mark realized what all he would lose. He had left her to move in with her grandaughter. To me it just isn't by chance that he knew right where to go where she was and have her grandaughter with him. I believe that he shot her the first time and the grandaughter the second time so that they couldn't testify against each other. And to end it all Mark and the grandaughter went to Estelle's home to spend the night. Let's don't end this case as a suicide.