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65-Year-Old Facing Indecent Liberty Charges; More Could Follow

Posted February 15, 2007
Updated May 16, 2007

— The Wake County District Attorney's Office said Thursday it is likely that more charges could be filed against a 65-year-old man charged with inappropriately touching two young girls.

"We've identified at least three other victims that I believe may have been involved with some inappropriate touching here in Wake County," Assistant District Attorney Melanie Shekita said.

Donald Cameron, of 5405 Shadowbrook Drive, was arrested Oct. 6 on two counts of indecent liberties for the alleged actions against an 8- and 9-year-old, which occurred in March and April of the same year.

He rejected a plea deal from prosecutors on Thursday.

Authorities have identified six more potential victims and some of the potential charges date back more than 30 years.

"There are some additional victims from when he lived in California who have contacted us," Shekita said.

Parents of the victims did not suspect Cameron was anything but a friendly neighbor until one of the neighborhood children witnessed the touching and urged the girls to tell their parents.

Cameron has no criminal record, but Shekita said he was investigated on a similar accusation 10 years ago when he was volunteering at a local school. No criminal charges were ever filed.

"I think it's very important for other parents to know (that) even though they check the sex offender registry and there's nobody in their neighborhood, that's not a free ticket," the parent of one of the children said.

Parents said Cameron was friendly, gracious and delighted to have their children play in his yard. They said that when the children starting going there to play, they contacted him to make sure the children were not an imposition. They said he was happy to have them play there.

"We're really trying to emphasize that she hasn't done anything wrong, that we're doing the right thing here," the child's parent said. "It's very important for us to do this so that other kids don't become victims down the road


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  • crazypeeps Mar 9, 2007

    Do you work at a school for kids with special needs that can't pick up on the obvious? She should win an Oscar for her acting.

  • WassupBaby Feb 28, 2007

    All I know is that none of the students feel threatened by Mrs. Cameron and that they ALL want her back.

  • crazypeeps Feb 26, 2007

    Know that Mrs. Cameron KNEW this was going on...She is a sicko just like him. She aided him and hide the truth from others to protect him. She should pay just as he should. Hide behind church Mrs. Cameron but god sees the truth!

  • Kate42 Feb 22, 2007

    The other cases are not crazy neighbors. Look closer to home than a neighbor. Really. Think about it. And I think the other person was saying "if" Mrs. Cameron knew then she is responsible in some way. Not that she knew for sure. That's just my take. No one knows for sure, but the facts will come out eventually and then everyone can decide for themselves.

  • casthefirstone Feb 22, 2007

    and when i say crazy neighbor i am not putting words in mrs camerons mouth and they are not meant to offend anyone. but if your husband was charged with this by anyone who you werent related to woudlnt you take his side over that person...
    that is what i meant by crazy neighbor... it was no offense to redwhine.

  • casthefirstone Feb 22, 2007

    Think about this... in california things were brought up but obviously overlooked by everyone. here, when this case started, mrs cameron thought that the whole thing was going to blow over and the case would be dismissed because the original charges were trivial and (in her mind, of teh crazy neighbors). she didnt beleive that her husband was up to anything untill more than the original charges(the trivial ones) were pressed. SHE IS JUST NOW REALIZING WHAT IS GOING ON!
    i want you to remember that this is a thought process and i dont know if this is what happened for sure but isnt it likely to have happened like this??? innocent untill proven guilty is a function in court and in life so as far as im concerned, it may have been ignorant for mrs cameron to not know about this. BUT SHE DID NOT INTENTIONALLY LET HIM VOLUNTEER AFTER KNOWING WHAT HER HUSBAND WAS UP TO!
    She woudlnt do that and that is why when you dont know everything you shouldnt judge charachter...

  • Kate42 Feb 22, 2007

    I appreciate the comments. But I do live in the neighborhood, I do have a child involved in some way, and I was in court. That's the end of my comments about my credibility. Believe what you want. I think that your admiration for Mrs. Cameron is wonderful. My intent was not to attack her, and I'm sure she is a great teacher. I'm glad that you care about her so much. I know she must need that right now. My point though was IF she knew for years, and did nothing (and evidence strongly supports that)how would that make you feel? Does that make her less of a teacher? No. But does it make her wrong and partly, morally responsible? Absolutely. I think perhaps you need to be a parent to understand. Your Christian values are commendable and I have been in a position to forgive the unforgiveable, and have. But at this point, Mr. Cameron is not doing anything to show remorse or to come forward and keep these poor kids and other victims from having to testify. That's all. God Bless.

  • Boogie Down Feb 21, 2007

    If it is the case that Cameron's wife knew about what her old man was up to and did not report it to the authorities, well, then you can look for sweet Mrss to be charged as well.

  • allyt1991 Feb 21, 2007

    the message i am about to post is not intended to undermine your level of credibility personally or otherwise in linkage to this particular case, but what disturbs me is that Mrs. Cameron, Mr. Cameron's wife, has been dragged into the discussion. I am a student currently attending NRCA, and a sophmore in Mrs. Cameron's Algebra II class. To think that someone would make such a comment as to discredit and question her authority and capability to be in command of a student body is very difficult for me to wrap my head around. She is one of the most honest, sincere, and caring women you will ever meet. I am not informed enough in the technicalities and details of this particular case to make comments on the questionable conduct of Mr. Cameron. All I wanted to say was that making comments about his wife based on his conduct is taking it a little bit too far.

  • JOE Wilsoft Market Feb 21, 2007

    Casthe that is a VERY good and important point.. thank you for bringing that to the front of our minds