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Nash Co. Manhunt Ends With 3 Arrests

Posted February 15, 2007
Updated February 16, 2007

— Two men are behind bars and the sister of one is charged with disorderly conduct after a three-hour police manhunt in Nash County Thursday.

The chain of events leading to the arrests began at about 8:30 a.m. when sheriff's deputies responded to a possible breaking-and-entering call at 7430 Dutchess St. in Bailey.

Upon arrival, the deputies saw two men, identified as Alonza Hunter and his cousin, Tildren Hunter, run into a wooded area. Deputies pursued the two men and arrested Tildren Hunter after a brief foot chase.

Alonza Hunter escaped but was captured at about 1 p.m. after authorities searching a wooded area heard his cellular phone ring. Hunter was found buried beneath some brush.

WRAL reporter Mike Charbonneau, who was recording Hunter's arrest, inadvertently became part of the incident when Alonza Hunter's sister, Pamela Mann, became upset and tried to push his video camera away.

She was arrested shortly thereafter and charged with disorderly conduct.

Investigators later determined that Alonza Hunter and Tildren Hunter were not trying to break into the residence. They did learn, however, that the two were wanted for a home invasion in Zebulon last month.

In that incident, authorities said the cousins broke into a residence and robbed and assaulted two elderly men.

In addition to a list of charges related to January's home invasion, both men now face charges of resisting arrest and obstruction charges. Tilden was also charged with assaulting a deputy.

Both men were in the custody of Zebulon police Thursday night.

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  • Its me again Feb 17, 2007

    rjgreen-- thats what jesse will say

  • yruatwit Feb 16, 2007

    I'm sure Alonzo and his precious cousin Tilden are fine church going, educated, well-spoken, morally and ethically sound upstanding citizens contributing to the betterment of their community, and are excellent role models for the youth of today.

  • BRUCEY BABY Feb 16, 2007


  • nursevb8 Feb 16, 2007

    If they weren' trying to break in, exactly what were they doing there? And why did they run? It's funny the his cell phone gave him away. Maybe it was his brother calling from jail--LOL

  • islandgirl Feb 16, 2007

    LOL !!!!

  • lovecarolinagutters Feb 16, 2007

    Got caught by the cell phone. That's too funny. Wonder if he stole the phone in the home invasion.

  • Crumps Br0ther Feb 16, 2007

    I love how the families of the perp's act. The guy gets caught red handed, or is on vidoe tape or what have you, and the family is always "That's not my baby, he's a good boy, he did'nt do it, yah he has stolen stuff in his room and there he his on video stealing it, but he did'nt do it!"

  • Its me again Feb 16, 2007

    Hey, citizen those guys don'y deserve to stand next to our brave men and women in Irac

  • ncfishfinder Feb 16, 2007

    saw the sister on TV last night, thanks for the laugh

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Feb 16, 2007

    Can someone give me the definition of a "hood"?