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Raleigh Officer Injured After Accident

Posted February 15, 2007

A Raleigh police officer was injured early Thursday when his cruiser ran off the road.

Investigators said Officer Michael Martin swerved to avoid a deer on Leesville Road, lost control of his police vehicle and crashed into some trees near Pike Road.

The accident report said Martin had his emergency lights on and was apparently responding to a call at about 2 a.m.

He was taken to WakeMed, where he was listed in serious condition Thursday morning.

No other vehicles were involved.

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  • UmmmK Feb 16, 2007

    smoothtip99 probably said what he/she did to get a rise out of people. They wouldn't dare say it to in person to an officer.

  • coolbreez07 Feb 16, 2007

    smoothtip99, I have been a Raleigh Police Officer for seven years now. I go to work and respond to 911 calls from people everyday that need my help. Some of them appreciate what I do, and some of them only appreciate what I do when they need me. Officer Martin was responding to a domestic call where a female needed the police, and not just whenever they got there but right then! Officer Martin tried to respond to her aid as quickly as he could. The fact that he didn't know the female, or if she belittled the police in the past, or if she would change her mind when he got there and say eveything was ok didn't matter...only that she needed help! I invite you to come and ride with a police officer and see just what we are faced with every day, evening, and/or night. Officer Martin is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for a complete stranger, WOULD YOU?

    Master Officer J.D. Gray
    Raleigh Police Department

  • nibbygal2000 Feb 15, 2007

    This accident happened directly in front of my house. I woke up at 2:56 to a crash and sirens, and from my bed I could look out the window and see the accident. Until the car was towed I sat by my window and prayed for the officer and the family, watching the whole scene as over a dozen cop cars, 3-4 fire trucks, and 2 ambulances showed up.

    God be with them.

  • momof2 Feb 15, 2007

    I had to detour on my way to the gym this morning. The wreck looked pretty serious. The skid marks were quite impressive:) My thoughts and prayers are with the officer and his family. Thank you for putting your life on the line each day for the citizens of Raleigh--even the not-so-bright ones like smoothtip99. Smoothtip-Your comment was truly immature and shows your ignorance.

  • RonnieR Feb 15, 2007

    The story on the Evening News was that he tried to avoid
    a deer on the road.

  • JMackneil Feb 15, 2007

    Your fellow officers in Durham are praying for you as well. Hoping for a speedy recovery so you can get back out on the street and continue to do a honorable job.

  • kat Feb 15, 2007

    Officer Martin,

    We and our children are praying for you! We thank God for your service and wish you quiet rest surrounded by loved ones. God is looking out for one of Raleigh's finest. It could have turned out much worse (We remember Officer Denise Holden - 1995 - responding to an officer needing backup in Raleigh).

    As for those who post flippant unnecessary remarks, shame on you! Unfortunately the police will still do their duty to serve and protect you despite your horrible attitude.

  • latanya512 Feb 15, 2007

    I hope he will be okay. Any person that works for the money they do while putting their life on the line deserves MUCH RESPECT. I gave policepeople, firepeople, and teachers the most respect. They do a job that they love. It definitely not for the money. Mrs. Policeofficer's wife. I pray for you too.

  • buster9510 Feb 15, 2007

    Scott, we are pulling for you!!! I know you are strong and will be back to work quicker than you think! Stay positive!
    For those who deem it necessary to belittle Officers, think about one thing. When you need help, who do you call?
    It seems ironic that people (some) want to complain on Officers for speeding to calls, but when you are the victim, the Officers can not get there quick enough. Please lets keep these comments positive for the Officer's sake. He and his family are going through a tough time right now, along with the rest of his brothers and sisters!

  • packandcanesfan Feb 15, 2007

    I hope he will be ok. Prayers and well wishes to him and his family.