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Authorities: Wife Killed Hours Before Husband Called 911

Posted February 14, 2007

— A Wendell woman died after being cut Monday evening -- hours before her husband called 911 to report her slaying, authorities said Wednesday.

Nneka Wilson, 24, died sometime before midnight Monday inside her 6637 Eagles Crossing Drive home, authorities said. Her husband, Jakiem Willson, called 911 at about 6 a.m. Tuesday, claiming that he found her dead on the kitchen floor, along with a threatening message scrawled in her blood.

"It is obvious that he was not readily confessing to the crime. He portrayed a set of circumstances that he thought would allow him to escape the crime. We picked it apart," said Chief Richard Johnson of the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

A sobbing Wilson told a 911 dispatcher: "I just came in the door, and the back door is kicked in and my wife is on the kitchen floor. I haven't even checked on my kids yet."

He told the dispatcher that a bloody message said, "Your (expletive) is dead. You're next."

But authorities believe the call was staged.

Nneka Wilson was dead for between six and 16 hours before the 911 call, authorities said. They haven't released a description of the murder weapon.

"Sometimes, suspects try to cover their own tracks, and they make decisions to do certain things," Johnson said. "I'm not sure why he did it."

After hours of questioning Tuesday, investigators viewed Jakiem Wilson less as a grieving husband and more as the prime suspect in the case.

"He had the chance to leave many, many times, and he stayed with us all day and we questioned him all day trying to get different factors straight. Ultimately, it added up to us making this case," Johnson said.

Wilson has been charged with first-degree murder in his wife's death and is being held in the Wake County Jail without bond.

Jamie Russell Holder, 18, of 1418 Old Buck Horn Road in Garner, and Roderick Ryan Howell, 17, of 1337 Hodge Road in Knightdale, were charged with being accessories after the fact of murder. Each is being held on a $2 million bond.

"They assisted after the fact in the cleaning of the house and the cover-up of the crime," Johnson said. "After talking with them, we gained information that led to the recovery of items that were either in or removed from the crime scene during the crime."

Investigators spent most of Tuesday collecting evidence. They said they found items taken from the home nearby, behind an abandoned service station at the corner of Martin Pond Road and Eagle Rock Road.

Howell blew his family a kiss as he left a courtroom Wednesday after his initial appearance. His family said he was coerced into participating in the crime.

"When they walked in there, (Wilson) told him, 'If you don't do what I tell you to do, in so many words, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that,'" Ronald Howell said of his son. "I feel like he was up against a gun or something. I don't know, but that wasn't him."

Ronald Howell said the criminal charge is out of character for his son.

"For the most part, he's not a bad kid, but sometimes it's just getting caught up with the wrong people," he said. "My prayers go out to (Nneka Wilson's family). I apologize for the incident."

Authorities haven't released a possible motive for the slaying. But Nneka Wilson's family said she was a victim of domestic violence.

James Hill, her stepfather, said the couple argued often and that she would often stay with him after an argument.

The Wilsons' children were found unharmed inside the house Tuesday morning, authorities said. They are now staying with relatives.

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  • Lightfoot Feb 20, 2007

    Concerned Citizen,
    God ordered the wholesale slaughter of entire races in the Old Testament, so it sounds just like something He would do. God loves some people, and doesn't love others. Even the story of Cane and Abel shows us how God will show favoritism.

  • Concerned Citizen Feb 18, 2007

    this comment is to spiritwarriorwoman -at- peoplepc -dot- com
    why would God being the loving forgiving God that he is tell someone to kill another person. Remember God does not want anyone to die, but to repent. Why would God give us the resurrection hope if he tells people to kill another soul.

  • eyeamaloser Feb 16, 2007

    So, Choc you got thrown in jail on Feb. 14th. That is perfect because I know you will be somebody's little chocolate Valentine while your in the hole. Have fun! See ya in 2026

  • cherrydiva89 Feb 15, 2007

    when i 1st heard this i thought man this is straight out of a horror movie this isnt real he didn't do it but now that i read the article and heard that fake a** 911 call i know he did it how could you do something like that with your kids in the house and why didn't we hear any kids in the back ground on the 911 call this was a very unnecessary and dumb crime and the people who helped him are idiots to my heart and prayers go out to the family of Ms. Nneka wilson you guys will get through this and to jakiem i hope they fry your ass!!!!!

  • Topsail Girl Feb 15, 2007

    Thanks Latanya. And to Lilrocka16 - you DO realize that Mr. Wilson is guilty, right? Again, Mr. Young is guilty too in my opinion. Yes he kept his mouth shut about the affair but remember the affair was not known until about a month or 5 weeks AFTER Michelle was murdered. Jason has not cooperated from DAY ONE!!! He has more than one skeleton in the closet I'm sure. The point is Mr. Wilson has been arrested 3 other times and all three times received probation. He's no stranger to the law. HE CHOSE to FREELY speak to the police WITHOUT an attorney. His ass is in jail because he's guilty and he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Jason Young is NOT in jail because he's GUILTY and will ONLY keep his mouth shut. Trust me I do believe the police think Jason is guilty but they have to have EVIDENCE to arrest him and right now they don't have enough. However Mr. Wilson handed them evidence against him on a silver platter - make that silver tongue.

  • latanya512 Feb 15, 2007

    Topsail brilliantly put. lilrock, you were going strong but if you ever read or followed any case or arrest. The person that cries attorney and speaks the less is likely to have a better chance at getting off. I believe Young is guilty but when people think the can confuse Crime Scene Inv with all the new technology they have and get off are crazy. He gave himself away as soon as he opened his mouth. First and foremost, why kill her. Even if he was doing something illegal, 5 to 10 is better than the death penalty and his children would still have their mother. I am happy that some people are out there that realize this is not a race issue. It is killing of people that has became like second nature. Instead of divorcing or just leaving, why not kill them. Pastors are doing, executives are doing, military wives and husbands are doing it. I hope this is not some sick trend.

  • lilrocka16 Feb 15, 2007

    michelle youngs husband kept his mouth shut because he knew he was cheatin on his wife. an had a whole female on the other side who wasnt michelle. we have more evidence saying mr young had something to do with her killing.. an him keeping his mouth shut is all the more reason for the police to name him as a suspect an charge him. hes not helping them at all. i wish i worked with law enforcement.. i see no black an i see no white.. i see wrong an if it takes throwing in da race card. so be it.. its wrong, how they lock him up when he is talkin.. but michelle youngs husband shuts up an hes free!!?? come on ppl.

  • Topsail Girl Feb 15, 2007

    The reason Jason Young isn't in jail is because he has kept his mouth shut - not cooperated one tiny bit. He's guilty as hell but he has put the burden on the Wake County Sheriff's Dept to catch him. The reason Mr. Wilson is in jail is because he was more than helpful. He killed his wife, went and picked up the other two boys and had them help him alter the crime scene to look as if it was a gang member out to get him. He thought he had all bases covered but he was wrong. She was dead HOURS before he called police and he should have known that rigor was going to set in, blood was going to dry, etc. This is not a race issue at all. Both men are guilty of killing their wives. Both chose different ways of dealing with the police during the initial investigation. One is in jail and I truly believe the other will be post haste. Both have left behind orphaned children and both have devastated their own families by their actions. One is black and one is white but BOTH are stupid!!

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 15, 2007

    One thing that has aggrevated me on all of these blogs is that the only time race is brought up is when it is a black person. And I agree w/latanya, people use these blogs as a way to show their real inner feelings towards black but not their real face. A lot of people don't consider themselves racist but their points and views are clearly bias and filled w/bigotry. I am very proud of my race but when I see a crime committed by an AA I don't dislike the race the person is I dislike the person for the crime they committed, no matter what. The bottom line is crime has no color nor does death and all races are subjected to both.

  • latanya512 Feb 15, 2007

    reginabaker get off that 'THE POLICE CAN'T WIN OR LOSE WITH MINORITIES'. I am a minority and I believe he is guilty. Do not put everyone in one catagory. The different between the 2 cases is simply evidence. One was smarter than the other in covering their crime. I am proud to be black and I don't need nor many people I know to use the "race card" or blame the "white man" for any things. I am also tired of people blaming any persons' race for their problems. The victim are the children and their families. It seems like this board here is a way for people to express their real prejudices.