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Passaro Gets 100 Months in Prison for Detainee's Death

Posted February 13, 2007

— A former CIA contractor from Lillington convicted of assaulting an Afghan detainee was sentenced Tuesday to 100 months in federal prison.

David Passaro, 40, a former Special Forces medic, was convicted last August in connection with the June 2003 death of Abdul Wali. Wali died after being beaten with a flashlight and kicked during two days of interrogation at a U.S. base in northern Afghanistan.

"Passaro's conduct was an affront to all of our men and women serving and fighting to spread freedom and the rule of law," U.S. Attorney George Holding said in a statement. "The sentence clearly shows that no one is above or below the laws of the United States."

Passaro, the first American civilian charged with mistreating a detainee during the war on terror, was sentenced to 100 months in prison for felony assault and six months in prison for each of three counts of simple assault. The sentences will run concurrently.

U.S. District Court Judge Terrence Boyle, who refused Passaro's request to overturn the conviction, said the evidence supported the verdict. Boyle said the lack of an autopsy probably kept Passaro from being charged with murder.

Passaro will have to serve at least 85 months of the sentence under federal guidelines.

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  • awilliams28 Feb 14, 2007

    We need to keep the media at bay...and let our troops do the job they need to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are fighting for our country...our kids...our grandchildren. If the media wouldn't be there....the job would have been done already!!

  • LTL Feb 14, 2007


    I guess the Air Medal and other awards sitting here in my office I bought at the PX which is probably where you were in the zone.I dont have to leave my gung-ho attitude at home ,it follows me wherever I go.Then I have to listen to your dribble about being a a complete idiot...Go sit in the corner and assume the oposition cause its coming at you real fast. you sound like a true REMF, a PX warrior!!!!!

  • 3potato4 Feb 14, 2007

    Very well said Capecru and very much the point.

  • josephnc1975 Feb 14, 2007

    I wasn't aware that all muslims were terrorists. I must have missed that day of school. I'm sure if you put the shoe on the other foot, you'd see they probably feel the same way about Christians. That statement you made was just ignorant and I think you know it. Every group has bad seeds: muslims, christians, jews, etc. What we need to learn as a global community is peace and tolerance. There is simply too much hate in the world and now one group is "in the right." We are all right according to our cultures. What we have to do is fight the real enemy, these extremist groups that are out there and stop being egoists thinking that our way is the right way. Democracy and Christianity are not for everyone.

  • sdd82nd Feb 14, 2007

    Some of you need a reality check. A terrorist tries to affect the lives of multiple people with their ideologies and crimes against humanity. Passaro’s killing of a person during interrogation, although wrong and maybe got out of control, but to label him as a terrorist is RIDICULOUS! He did not kill him in an instant. The victim, as you would call him, died days later. You need to check yourself. Maybe you think he also had Weapons of Mass Destruction too.

    What a joke.
    Glad you are not defending us!

  • mugofstout Feb 14, 2007

    It's a shame that a man helping our country is being treated like this, ALL Muslims are terrorists. If the man he killed wasn't one at the time, he either had been or would have been. Stick up for the people protecting us!

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 14, 2007

    The ones who killed Daniel Pearl were terrorists because they butchered him while he was still alive and aware.
    Passaro did the same thing, and just because he's an American or was loosely assisting the US military doesn't make him any more right. He's just as much of a terrorist as those who killed Pearl are, and he deserves the very same sentence that they would, regardless of their citizenship, race, religion or creed.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 14, 2007

    My -dot- 2 -dot- CentsWorth - "If he wants to appeal his conviction I will dontate the first $1000.00 to a defense fund."
    You'd not only be throwing good money after, literally, bad, but you'd be supporting a certain brand of terrorist.
    Praying for you to read all of the records and get a clue.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 14, 2007

    pappybigtuna - "Abused girlfriend? This jsut got funny, if you slap your dog every time it come to you, the dog quits coming - are you saying she is dumber than a dog."
    Shame on you David! Please research family abuse, and perhaps you'll come to understand.
    And BTW - both of these ladies DID leave him, and they charged him with assault.
    I usually agree with you, but in this statement, you're far off the mark.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB

  • spiritwarriorwoman Feb 14, 2007

    hoke320 - "Passaro was just a scape goat, because, some reporter caught wind about it."
    Praying for you if you really believe this because not all soldiers or independent military contractors behave like Passaro did, in fact few of them do.
    God bless.
    Rev. RB