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Lottery Games Doing Well Despite Low Sales, Commissioner Says

Posted February 13, 2007

— The chief executive of the state lottery commission says the lottery's operations are running very well despite lower than expected sales.

The new lottery's games were projected to generate more than $400 million for education in their first fiscal year, ending June 30.

But Tom Shaheen, the lottery's executive director, has said education profits may only reach $350 million. Shaheen told the North Carolina Education Lottery Commission that his staff is working to improve sales and get more retailers to sell tickets.

In hope of luring more business, commissioners on Tuesday approved a raffle-style game that has been successful in other surrounding states. Tickets will be $20 dollars with four top prizes of $1 million.

Shaheen says the game, which begins this spring, will offer the best odds so far to become a millionaire. Tickets go on sale in May. The first drawing is expected in July.

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  • billybob72 Feb 13, 2007

    This raffle idea is a desparate attempt to continue pushing the lottery on us. I think folks who believed that the lottery would prevent property tax hikes see the light now, especially in Wake County. Not all lottery opponents want to restrict other's freedom. To the contrary, I oppose a government monopoly on gambling. If there is going to be a lottery in this state, de-criminalize casino and sport betting. Tax profits on these activities and give 100% of it to education, this will provide more than the lottery. And we'll make money off the border states! Much better than a raffle.

  • Lightfoot Feb 13, 2007

    I guess the good news is that the anti-lottery crowd was wrong about people spending their milk money on gambling! :)

  • Kriterian Feb 13, 2007

    They didn't see it was losing money or coming in under budget. It's simply not bringing in as much as they thought it would. Either way, people like myself would have been driving to Virginia to buy tickets instead. So what is your problem that you don't want that money going to OUR kids instead.

    That "tax on the poor" is a load of crap. I know plenty of people that don't play the lottery because they can't afford it, or consider it a waste of money. It's just like those idiots that think radio stations that play music they don't like should be banned. If you don't like it, change the frigging channel. If you don't want to play the lottery, keep your money in your pocket and move along.

    I've yet to see any stories about how the lottery is ruining people's lives.

  • RedStatesManWatts Feb 13, 2007

    You mean to tell me that the "education lottery" is not selling enough tickets? Why Bev and Mike what is the problem with your highly touted, end all, fool proof method of boosting revenue? I guess no one is interested in voluntary tax!

  • Familymatters Feb 13, 2007

    jdsmith-it would likely be done the same way powerball is,via the machine,it would randomly generate the number and when 500,000 is hit,they just sell no more tickets- So, in theory, all 500,00 tickets could be sold from the same location.

    Hail2 - I agree 100% there, I ocassionaly buy a lotto ticket - when the pot gets really large, but with the price of gas these days thats about it.Tho I will buy a scratch off now and then, I have pretty good luck at least getting my money back 70+ % of the time I guess, and win a few up to about 50 every so often.

  • jdsmith104 Feb 13, 2007

    How would they spread out the tickets evenly across the state?

  • hail2opeth Feb 13, 2007

    I would NEVER play powerball, with it's odds. But odds of 1 in 125,000 for $20 sounds real tempting!! =)