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650+ Registered Sex Offenders in Wake County, Authorities Say

Posted February 12, 2007
Updated February 13, 2007

— There are more sex offenders living in the Raleigh area than ever before. The number of registered sex offenders in Wake County has nearly doubled in just three years.

In December of 2003, 388 registered offenders lived in Wake County. Now, authorities said that 666 sex offenders are registered in the county.

"It's sad that there is no place that you can just sit in the house, watch your children play outside and know that they are safe, there is nothing like that any more," says Krystal Dyer, resident of the Trees and Leaves Apartment Complex in Raleigh.

Dyer told WRAL she keeps a close eye on her godchildren when they come over to play. But now she said she will keep an even closer watch on them after finding out who lives next door.
"It's kind of shocking because you don't know who you live by,” Dyer said. “Nowadays, people are not close to your neighbors."

According to the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry website, there are currently three registered sex offenders living in Dyer’s apartment complex. One lives right next door, the other across the walkway from her unit.

"I didn't even know, so now that I do know I will take more precaution," she said.

"It's very important that we track our sex offenders as best as possible," said Dean Baldwin, who compiles statistics on the number of sex offenders for the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

In just a portion of downtown Raleigh, there are more than 100 registered sex offenders. Officials said the numbers are connected to growth, better reporting of crimes and new sex offenses.

"One, of course, would be computer-related crimes. Peeping Tom can now also put you on the registry," Baldwin said.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office tracks offenders by randomly going to their homes to make sure they live where they say they live. Officials said their goal has been to visit registered offenders at least two times a year.

Also starting late last year, a new law took affect requiring registered sex offenders to check in with the sheriff's office in person twice a year.

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  • mlbangel81 Feb 13, 2007

    What scares me is that you cannot really be sure of what these people look like. The pictures on the website are not being kept current.(not in my county anyway)I don't understand what is so hard about taking someone's picture when they come into register if their looks have changed. It's our children we are talking about!!!

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Feb 13, 2007


  • mythoughts Feb 13, 2007

    Thank you for the information on Watch Dog. Ironically we just found out yesterday that a sex offender just moved into our neighborhood within the last two weeks.
    First, of all I want to know why would a couple in their sixties want to move into a neighborhood of young families with children? I know my parents wanted a quiet neighborhood. This scares us parents considering his charges.
    Second, we only found out because someone in the neighborhood was selling their home and had to disclose that information. I can understand disclosing that someone lives here, (I think that is a good law) but why werent we notified he was moving here? Don't we have any rights? By the way this is a man in his sixties who has been convicted 4 different times starting in 2000. Why isnt he in jail?
    Does anyone know if there are any laws about how far from a park or school they have to live or if a home owners association can do anything?

  • Rocknhorse Feb 13, 2007

    I lied-I have one more comment/reply. On the watchdog site, it will color code the violations depending on whether they were offenses against children, rape, sexual battery or "other." Again, that gives a pretty clear distinction. Sometimes, the info will tell you whether it was violent (rape w/weapon), etc.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 13, 2007

    Oh, one more comment, at 18 or 19, you are old enough to be held accountable for your actions. Regardless of how "consensual" a relationship is, as an adult, that person is responsible for making sound decisions. While a 15 year old THINKS they are mature, they are still children themselves. The "adult" has the legal responsibility to make adult decisions. Bedding a child is NOT being very responsible and yes, they should be held accountable. No harm has ever occurred by waiting until both partners are mature enough to make the right decision.

  • Rocknhorse Feb 13, 2007

    Sabatinom-generally speaking, you CAN get an idea of the actual offense by checking the age of the violator (late teens/very early 20s), the conviction (indecent liberties) and the amount of actual time spent behind bars (measured in months or even no time, just parole). When I see that scenario, then I typically assume it's a consensual thing, albeit still in very poor judgement. However, when the violator has seen more jail time, or if they are significantly older than a "minor" then I assume the crime is not consensual nor anywhere near appropriate. Even though these sites don't give full details, you can still gleen a bit of info from the info that is available.

  • sabatinom Feb 13, 2007

    My point was, not all sex offenders are violent rapists or pediphiles. How about a 19 year old and a 15 year old. We all know this happens. Then you send the 19 year old to jail, the 15 tear old ends up hating her parents and they get back together when she turns 16. The guy would still be a sex offender. Even if they stayed together and got married, he has to remain a registered offender...right???

  • Rocknhorse Feb 13, 2007

    I have the NC Register of Sex Offenders marked as a favorite. I learned many years ago that a child predator lived across the street. I also check out the WatchDog site as well. They are both very informative sites.

  • oftenbad Feb 13, 2007

    doesn't help that the shelter on south wilmington street is the only shelter in NC that guarantee's a paroled sex offender at least 1 nights lodge after being paroled. then they leave the shelter with no place to go. that should be the real message of this story. look at the registry and you'll see at least 14 registered at the shelter.

  • shizit0150 Feb 13, 2007

    I think the state should invest in big signs to go in each and every one of their yards. Maybe they could get Mr. black to donate some of that lottery money.