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Zebulon Manager Charged With DUI

Posted February 12, 2007

— Zebulon Town Manager Rick Hardin was arrested early Sunday on a drunken driving charge, authorities said.

Hardin was pulled over at about 12:15 a.m. Sunday at the Interstate 540 interchange at the U.S. Highway 64 bypass by a Wake County deputy, authorities said. His blood-alcohol content was measured at 0.10 percent, slightly above the state's legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Hardin was cited and released. There was no word on a court date.

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  • elkeb27545 Feb 13, 2007

    Growing up I lost 2 girlfriends and 4 family members at the hands of drunk drivers.I have no idea if they were nice or good people and it realy dose not matter. I have absolutely no tollerance for anybody that shows no concern for innocent people by getting behind the wheel after a few drinks.
    And for those good people in Zebulon, this story is news worthy because everybody that works for that town,Police Dept., Fire Dept., Parks & Rec., Public Works, Planning and Finance Departments all work there under a code of conduct. The same code that Mr. Hardin has acted on to let several town employees join the unemployment line. Sence this infraction of the code of conduct is more serious than other instances that have resulted in firihgs of past employees, should we expect Mr. Hardin to fire himself or just give himself a stern repremand?
    I guess he's about to find out if his mess stinks or not.

  • laughingatfools Feb 12, 2007


  • laughingatfools Feb 12, 2007

    For those that may be interested, the following link might be helpful in understanding more about the current NC laws related to DWI

  • hawkydave Feb 12, 2007

    To clear things up... It is amazes me everyday what people believe or think is "law". Too many "cracker jack box" lawyers these days. As sbw417 summarized (BAC) is Breath Alcohol Concentration. Breath tests are not used to gain probable cause for a blood test. Both Blood and Breath concentration are admissible in court. Your refusal can and usually will be used against you in court as well as suspending your license for a year and 30 days. It is the discretion of the Law Enforcement Officer or Chemical Analyst to use either test. Blood tests are usually used for somebody who requires medical attention or to detect impairment by any impairing substance up to and including narcotics and even prescribed drugs. Alcohol impairment is not the only impairment that can get you a DWI. Breath test are usually more accesible and used more commonly due to this fact. Both Breath and Blood tests are as accurate as each other.

  • mvnull Feb 12, 2007

    As I understand it, breath alcohol content is not admissible in court in NC. It is used as probable cause to order a blood test, which is admissible. The question still remains whether WRAL reported the results of the breath or blood tests.

  • steveonmsu141 Feb 12, 2007

    SBW417 Sorry, I should'nt have called you an idiot. You just came off like, well nevermind, Just Sorry I called you an idiot.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Feb 12, 2007

    The point of my original post was to mention that the media should be correct if they're reporting something about the law. steveonmsu141, I would never call you an idiot if you were misinformed, which you are. Look up North Carolina GS 20-4.01(1B) Alcohol concentration is reported as breath alcohol or blood alcohol. Since this was a breath test it should be reported as breath alcohol level (BAC) You stand corrected and misinformed.

  • steveonmsu141 Feb 12, 2007

    Annie, These types of "Good People" also kill people driving down the wrong side of the highway. They deserve prison.

  • ANNIE Feb 12, 2007

    Good people make mistakes.

  • ANNIE Feb 12, 2007

    He made a mistake. How many people have done things and got by with it? We make mistakes and we learn by our mistakes. I am not saying it is a good thing but is he the only one this weekend that was caught with DUI? I am from Zebulon and he is a good person.