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Warrant Lays Out Possible Problems in Slain Mom's Marriage

Posted February 12, 2007

— A slain Wake County mother found dead in her home late last year was upset over a trip her husband had taken to California, according to a search warrant made public Monday.

Authorities seized seven computer disks from the couple's home, including one labeled "California Vacation 2006," according to the warrant. Two of the disks were blank, and the rest contained photographs. Investigators did not say who is in those photographs or what their relevance is to the case.

A witness, who was only identified in the affidavit attached to the warrant as "Witness A" told investigators that Michelle Young, 29, was "very, very pissed off" about the trip, which Jason Young took sometime in 2006.

Sources close to the case say that Jason Young took that trip with family members that did not include his wife or daughter.

Michelle Young, who was five months pregnant, was found beaten to death on Nov. 3 with her 2-year-old daughter, unharmed, by her side. An autopsy report showed she died of blunt force trauma to the head and that she had been strangled.

Another person -- identified as "Witness B" -- told investigators about the California trip, although the detective did not specify those details in the affidavit. The witness said Michelle Young was also "stressing about money and things Jason would go out and do."

The warrant goes on to say there is some "importance of the events around (the) October-November 2003 time frame when the couple got married," but would not say whether it is significant to the case.

Records indicate the couple married on Oct. 10, 2003. Their daughter, Cassidy, was born March 29, 2004.

Jason Young, authorities have said, was out of town on a business trip when his wife's body was found, but he has been a focus of the investigation and has been uncooperative, according to earlier court documents.

Authorities, however, have not named him or anyone else a suspect in the case.

Earlier warrants state that Jason Young was having a relationship with one of his wife's sorority sisters, who lives in Florida, for at least three months prior to Michelle Young's death. None of the court documents say whether Michelle Young was aware of that relationship.

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  • Roach Feb 13, 2007

    You got a point there tinydancer. I hope and pray that his family would not willingly cover up a murder but nothing surprises me anymore. Most of all I pray that justice will be done for Michelle. One thing is for sure whoever did this will have to answer for it. If not here then when they leave this earth.

  • ty will belabor a point Feb 13, 2007

    Newsflash for most of you: Innocent until proven guilty is for the Courts, not for us laypeople. Due to our libel laws, it's also a mantra for the media. For you and I, however, we don't have to reflexively say "Innocent til proven guilty!". If someone's guilty, I can say "I think he's guilty as sin." We don't have to give anyone the benefit of a trial.

  • PDMARTIN Feb 13, 2007

    tiny dancer I couldn't agree more with your logic

  • damfrisky33 Feb 13, 2007

    The only reason I am thinking are the fingers pointed on the husband, because he had a big life insurance on her. And if the little girl saw anything, she may remembers some day. My prayers goes with the family.

  • chocalatepassions Feb 13, 2007

    if you ask me the husband is acting guilty no wanting to participate in finding the mother of his child killer but in all cases you are guilty until proven innocent

  • anastasia Feb 13, 2007

    Who says the husband 'wasn't there'? Only himself and his family. The same *family* who 'vacationed' without Michelle and her child. I don't think he paid anyone. I think he murdered her himself. As for *evidence*, the first 'red flag' is the fact that this same 'loving husband' refused to cooperate with authorities immediately following the murder and lawyered up the next day, under the advice of the same family who supposedly is his alibi. If you KNEW the husband was with you at the time of the murder, as his family says he was, why immediately advise him to lawyer up with a good criminal defense attorney?

  • Roach Feb 13, 2007

    I hope I am wrong but I personally believe that the husband paid someone to do it. That would explain why he wasn't there and there was no robbery, the child wasn't harmed,(thank God for that), etc...

  • Toni Feb 13, 2007

    It looks like the media is trying to make the husband look like a bad guy. What if it turns out that he had nothing to do with the crime. What about when the child is old enough to read this negative press pertaining to her mother's death about her father. He can't be a two places at one time. So what he took a trip with his family and didn't bring along his spouse and children no one know the circumstances surrounding that. I'm sure he didn't sneak out and go....
    I'm sure some of you guys wish you could take a relaxing vacation without your immediate family..remember they are still young

  • I_love_ the_ News Feb 13, 2007

    My heart goes out to that 2yr old.
    She has lost her mom,God help that innocent child.

  • Sherlockholmes Feb 13, 2007

    I Am Not Going To Say It, But I Am Thinking It !!!
    Poor Little Girl, Hopefully She'll Never Remember