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Application for Wake Magnet Schools Only Available Online

Posted February 12, 2007

— Wake County parents who want their children to go to magnet schools will face a new assignment this year. They must fill out their application online.

Parents can apply to the magnet program starting today. The last day to apply is Feb. 28.

Families with students assigned to year-round calendar schools may apply for the traditional calendar and vice-versa.

Families with rising 6th graders or rising 9th graders need to reapply for magnet schools, but they do get priority.

Parents should hear back from the school district on the status of their application by March 15.

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  • nisa-pizza Feb 14, 2007

    I'm not sure where people are getting the idea that Magnet schools are for the "have's" whatever that is supposed to mean. Also the "Non-Cary-North-Raleigh" comment. My nephew attends Southeast Raleigh Magnet School which is a school of Technology where the vast majority of it's students are minorities who live in the area (at least 80%). Parents can easily find computers that are not expensive and as some have noted they can go to the library or use the school's computers, but that doesn't seem to be a huge problem at the school. Being a school of technology it's important for the kids to have computers available to them so it's not a way to exclude people. The facts are you can't even go to college anymore without a computer as part of your required supplies. I don't think that there was any malicious intent there.

    If you want them there bad enough you can get it done and buy an inexpensive computer as well. We did and we're not rich by far.

  • ladybug467 Feb 12, 2007

    It seems the folks here don't have a problem with internet access, or a lack of time. When my kids went to Magnet schools (all 3, K-9, years ago) the Magnet schools where in the middle of "have-not" land, they can walk over and fill out the forms 'on-line' at the school. Those who don't live in walking distance can go to the library...or how about be happy with the school "Our" taxes pay for... if they rent, then how much of their child's education are they paying for?

  • inmyopinion3 Feb 12, 2007

    What a load of BS, goto any public library and you can get access to a computer. There is no discrimination at all here! Just people trying to claim pooor little old me is being discriminated against! Get a life, if you truely have an interest in sending your children to these schools you should be more than willing to do what it takes to get an application submitted next I'll hear its a them and us issue! Maybe youall need an equally heavy chip added/removed for the opposite shoulder!

  • mvnull Feb 12, 2007

    Out of curiosity, I went to the website and started an application. It wasn't able to get beyond the second page before it crashed. Sad to say, I'm not surprised that the application process is broken.

  • Tax Man Feb 12, 2007

    Hey, the kids are required to use computers in school - they are cheap now, they are available at all libraries and I am sure the public schools would allow parents to access the Internet on campus to fill out the form. Most car dealerships in the area have free Internet access in their showrooms, most hotels have free Internet access in their lobbies. The Unemployment Office (ESC) has free computers at all of their offices that have free Internet access. What's the problem? If you live in Wake County you have free public libraries that are well distributed and available on bus routes.

  • Chuck U Farley Feb 12, 2007

    Well, the old system was unfair to kids who had illiterate parents. I don't hear anyone complaining about that. You can take these ridiculous arguments just as far as you want to.

    Besides, I thought you liberal types were all about saving the environment. Don't you realize how many trees Wake County is saving by not printing these forms?

    The real question is what are competitive parents to do now that there's no need to stand outside the Raleigh main post office at midnight on the day before the forms are accepted?

  • pcspain Feb 12, 2007

    Sure, some people do not have access to their public library...like those people who work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet and cannot get to the library when it is open...those who do not have transportation to get to the library, or cannot take time off from work because they work hourly and if they are not at work, they are not paid. Come on people--wake up! Not everyone has the cushy life like most of us have (myself included)--don't be so blind and naive to think that just because there is internet access at a public library that everyone under the sun has access to it!

  • notadumbredneck Feb 12, 2007

    wmbhayes: A used computer capable of browsing web pages can be purchased for around $100. Dialup Internet access is $14.95 per month. A 2 pack per day smoker (most of the 'have-nots' drink and smoke) will spend around $120 for their 6 cartons of smokes, and the conservative weekend case of beer costs $40 per month. Giving up those for a month should cover it. Incidentally, I bought my pre owned 1986 BMW 325e for $200.

  • tell.the.truth.and.run Feb 12, 2007

    Library cards are free and Wake County has a lot of library locations. Surely if it's worth applying, it's worth a little trip to the library?

  • wakeresident Feb 12, 2007

    The haves and the have nots? You mean some people don't have access to their public library?