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Police Investigate Alleged Assault of Duke Student

Posted February 11, 2007
Updated February 12, 2007

— Durham police are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a Duke University student at an off-campus party early Sunday morning.

According to investigators, the 18-year-old woman told officers she was at the party in the 400 block of Gattis St. around 3 a.m. when she was allegedly raped in the bathroom. There were at least 50 people at the party at the time, police said.

A neighbor told WRAL that Duke and Durham police broke up the party at about the same time as the alleged attack. Sources told WRAL that authorities found drugs and possibly a gun inside the residence.

Duke Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta released a statement Sunday saying that the university is providing support to the woman and that school officials are very concerned about reports that Duke students were among those attending the party.

Moneta also pledged cooperation with Durham police in the investigation.

The home on Gattis Street is less than a mile away from where a woman claims she was assaulted last March by members of the Duke lacrosse team last March.

No charges have been filed at this time. Anyone with information related to the alleged attack is asked to call Durham CrimeStoppers at 919-683-1200.

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  • shoyaryt Feb 13, 2007

    The NAACP, Al and Jesse... why were there ever a need for such organizations and people in the first place? Racism and socialism hasn't simply up and disappeared as we all would hope. No; they must continue to actively voice and showcase a presence to ensure that justice and the law prevails. The NAACP, Al and Jesse wanted to ensure that the rape claim was going to receive the attention it deserved and not be ignored or "filed away" without an investigation. Even though the accuser is now making herself more and more incriminating as time goes by; the case is going to court. But also look at how DA Nifong has reacted with the investigation... the DNA results, the physical evidence, the tampering... I suppose that's the NAACP, Al's and Jesse's fault as well? But historically, blacks have always faced those same "isms". Even with evidence supporting innocence, the DA, courts, juries still convict. Why are so many blacks now being released from prison from new DNA evidence?

  • Sherlockholmes Feb 12, 2007

    roseyk00 -at- yahoo -dot- com
    I Don't Beleive White America Has A Problem With Black Supporters. I Think The Problem Lies With The Agression They Bring With Them And The Anti-White Messages They Send Out. As One Reader Said, They Seem To Only Show Support If The "Victim Is black". If The Rapist Was Black Or The Accuser Was White They Would Have No Interest In A Story Like This. I Tend To Agree.

  • Munchie Feb 12, 2007

    I didnt see race mentioned anywhere in this article. I have the right to party at wee hours in the morning and not get raped or robbed or anything. Women get raped at all hours of day..everyday. I hope they catch this criminal. And I agree with whoever wrote that the Duke Lacrosse story should NOT have been mentioned...there was no reason for it.

  • DOG Feb 12, 2007

    Why does the editorial staff have to approve comments on some topics and not others?

  • wafuphantom Feb 12, 2007

    What possible purpose could be served by reporting that this incident happened less than a mile from the alleged rape case involving the Duke lacrosse team last March? Given that these two incidents are totally unrelated, why try to "spin" them together at the expense of Durham and Duke University? Sensationalism at its finest!

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 12, 2007

    It's funny that all of you are crying "where is Jesse, Al and William and get the Pots'" But where are the white supporters for all the other White on White crimes? Why does white America have such an issue with black supporters? Hell go get your own pot's and pans and form a group and support your own if you have such a problem with Blacks supporting Blacks!

  • rosiebot Feb 12, 2007

    I find it odd that the N&O failed to mention that the alleged suspect was black, a fact I have read at other news sources. It actually seemed purposely deleted from the article, even though it would obviously be useful to know if they want this guy caught. It's almost as if the N&O wants to imply that this is another lacrosse type story, when it is obviously much different.

  • bl0ckhead63 Feb 12, 2007

    rashidac -at- yahoo -dot- com
    See you missed my point!
    No, it should not matter, rape is rape. Except if you are Al or Jesse of course. Then it would be of interest to them only if the "accuser was black". See if the assailent was black or the accuser was white Al and Jesse would not have an interest in
    this story. Yes, The assailent should be punished , regardless of color, race or ethnicity.

  • WhatEver Feb 12, 2007

    Don't let Nif-wrong anywhere near this case. He might try to implement those boys again.

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 12, 2007

    Thank you WRAL for not revealing the race of the accused and accusers!!!
    Public don't get mad, get over it please.