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Bishops' Views Differ on Condition of Episcopal Church

Posted February 9, 2007
Updated February 12, 2007

— Katharine Jefferts Schori is a pioneer.

She's the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, the leader of a denomination in which women weren't ordained priests less than a generation ago.

Now she leads close to 2.5 million people who call themselves Episcopalians, members of a church that some believe is in serious trouble

Schori came to Raleigh and Chapel Hill for special services after only a few months on the job, months that have been hectic.

There have been some aspects she did not anticipate.

“The intensity's been a little more than I anticipated,” Schori said Friday.

One thing she did anticipate is the challenge of holding her flock together. Several parishes have voted to secede from the national church over the ordination of openly gay priests.

Schori acknowledges the pain and anger of those who feel they need to leave, but she denies claims the church is ripping apart at the seams.

“No, no, no. A handful of congregations that make up a tiny portion are tied up in knots—maybe one half of 1 percent—but most are faithful and going about the business of following the gospel” the bishop said.

On the same day, eight miles away, another member of the clergy has a different take on current events.

“”We are undergoing all sorts of problems at the moment on the issue of practicing homosexuality,” said Lord George Carey, who served as the archbishop of Canterbury—head of the Church of England—from 1991 to 2002.

The Episcopal Church does not answer to the Church of England, but is connected, at least, in spirit.

Both deny a separation has occurred, and both know there is work to be done.

“You only grieve when the body is dead,” Carey said. “I'm not grieving at this moment because all hope is not lost.”

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  • Diago Feb 17, 2007

    If gay people in open relationships shouldn't be ordained, why should divorced and remarried people be allowed to be ordained?
    I believe Jesus actually said something about divorce and remarriage but not a word about homosexuality being a sin.

  • RedStatesManWatts Feb 12, 2007

    The gay priest wants the congregation to be "tolerant" of her sexual preference but she is not "tolerant" of some of their desires to leave the church because they do not support her lifestyle. It is the same ole thing everytime. Gays and lesbians raise heck about their decisions about their lifestyle are not tolerated but yet they never want to do anything but bash and say vile statements against Christians and religion. Right Johnny Edwards?

  • Lightfoot Feb 12, 2007

    Wow, I don't think I heard the cock crow even once!

    But this the same, typical, tired, and ONLY response I've EVER seen. If your faith ever matches the size of a mustard seed, let me know and I'll come watch the miracle and become one of God's biggest promoters. Until then, we'll keep your secret under wraps for a while longer. Playing Santa Claus is too much fun!

  • Hezekiah Feb 12, 2007

    I shake the dust off my feet.

  • Lightfoot Feb 12, 2007

    The last line of the previous post should have been:
    If you can’t do it, don’t waste my time with your superstitious beliefs.

    My son came home today talking about a bully in his class (3rd grade). He said everyone thinks the kid is some kind of saint because he claims to be “on God’s side” (his exact words). Looks like my son is learning early about Christian hypocrisy. Something I didn’t learn about until adulthood.

    By the way, my kids believe in God and I don’t tell them otherwise. The reason is I don’t want them using logic and then questioning the existence of Santa Claus because it will ruin Christmas.


  • Lightfoot Feb 12, 2007

    I could make your same argument but replace God with Easter bunny and it would be just as "valid".

    The other gods were here THOUSANDS of years before yours was invented. The god-son Jesus was only invented about 2000 thousand years ago. I suggest you look up some of the Egyptian gods, or the Indian gods, or even the Hindu gods. LONG before yours. But I like your request for proof, because it allows me to request the same of you. There are lots of examples in the bible where miracles were done to show the power of God. So, why don’t YOU do what your request and PROVE this god of yours. You could raise the dead….you could split a sea or river….you could cause a soaking wet log to burst into flames (I prefer this one). Just tell me where and when to see your demonstration. I’ve read the bible quite a bit, was raised in church, and I know God very well, so I know there’s NO EXCUSE if you can’t do these. If you can’t do it, don’t waste my time with your supersti

  • Hezekiah Feb 12, 2007

    sasjbp - I have told you the Truth. I hope you find it one day. You are angry at God and whether or not you believe in Him, He still exists. I can say the sky is green all day long but it is truly blue. Please reconsider my friend, eternity is a lot longer than 70-80 years. God holds you responsible for the decision as to where you will spend eternity. Choose wisely.

    Your idea that other gods were here before my God was invented is pretzel logic. Who invented my God? If the others were here first, who invented them. At what proof do you say they were first? There is only ONE and He was not invented. He is the inventor. I did not want or expect any response to my question about your origin, it was strictly rhetorical. The answer to that question settles our discussion and clues us in to the Truth. Your hostile tone toward me is not required and shows you are hurting. God can help you! Why would I spend precious time God has given me trying to tell you if I were not concerned. God ble

  • Lightfoot Feb 12, 2007

    Given that many other gods were here before yours was even invented, seems likely it's yours that messed up the current world! :) Of course everyone says THEIR god is THE one.

    Where did I come from? A giant invisible spook in the sky pulled me out of a magic hat. Isn't that what you want to hear?

    If this world is better, I think we need another god in charge. I could do better if I were god.

  • Hezekiah Feb 11, 2007

    sasjbp - The events you spoke of, like people killing babies, are horrible and all the more reason to seek God. He did create a much better earth than the one you see now. Humans messed it up through rejecting Him, just like you are now doing. I don't believe in, "spirits and gods," as you said, I believe in the one true God eternally present in three persons, one of which died to overcome all the tragedies you spoke of, and even died for you! Jesus. You have no understanding of God, but deep inside you have a need for him. He loves you even now, when you don't believe. open your eyes! Where did you come from?

  • Lightfoot Feb 11, 2007

    Bweaks, you don’t think believing in spooks, spirits, goblins, and gods is delusional? Poseidon, Apollo, Vishnu, Jehovah, etc. are all real? And your premise that you somehow live a better life because you believe in spirits and gods is not logical. But what choice would I have? Pretend I believe all that crap, just in case? God(s) would see through that in a minute. And as Chris pointed out, the God of the bible is horrible. He murders men, women and children. If God were put on trial today, He’d be executed or get life in prison.

    If I were God, I guarantee that I could make an Earth you would think is much better than what the current God is giving you.


    PS You claim that babies of bad parents are better off dead is quite scary. Once you start believing in spooks in the sky, you’re likely to do anything…like throw babies off ocean piers, drown them in bath tubs, etc.