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Raleigh Police Chief Resigns to Become Corporate Security Head

Posted February 9, 2007

— Raleigh's police chief and the first woman ever to hold the position resigned from her job Friday to take a position to become the head of security for Bank of America in Charlotte.

Police Chief Jane Perlov's last day will be March 2.

"It's going to be a big change, but it's a change," Perlov said. "But I think it's a very natural progression for the way my career has moved along. It's a very exciting opportunity for me."

Perlov, who became the city's police chief in September 2001, worked to decentralize the police department into six districts, created specialized units to address public safety needs and worked to increase police technology.

As a result, violent crimes -- homicides, rapes, robberies and shootings -- are down 33 percent from 2001. Perlove attributes that to prevention instead of reaction.

"I came here, and we made some great strides, and we left the city better than when I came," Perlov said. "I left the city better than the way I found it."

She also has become a prominent advocate in the community for breast cancer awareness after she was diagnosed with the disease in 2004. Perlov underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and is now cancer-free.

In 2005, she was named the honorary chairwoman of the 2005 Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Race for the Cure.

In 2006, she was at the helm through an internal investigation into off-duty employment and the police department's response when an off-duty officer working at a second job shot and killed a man who allegedly tried to steal a car.

Perlov has spent 26 years in the public sector. Before coming to Raleigh, she served as secretary of Public Safety for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and had a career with the New York City Police Department.

"I believe Raleigh has had one of the best police chiefs in the country," City Manager Russell Allen said in a statement released Friday. "Chief Perlov always approached her duties with a combination of integrity, knowledge, leadership, vision, passion, creativity, urgency and plain hard work."

He told WRAL Friday afternoon that he will miss her passion for police work.

"I probably said at that time (Perlov came to Raleigh), I felt like we'd hired one of the best chief's in the country, and now I know we did," he said. She has contributed more than she's taken. She's left a legacy of great police work here."

Allen said Deputy Police Chief Kent Sholar will serve as interim police chief. Allen will be in charge of hiring a permanent chief. He said he has not yet decided how that process will be carried out.

Raleigh is not the only Triangle city searching for a new police chief. Durham is conducting a nationwide search to replace Police Chief Steve Chalmers, who plans to retire in December

The Town of Chapel Hill started a search to replace Chapel Hill Police Chief Gregg Jarvies, who is retiring April 1 after 30 years on the force, six as chief.

And Fayetteville is also looking for a new chief of police. Tom Burgamine took over as interim chief Feb. 1 after Tom McCarthy retired Jan. 31.

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  • kat Feb 12, 2007

    I see Builder276 is back - yawn - with all the stereotypes, typos, and general hatred and bitterness, and edumacation of a middle schooler. He's probably the one who sits at the donut shop all day with nothing better to do than post blogs on WRAL all day or google how to get out of speeding tickets or whatever. What a hobby...What a life...

  • UmmmK Feb 12, 2007

    Sorry, longhornbull, but I doubt the Mayor (actually the city manager) will consult the Wral blog site to seek out your terribly ill-informed opinion when choosing a new chief. You obviously don't know any of those of rank on RPD based on your comments. In fact, from the newest recruits to the senior command staff, RPD has never had better personnel. Sounds like sour grapes on your part. Did you get a ticket or something?? Que the gigggles....

  • longhornbull04 Feb 11, 2007

    What's really sad about this entire issue is the fact that RPD will never be what is was years ago. All the good guys are gone (they count their days until they can retire). They were the ones dedicated to a city that they called "their own". There are a few good men left, but in time, they will have gone too. Some even buy their military time to get out early. Got to wonder why ?
    Maybe the City Manager and Mayor need to figure out what they are really going to do about finding new "LEADERS" for the RPD...cause there certainly is nothing to consider from within. All those at rank now didn't get there cause they earned it. Ask anyone at RPD !!!
    Mr. Mayor, I hope you know the meaning of a Leader and Dediation to the City of Raleigh. Maybe you should consider some of the good guys that have retired, the ones that used to care, not the ones in the ranks now.

  • ru4real3333 Feb 11, 2007

    Sorry for the delay in the response I just woke from my nap, Your comment was that RPD joined the teamsters and in fact, which shouldn't be a suprise to anyone, you are once again wrong. RPD did not join the teamsters, a group of officers called the RPPA did. The group is less than half of all officers so you would be misleading to say that RPD joined. So in your world it seems you never made it to 2nd grade huh? Now crawl back in your hole you little, little man!

  • TrentRage Feb 11, 2007

    Raleigh PD has many more officers involved in the PBA and FOP than the teamsters union. A GROUP of officers joined the teamsters, not the whole department you thumb incubator. Don't believe everything you read in the news. What can the teamsters do anyway.....under state law, Public Safety can't go on strike.

  • builder276 Feb 11, 2007

    that should have been integrity, sorry don't want to get your panties in a wad over a typo

  • builder276 Feb 11, 2007

    badge2133, the "hot donut" light is on at Krispy Kreme. I do not look to the Teamsters for integruty, sorry

  • Woland Feb 11, 2007

    Hey builder, I don't come to your jobsite and tell you how to empty out the port-o-johns, so don't come here and act like you know something about police work. As I said before, you are an angry little fellow. Maybe you should find a girlfriend or take up a hobby:)

  • builder276 Feb 11, 2007

    ru4real3333, are you able to tie your own shoelaces you moron??? try reading the newspaper instead of what your 2nd grade teacher tells you. Yes moron, they did join the Teansters Union about 6 months ago by an almost unanimous decission. wake up. change your diaper, get you baba and take a nap

  • karbattle1 Feb 11, 2007

    Success for a leader is not the attainment of the goals of an organization.
    Success for the leader is having others want to follow.
    In order to compel other to want to follow, the leader must possess skills and attributes that the subordinate admires.
    Mrs. Perlov did not enjoy success as a leader.

    The Raleigh Police Department operates under a patrol system that is approximatly 10 years old. The city has grown in population at least 30 percent under the Perlov Administration, and yet the police department cannot adequately staff its patrol design. We do not have a hiring problem, we have a retention problem. That will be the Perlov legacy for Officers.

    This issue should not be clouded by pay or other benefits. A study should be performed to determine why so many officers have left, and what the Department can do to better "Lead".