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2 H.S. Students, Third Teen Charged in Slaying

Posted February 9, 2007

— Two Southern Wayne High School students are among three teens arrested Friday in connection with a weekend shooting death, authorities said.

Goldsboro police found Karemond Spells, 30, of 4968 Faber Drive in Raleigh, in his car in the 100 block of Astor Court late Sunday suffering from a gunshot wound. He was transported to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville, where he later died, police said.

Michael Allen, 18, Davon Cobb, 19, and Marcus Graham, 16, all of Dudley, have been charged with murder in connection with Spells' death. All three teens are being held in the Wayne County Jail without bond.

Cobb and Graham are students at Southern Wayne High, authorities said. Allen isn't enrolled in school, they said.

Police declined to comment on a possible motive for the shooting or any relationship between the teens and Spells.

Spells had a lengthy criminal record, primarily for drug offenses, according to a state records search.

Cobb and Graham have no adult criminal records, and Allen has been charged only in an assault case, according to a records search.

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  • squeeze89 Feb 11, 2007

    Well, allow me the oppourtunity knock some of these slanderous accusations out of the minds of the ignorant. I too am a good friend of two of these young men. As for Davon and Marcus, they screwed up. Not saying that they were in fact directly involved, but any involvement in an event such as this, or with the people who dabble in affairs such as those which transpired is "screwing up" Look I'm not here pointing fingers, and you shouldn't be either. Nobody knows all the facts. All anybody can do is take the facts from the news, what your best friend, co-worker, neighbor, and relatives who told you about it, add it together,speculate a little, and concoct your own story to spread.

    You speak of our "enviroment". Do you know what our enviroment consists of? Those who don't, shut it. Those who do, you're probably scratching your head just like I am, wondering why these people are blaming our hip-hop and r&b music, our long country roads, and the people that we've so-called "idolized"

  • mikeNC Feb 10, 2007

    ms. mostcutestladyj,
    Thank you for considering me a dear friend, I need all the friends I can get. You did get my name correct.
    I agree, If I were in a police photo for something I had not done I too would be angry.

    The person with the screen name Smoothtip mentioned a mistake. I simply was in agreement. The mistake or bad choice could be as simple and choosing to go to a place where a crime is more likely to take place.(night club, whatever) The mistake is in being around people who are more likely to commit a crime. If you get in a car or choose to walk with a person who has a gun there is potential for a crime to take place. That is a situation you can avoid. That's the mistake I am talking about.

  • mikeNC Feb 10, 2007

    Saint Pride,
    You seem to be a very caring friend, I hope you and your other friends learn from the mistake your friends have appeared to make. That mistake may be as simple as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately for your friends it's going to take a trial to inform the rest of us of the details. I
    Realize that although you may be innocent riding in the back of a car, if the person in front shoots somebody you are likely to get in trouble.

    Please learn from this event and don't make a similar mistake with your own life.

  • mikeNC Feb 10, 2007

    Saint Pride,
    I cannot disagree with your last post. You seem to be a young man who cares deeply for your friends and family. I hope that you and other young people will learn a lesson from what your friends are going through. Your friends may be fine young men, however I will not know until their trial is over. I hope you realize that it only takes 1 moment and 1 bad decision to drastically affect the rest of your life.

    If you are in the back seat of a car, you may be totally innocent but if the person in the front seat shoots somebody walking down the street you are going to be in trouble.

    Please learn from this mistake of your friends and don't get yourself in a similar spot by making the same mistake. If you are going to hang out with people who may commit a crime you are likely to find yourself in trouble. I hope you don't.

  • saintprideb90 Feb 10, 2007

    when yall look at Davon Cobb and Marcus Graham you probably see 2 criminals, i see two of my friends(brothers) who are scared to death............we don't get our lives off video games and my friends are law abiding young men...........didn't you read that they have no adult record..........i also know they have no juvenile record either...........they are just two people mixed in with the wrong mess right now

  • mikeNC Feb 10, 2007


    What I mean is to do yourself a favor and realize that shooting someone on the street is not like shooting someone on play station. You can't just turn off the game and bring the people back tommorrow.

  • mikeNC Feb 10, 2007

    Saint Pride,
    You say you are offended and saddened by what has happened to your friends and what the world thinks of "us".

    Why are you offended?(because that's the latest catch phrase?)

    You speak as if your friends are victims, in fact your friends are defendants.

    Why do you say "us" when talking of people's perception on these young men? People will perceive you by the actions you take and by the way you act as an individual. If you choose to dress, talk and otherwise act like a thug, gang banger or criminal that is how people will view you. It is up to you as an individual to dress and act in the manner in which you choose to be percieved.

  • georgewilson11 Feb 10, 2007

    This is an outstanding commentary on the way some kids are parentied !

  • moscutestladyj Feb 10, 2007

    Im behind my friend saintpride 200%. Most of you are just taking what you've read in the papers and stereotypes an coming to your own conclusions. What does race have to do with whether they are guilty or not? Since when does what type of music they listen to come up in a murder trial? Has anyone stopped to think that maybe they are just caught up in some bad stuff that didnt even concern them, that they are wrongfully accused. None of you know what went down that day but most of you have already made up in your minds that these innocent boys are guilty and should be put away for life.

    And to my dear friend mt mikealford or whatever your name may be, how are you gonna say thay made bad choices, were you there when it happen? And what do you mean why they look mad at the world, how would you feel if the police are putting charges on you for crimes you didnt commit? But you right about one thing. This isnt a game you can turn on and off, this stuff is real. Get off their cases!Thanks

  • mikeNC Feb 9, 2007

    Saint Pride,
    You say, "I am a black male who is offended and saddened by what happened to his friends and what the world thinks of us." Why are you offended? And why do you think the world thinks of you in the same way as they think of your friends? It's time for the black race to realize that they are individuals.