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Drugs, Alcohol Not Involved in Fatal Teen Wreck

Posted February 8, 2007

— Neither drugs nor alcohol were detected in the systems of two teenagers killed last month in a head-on collision in Kenly, authorities said Thursday.

On Jan. 21, Nicholas Ryan Creech, 16, was speeding and had driven across the center line of South Johnston Parkway Road when he collided with a truck driven by his friend, Reece Leighton Richardson, 17, the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.

Both Creech, 16, and Richardson, 17, died at the scene. A passenger in Creech's truck, Travis Whitley Foster, 16, survived the accident.

Foster was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.  Troopers seized 2.5 grams of marijuana from Foster the night of the accident.

He has a court date set for May 7 in Johnston County.

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  • Sherlockholmes Feb 9, 2007

    To All You Young People Out There Who May Read This, Talk To Each Other, Lookout For Each Other, If You See Your Friends Doing Something That Could Hurt Themselves Or Someone Else, Stop Them, It May Save Their Lives, Hell It May Save Your Yours! Respect The Vehicles That You Drive, Respect The Road, Respect Your Parents, And Most Of All Respect Each Other,
    Look Around, Increase Your Awareness Of The Things Going On Around You, We As Parent Are Not Trying To Spoil Your Fun , We Are Just Looking Out For You And Your Safety.

  • Snoopy Feb 9, 2007

    Well said Brit...Bless your heart darling, I hope you and your classmates can find peace with what has happened.

  • brittlane24 Feb 9, 2007

    I am a North Johnston student and I have been friends with Reece since I was four years old and I would just like to say that Either one of the trucks had no idea that the other was driving the oncoming vehicle, I also am a friend of the Richardson family. I have spoken with a few people that said that Reece didn't have his cell phone and it was dark, how would they have known the oncoming truck was a friend? Thats a fact. I'm sorry but there was no game of chicken evolved. And if you're sitting here typing otherwise, yes, you are hurting others by assuming stuff. No, you weren't there and neither was I but opposite from you, I know facts. So please, don't say anything of the chicken game mentioned, you have no idea the pain and struggle I am going through (& not just me, everyone at NJHS!) Thank you. RIP NTC & RLR...We love you!

  • Snoopy Feb 9, 2007

    If we found out these children were in fact playing a game of chicken, would that make it any better? Would it bring these 2 children back? No...If we find out they were indeed playing chicken and we went to local schools and taught of the dangers of playing chicken, would it stop kids from trying it? No...My heart aches for these families, as I have 2 young drivers on the road. I hold my breath every time they leave the house..Bless you all that have been impacted by this!

  • 0 Tolerance aka Ms.Turner Feb 9, 2007

    Wow you guys are really buggin today. OK here it is in mu opinion. 16 is to young to have the responsibility of driving. Yes it is a big responsibility getting on the road and being a defensive v/s an offensive driver, focusing on driving v/s talking on cell phones, listening to loud music or doing hair and make up. It's nothing wrong with all of that at 16 but at that age they are not mature enough to be expected to grow up while driving. ANd yes some adults don't need to drive either b/c they do the same thing but there is a lesser percentage. So kids will always be kids and I want them to be but some priveladges need not be granted to them at that young age.

  • kaecee Feb 9, 2007

    This is a tragic accident and I feel sorry for the parents of the kids. They'll never know what their children will grow up to be because their life was ended quickly. We all did crazy things at 16 that our parents be angry over, however, we are still alive to tell about them and we know that in our right state of mind we won't do it again. Please don't say get over it because it's not that simple. I lost a love one in a car accident years ago and even though you move on, you never completely get over it.

  • browneyedgirl Feb 9, 2007

    Goodness, all you folks aruging like a bunch of children. Grow up. I say boys will be boys and teenagers will be teenagers. It all happened and you can't reverse it. Get over it.

  • Lightfoot Feb 9, 2007

    When I was a teenager, I also took a curve too fast one time. I had to purposely put the car into a skid to avoid smacking a mailbox with the backend. I then turned the wheels to correct the skid, but my girlfriend came sliding across and preventing me from correcting the wheel to straighten up. We then skidded the other direction, left the road, and ended up in someone’s front yard.

    All this happened despite being raised by Christian parents…despite being raised in a Pentecostal church founded by my grandfather. And I didn’t even smoke pot! Nor was I drinking. And if something had happened to me it would have been MY OWN daggone fault! We need to learn from these terrible accidents, try to figure out what happened, so we might can educate our kids to avoid the same dangers. Sweeping it under the rug and praying to God(s) that the family feels better doesn’t help anything.

  • grumpyhermit Feb 9, 2007

    Terrible, tragic accident ... when I was 16 I was driving my brother's pickup truck and I went into a curve just down from the house. I thought I was going a reasonable speed, and I came within a hair of losing it, and it would have been ugly - big dropoff. And I wasn't even excitedly going somewhere I knew would be fun, just running and errand.

    One of our friend's sons was killed a few years back when he lost it in a curve near his house. You grieve for the dead, and you grieve for the living.

  • Lightfoot Feb 9, 2007

    Yes, I’ve been kind of shocked at the response from stating opinions on what might have caused the wreck. I thought I was dealing with a sensible person, but that clearly isn’t the case. Must have struck a nerve or something. I’ll pray that Vishnu makes it all better. :0

    Now honestly, if I thought the actual families were out here reading this forum (which I would consider quite weird), I wouldn’t even be talking about it. It would be too sensitive and emotional. But I assumed this forum was mostly non-associated readers that enjoyed open and intellectual discussion and debate. That’s one premise I got wrong!

    By the way, from the reaction we’ve seen, you’d think that the others think playing “chicken” is some kind of moral flaw. Maybe they don’t know what it means. Hmmm…