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Quets to Remain in Jail Until Trial

Posted February 8, 2007

— A federal judge on Thursday ordered that a woman accused of kidnapping her twins from their adoptive parents remain in jail until her trial.

Allison Lee Quets, 49, had sought to be released on bond so she could live with a friend in Tucson, Ariz., until her trial. Her attorneys said she would live under house arrest.

"I was glad to be here to try to help her. I had hoped to be taking her home with me, but that's not the case. So, we'll have to wait for another day," said Nancy McLeod, a minister's wife that Quets first befriended when they both lived in Florida.

Authorities said Quets didn't return the 18-month-old twins to their adoptive parents in Apex following a routine weekend visit with them in December. She was arrested a week later in Ottawa, Ontario, and the children were returned to their parents.

Prosecutors claim Quets was obsessed with the twins and stalked the Apex couple for months as she planned the abduction. They portrayed her as deceitful and manipulative and said she was willing to do anything to get what she wanted.

"It seems clear that the defendant remains obsessed with regaining control of the children regardless of the rule of the law -- or the best interests of the children," prosecutors wrote in their motion opposing her release. "She poses both a serious risk of flight and a danger to the community in the persons of the twins and the adoptive parents."

"What comes across is an individual who really can't handle children," U.S. Attorney John Bowler said in the hearing.

Quets' attorneys said she changed her mind about the adoption after a challenging pregnancy and has been fighting to get the children back since they were born.

"They have taken advantage of a woman in a terrible state and used the law to procure children in a way that's not fair, but apparently has been deemed legal so far," McLeod testified during the hearing.

The defense attorneys said Quets was bullied into the adoption and had been held against her will at the adoption attorney's office. They played the tape of a call she made to 911 at the time in which she could be heard saying "they're trying to take my babies."

Prosecutors countered that testimony with a voice message Quets later left with the adoptive parents in which she apologized for her behavior at the lawyer's office and was ready to make the adoption agreement final because she "knew it was for the best."

U.S. District Judge Louise Flanagan said it was obvious from Quets' history that she is a flight risk and poses a danger to the community and herself.

"I cannot come up with any set of conditions that is going to prevent (another kidnapping attempt) from happening," Flanagan said,citting Quets' "single-mindedness" in wanting the children back.

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  • Snoopy Feb 9, 2007

    LOL...This is still news.... WHY? Punish her for kidnapping and move on! WOW

  • latanya512 Feb 9, 2007

    Didn't she say she spent over 400 thousand to get her children back? If that was the case, that is the first time I known money to be quiet. Just like alot of the responders said, she did something illegal. With the way the system has been working against the victim in NC (except that ugly case in Durham), I am shocked they kept her locked up. This needs to die and quick. The twins will grow up and people and kids sure can be cruel.

  • gigibeccaboo Feb 9, 2007

    Ms. Quets used donor eggs and donor sperm? If that is true, then there are no BIOLOGICAL parents present in this case. So who is the "REAL" parent(s)? Is it the woman who gave birth to the babies who aren't biologically related to her or the adoptive parents who are also not biologically related to the children, but who have raised and cared for them for the last 18 or so months? I don't see a difference between Ms. Quets and the adoptive parents except for the fact that the adoptive parents have LEGAL custody of the children. The twins have been the adoptive parents' children for over a year and that makes them the "REAL" parents. Ms. Quets made some poor choices and now must live with the consequences. It's that simple.

  • EMTGuy Feb 9, 2007

    I think what is being forgotten here is the fact that Ms. Quets committed a crime. She illegally took the kids to Canada, did not return them at the required time..What it apparently looks like is she was thinking of getting some sort of asylum in Canada. She MAY want the children back, but going about it the ILLEGAL way is certainly not the way to accomplish it. Also..Where was her legal representation at the time of adoption??? She obviously signed a legal document. Any person with any COMMON sense knows or should know you shouldn't do that without some type of legal help. She could have gotten it. It should have been present at the signing. The adoptive parents attorney should have known that if she wasn't represented. If she had an attorney there, She was advised and aware of the legal consequences. To say she was held against her will is absolute hogwash. Just a spin to further and try to help her against her losing battle.

  • Panther Feb 9, 2007

    nthomas, you are correct, Well, at least she gets three Hots and a Cot!

  • superman Feb 8, 2007

    Dang, some of you people talk about adoption as though it was like buying a waffle iron at Wal-mart and u changed your mind. She has friends, relations and a boyfriend-- where were they when she was deciding what to do? I read that she had to work at home cause she couldnt get along with her co-workers-- or something to that effect. I am sure the lawyers explained to her that adoption was forever-- not until next week when u want them back. She might have been sick, depressed or whatever, but the killers and the criminals have the same excuse-- "well I was sick" Doesnt make any difference now-- it is over and done and finished-- too late! If she has just left things along she could have visited them and had a wonderful relationship with them--the kids would have grown up knowing her and loving her. Now she has nothing-- hope she goes to jail.

  • boatrokr Feb 8, 2007

    This is one of adoption's dirty little secrets. yes, the mom can legally demand the baby back within a certain time period...but it's not that simple. She can't just go pick up her children. She has to get a custody order, and it's not unusual at all for the courts or the agencies to drag their feet until the legal window expires. They have ulterior motives for not wanting birthparents to retain custody. Large amounts of money are usually involved.

    Lest you think I'm a disgruntled birthparent...no, I'm an adoptee.

  • Tax Man Feb 8, 2007

    The children will be adults when Ms Quets gets out of prison. She committed a horrific crime. I applaud this Judge in keeping her locked up - she should never have any contact with the children, ever!

  • Mom on Call Feb 8, 2007

    gecaulick... She had invitro with donor eggs and donor sperm...no father involved.

  • Nibor Feb 8, 2007

    Maybe she made a mistake. Yes, she should have went through legal channels. Have any of you had to hire a lawyer recently? I know I couldn't afford to pay her legal battle before she took the law into her own hands, and I'm not broke by no means.

    I wonder where the father to these kids are? No mention of him during this. I wonder who he is?