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Authorities: Man Waited 4 Days to Help Beaten Girlfriend

Posted February 7, 2007
Updated February 8, 2007

— A Hoke County man has been charged with murder in connection with the beating death of his girlfriend, who authorities said was  trapped inside a home for four days before dying.

Timothy Jones, 42, was arrested Tuesday, almost three months after Tammy Hunt died at Cape Fear Valley Hospital.

Jones and Hunt lived in a house at 4769 Red Springs Road that is owned by his cousin, Claude Jones. He said Timothy Jones and Hunt stayed in a back room of his house.

Hunt complained about pain in her leg in early November, and paramedics took her to the hospital after four days, Claude Jones said.

"I was there, but as far as butting in on any of his or her affairs, (I didn't)," Claude Jones said.

Tim Hunt, Hunt's brother, said his sister had two broken forearms and a broken leg. Her kidneys also failed because she was is so much pain and had waited so long to receive treatment, he said.

"One of the nurses, her words were, 'There is no drug that would kill that pain,'" Tim Hunt said.

He said Timothy Jones called an ambulance, but said both Jones and his sister told the paramedics she was injured in an ATV accident.

"I know it's not true," Tim Hunt said.

Doctors were suspicious as well, and they called the Hoke County Sheriff's Office to investigate. Before detectives could get any answers from Tammy Hunt, she died.

This week, Hoke County detectives searched Timothy Jones' home and seized clothes, a comforter and parts of an aluminum crutch before arresting him.

Detectives said the case remains under investigation and more arrests are possible.

"It cost her her life, and that's the hardest part is knowing she had to lie and suffer," Tim Hunt said.

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  • steveonmsu141 Feb 8, 2007

    Im still waiting to hear from you spirit warior woman!!!

  • tres1p Feb 8, 2007

    Pardon me but where is everyone getting their information from. Did it say that this has happened before, or she was in an abusive relationship. I think we are all jumping the gun a little.

  • smoothtip99 Feb 8, 2007

    Rule number 1. Mind your own business.
    Rule number 2 et. al.,Refer to rule number 1.
    Butt out...you can call 911 from a cell phone but don't stop, keep driving. Other than that refer to Rule number 1.

  • nursevb8 Feb 8, 2007

    I believe Claude Jones, Timothy Jones and his sister need to be charged in this one. They all knew what was going on, heard the beating and still lied to paramedics and did absolutely nothing to help.

  • Weetie Feb 8, 2007

    Sorry but I cannot imagine not butting into someone's affairs when this type of thing happens - someone has to make it their business to stop this type of treatment.

    My prayers are with her family.

  • MzFang Feb 8, 2007

    You are merely skimming the surface of a very complex issue. It's so easy for you judge an abusive situation from the outside with the limited amount of information supplied in this article and other's like it. Abuse is not only physical but psychological and both are just as devastating to the victim. Have you stopped to consider that after years of emotional torment that this woman was emotionally incapable of leaving her abuser? Or perhaps she was too ashamed or humiliated to admit she had allowed herself to be beaten and to be called a coward by someone like you.....

    Here is a short article on why women stay, I can only hope that you glean some understanding from it and find a little compassion for DV victims.


  • steveonmsu141 Feb 8, 2007

    You are absolutly right. If it happened to my mother(which it wouldnt because my father is not a woman beater) I would intervene. My daughter as well. So why didnt her family? To ask this guy to get involved in something that was absolutly none of his business is nuts. Especially for those of you who say he should be charged as an accessory. Crazy. Why not charege her brother for not intervening?
    I'm sorry my coomet sickened you (NOT), but if you look at the defination: (cow·ard Pronunciation Key - [kou-erd] Pronunciation Key -
    –noun 1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. )it fits her and every other woman who gets beat up by their "boyfriends/husbands" MULTIPLE times it fits them perfect.

  • smoothtip99 Feb 8, 2007

    My brother once butted into a domestic violent situation, the girl that was being beaten stabbed my brother for pushing her boyfriend down getting him off of her. He now has a colostomy. In that case...if a man is beating a woman, it is best you turn the other way and keep going.

  • smoothtip99 Feb 8, 2007

    My wife falls down the steps all the time and breaks a bone here and there and a black eye from walking into a door. I am always investigated and that is wrong. Stop accusing this man of wrong dowing until the proof is out.

  • MzFang Feb 8, 2007

    "I would not risk MY life because a woman is to much of a coward to tell the police that the man she "loves" is a coward and beats her."
    I sincerely hope that if this were to happen to your mother, sister, daughter or ANY woman you cared about that you WOULD intervene. Furthermore, you have no right to call this woman a coward and your comment sickened me. Unless you have actually been a DV victim you have no right to judge them or accuse them of being a coward. You simply have no idea, Sir. I suggest you educate yourself about the psychological ramification's of DV before you make such harsh judgements.