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Dead Baby Found in Dumpster

Posted February 7, 2007

— Police are investigating the discovery of an infant's body in a supermarket trash bin.

An employee of the Food Lion in the River's Edge Shopping Center on U.S. Highway 301 called police at about 1 p.m. Wednesday to report that the body of a dead newborn had been found.

Someone digging in the Dumpsters behind the Food Lion made the discovery, Rocky Mount Police Chief John Manley said. The baby was wrapped in something, Manley said, declining to elaborate.

The race and gender of the baby haven't been determined. The body has been sent to the medical examiner to determine its race and gender and to find the cause of death, Manley said.

Food Lion employees declined to comment on the case, saying only that they are cooperating with police in the investigation.

The find marked the second dead infant discovered in the past day in the region.

On Tuesday, a baby boy was found wrapped in a blanket outside an abandoned house in Warsaw. Two people scouting real estate found the body on the back steps of the house, police said.

The Rocky Mount case is also the third newborn abandoned in that area in a little more than a year.

A year ago Tuesday, a man found a newborn boy in the back of a pickup truck. The baby survived.

In November 2005, a woman discovered a baby girl on a church doorstep in Tarboro. She was adopted last October.

North Carolina allows new mothers to leave a newborn at a hospital, police or fire station without penalty as long as the baby is no more than 7 days old. Thirty-four other states have such Safe Surrender laws.

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  • info2345 Feb 9, 2007

    I heard this story on the news and was deeply saddened. I help my newborn tighter that evening and even checked on my son one more time.

    What really stung, was the location. I was planning on stopping at that Foodlion on my way to work that morning, but got pressed for time. I just wonder if anyone could have found that child sooner. It breaks my heart.

  • mikeNC Feb 9, 2007

    tauron, I appreciate you realizing that I have not misunderstood. My intent was to convince or explain to sheena and ana and maybe to you, that regardless of the "perspective" (ie. how you precieve/look at things), there is nothing logical about throwing babies in the trash. Whether it is 2007 or 12,007 B.C., there is nothing logical about throwing infants in the trash.

  • Thomas Jefferson Feb 8, 2007

    mikealford419: I honestly thought you had misunderstood, but now I see that you hadn't. You know some people are trying to help others out here-clearly you are not one of them.

  • mikeNC Feb 8, 2007

    I understand that. The sentence, "it may seem cold or cruel, but from the PERSPECTIVE OF SURVIVAL IT IS LOGICAL." This statement indicates support or defense of the act of throwing infants away.
    ana responds by saying, "sheena thanks for your PERSPECTIVE AND LOGIC, I completely agree and think it needed to be said."
    This statement indicates that sheena's PERSPECTIVE OF SURVIVAL AND LOGIC of throwing away babies is what she agrees with.

    Sounds like the 3 of you know each other and are possibly in a similar situation.

  • Thomas Jefferson Feb 8, 2007

    mikealford419:sheenacorgan posts: This is NOT a new phenomenon. This was happening 50, 100, 10,000 years ago. If you look
    at any animal species, and of modern human tribal cultures, infants are abandoned all the time if they cannot be cared for or if they have an obvious deformity. This may seem cold and cruel, but from the perspective of survival, it is only logical.
    ok-this was in response to an open, somewhat rhetorical question that I posted with the intent of inducing some soul-searching in people to ask why this is still going on. Sheena clearly precedes the statement you reference with "if you look
    at any animal species, and of modern human tribal cultures". I think it is patently clear she is not acting as an apologist or in any kind of defense of this current senseless act of infanticide, if that's what it was. Sheena goes on to add "However, in our society, it is ridiculous that this sort of thing happens". I think that there clearly must be some a lack of education here.

  • mikeNC Feb 8, 2007


    Brain cancer has affected my ability to read and comprehend. The posts I read refers to ancient act of abandoning and or killing and throwing away infants who are deformed and or unwanted or may stress the food resource of the community. I also read, "this may seem cold and cruel, but from the perspective of survival it is logical." That appears to me to be a statement condoning the act of discarding unwanted or deformed infants. This story is regarding an infant who was thrown away like trash in February of 2007, why bring up something that was practiced 10,000 years ago, except in defense.
    What am I missing? Please explain it to me.

  • Thomas Jefferson Feb 8, 2007

    mikealford419-what is wrong with your ability to read and COMPREHEND what people are saying? They aren't condoning abandoning infants today in our country. They are pointing out that historically, (That's like a long, long time ago-get it?) that societies engaged in this practice. The intent of their posts was fairly easy to see, yet you appear to still not "get it"

  • mikeNC Feb 8, 2007

    You are a medical miracle, you survive without a heart or a brain. Perhaps you should be the first in America to volunteer for sterilization, so that we can conserve our food resources.

    I read your Feb. 7 post from 10:21 p.m. You never mentioned excuse. In your latest post, you remark, "what makes more sense for the community, feed the infant and starve a productive adult." Do mother's in your world produce milk for their infants? Mothers here on earth generally do. Based on your logic of society killing children to conserve food, why not kill the old people who are not productive instead of an infants? I have 1 leg and brain cancer, based on your logic I should not be allowed to live. I have a friend who's child has Down's Syndrome, based on your logic that child should be killed because in your mind the child is not productive. My friend and I will disagree and I dare anyone to try taking the child from my friend.

  • Arcturus Feb 8, 2007

    You people who say that Sheena and I are heartless, etc, obviously didn't read our entire posts. We both said that there is NO EXCUSE for child abandonment in modern America, and that young women need to be told that there are other options.

    Did abandonment happen historically? Yes, it certainly was practised in many cultures. When a community only can produce enough food for X people, and the X+1 child is born, what makes more sense for the community: feed the infant and let a productive adult starve to death, so there's even less food for the community? Also, keep in mind that Christianity did not exist yet, and most cultures believed children didn't have souls until they were fed or named or something similar. But again, there is no reason for this to happen today. Please read people's entire posts before you call them names in ignorance.

  • baguio8 Feb 8, 2007

    Ana and Sheenacorgan, how can you sleep at night? This was point blank abandonment and murder of a helpless BABY. How is that EVER logical? You should thank the Lord above that your parents didn't do that to you....